Rural Children Vaccinated | TVJ News - August 21 2021 1

Rural Children Vaccinated | TVJ News – August 21 2021

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  1. Good to see all the smart teens showing up to get Vaxed!! and not listening to the minority of the nay sayers!!

    1. @In the end the truth will conquer online learning isn’t working out,it’s best to just encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated.

    2. God soon expose everything.! A school breakout is coming.! By the vaccinated children.! We will see .

    3. @Junior James which God is telling you all these things? Did your bible not tell you God help those who help themselves? You should also tell people not to take their medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, etc, etc, since you don’t know what is in the medicine. I hope you and your family don’t ever go to see the doctor when you’re are sick. Just pray to your God to heal you…. False prophet……

    4. @Tee Smith yes i trust my god to the fullest.! This vaccine ( poison) is not working. & we will find out very soon.

  2. Repent of your sins Jesus is coming to judge them living and the dead and every knee shall bow and every tougue shall confess that Jesus is Lord

  3. Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right unto man but in the end it brings death. They rather to trust in man than in the Almighty God! Wake up

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