Rudy Indictment?: After Feds Raid Giuliani, Legal Vet Says They Have Enough To Charge Him 1

Rudy Indictment?: After Feds Raid Giuliani, Legal Vet Says They Have Enough To Charge Him


As the criminal probe into Rudy Giuliani and his dealings in Ukraine intensifies, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by former SDNY prosecutor Danya Perry to discuss what the investigation means for citizen Donald Trump. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. The last time Donald Trump personal attorney Manhattan apartment was raided by the Feds
    he went to prison. Yogi Berra: “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

    1. But Rudi said its just for not filing the foreign agent form surely that’s all…LMFAO…so getting the Ambassador fired is not a charge then..rem Lev already dished the dirt..G is done..who’s next

    2. @Doug Green if it was real the very real bureau would have prosecuted him. This video is about Giuliani.

    1. @firestream93 That’s not a problem when you back a winner. In your case though, as a backer of the biggest serial loser in history, I’m sure you’re very familiar with the dynamics of repeated losses. I know it’s been tough for you all. 🍼

    2. @jaygee Let’s see:

      Trump beats a career politician, to become President.

      Trump gets acquitted…TWICE…in the impeachment hearings.

      I’m not sure that you understand the meaning of “serial loser.”

      The “losers” would be the ones that tried to stop him from running for future office…but failed, miserably. Which political party did that? Oh yeah…

      Good times, right?.

  2. Rudy Giuliani’s indictment will be a day of reckoning for the most corrupt and mafia-like administration this country has ever seen.

    1. @Mike Pla You’re leaving out a great number of details. There were several Ukrainian activists advocating for the removal of Victor Shokin. Additionally, there was also international pressure being put on the Ukrainian government, to oust the corrupt Shokin. Biden’s threat to withhold money wasn’t a unilateral act in order to shield his son from a criminal investigation. The suggestion that Biden did such a thing has been debunked ad infinitum. However, you won’t get that information from right leaning media outlets. You, know, the parrots that are quick to chirp the mantra of “fake news”. Oh, the savory irony.

    2. @DankZ Gaming …. We started clearing out the swamp with the last election. Let’s keep up the great work! 😊👍

    3. @DankZ Gaming At 67 I remember The Bay of Pigs, Kennedy, Viet Nam, Johnson, Watergate, Nixon, Iranian Hostage, Carter, Reagan, Iran Contra, but he also brought The Berlin Wall Down, and on and on..They are all Part Saint and Part Sinner…Get accustomed to human frailty..

  3. Rudy said on Fox News that he has “insurance” if Trump throws him under the bus so it’s no surprise that Trump is defending Rudy on Fox News.

    1. That’s not going to help. He is CITIZEN Trump now. No presidential powers left. Why do you think he was fighting so hard to cheat during the overwhelming results of this last elections??

    2. @dublinjazz1 — Oh, I don’t disagree. And, luckily for Rudy… Trump isn’t in the White House, anymore. Like I said, now would be a good time for Rudy to break that glass in case of emergency. And as a former federal prosecutor, if Guiliani has even an ounce of memory left, he’ll want to encourage the SDNY to “trade up” so to speak.

    3. @Margaret Williams By saying this is “unfair”?? Next will be “hoax” and “witch-hunt”….the “I hardly knew him. We may have met once or twice”.
      I can’t wait to see the whole clan in matching orange jumpsuits. It’s been my dream for years.

    1. They have been saying this for years. If they where bad people they would have been in jail by now. Listen to Joey if your bored.

    2. @Open Vaers tRump used his Daddy’s money to buy his way out of trouble. Then he used the presidency. He’s facing charges for bank fraud, insurance fraud, criminal tax fraud, falsification of business records, racketeering, 2 defamation suits and is under investigation in 3 states.

  4. Rudy: “I’m not being investigated for the illegal things I did, I’m being investigated because it was illegal for me to be doing those things!’

    1. @Kasin owens Actually, no they don’t. It’s a cheap B grade trash story we have had to watch daily for years. Sucked then, now and for all history.

    2. Maybe he thinks everything he does is legal just because he is a lawyer or used to hold high office.

    3. @Kay K I think that Hollywood should let Donald Trump play himself in the movie Giuliani can play himself to. Because nobody want to play the road. Yes that’s funny

    1. That’s how this works. They gather evidence, present it to grand jury of we the people, and they(we) decide whether to indict

    2. Don’t worry it’s (indictment)is coming as the word “Bible” says anything that is done in the dark will come to LIGHT and that’s true.

  5. When the Feds are done grilling him, Rudy gonna look like he stared at the Ark of the Covenant opening. 😆

    1. Thankfully there is no honor among thieves. Can’t wait till Rudy flips. Thank God the real FBI is back on the job.

    2. I wonder which face that would be; would it be the horrified face, the melting face or the mind blown face? 🤔😁

    3. @General Smedley Butler that’s right doing the right thing. That’s all we want is justice people being responsible period if not there are consequences people need to be charged killing any human being we are not God

    1. @Cam Jam thanks and good adaptation of those fantastic lyrics!! Though the Specials covered that song 😎

    2. @Dan Ozmatlan Who did the original, Dan? Maybe we could unify as a nation if everyone listened to more ska. 💕😃😁

    3. @gorey4more Dandy Livingstone, 1967, on a ska label actually. Ska is our friend!! Much like any music that unifies, many now crossing genres 😎

    1. Make it a Mountain Dew and thrown in a hot dog with a pack of milk duds and I am getting a ticket for the first showing!

  6. “And another one bites the dust, hey hey”🤣👏💃🕺😆🤣🎼🎵🎶🥁drum roll, whos next??

  7. I’m really beginning to believe in Cosmic Justice! Confirmed when I see Rudy and Donny in Orange Jump Suits!

    1. Cosmetic justice is when you accidentally end up at a landscaping parking lot instead of a swanky hotel and then your hair dye tries to escape.

    1. At this point a pocket pardon wouldn’t be to helpful, because there are potential state felony charges that can result from this investigation

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