1. Masked Zombies
    Believing a lie when this flu has 99.7% recovery rate. Are serious???
    You must be really Dumb to believe this fake video also.
    I have been with better actors.

    1. @Marseilles Vieux – Only in your little conspiracy theory world, in the real world you would be considered a m o r o n. BTW how many Americans have died of Covid?

    2. @Pete fromtheIsland so… If you don’t understand the answer to an equation; you would call it a conspiracy? The professor would call you an expletive; especially for your foolishness that you are displaying…πŸ˜ƒ Good try though…πŸ‘

    3. @Marseilles Vieux – Are you unable to read as well? I asked “How many Americans have died of Covid”? Do you know?

    4. @Pete fromtheIsland (My argument has stifled your opinion?) If you search the truth you will not be ignorant of the truth.

    1. @Pete fromtheIsland you have too much sand up there? It’s okay to stay in the dark…πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

    1. I guess you skimmed over the part that despite being isolated, the county is in the middle of a busy intersection allowing for many visitors with Covid-19 to passby.

    1. @Marseilles Vieux – Your argument…ha ha ha you can’t even write English. You are a little kid who has not passed Grade 6 English and you are trying to argue….ha ha ha.

    2. @Pete fromtheIsland you must be translating my facts into leftism… πŸ˜‚ You are not understanding it because it is not related to theory studies. Too bad; you only have ignorance as your soapbox…πŸ˜ƒ

    3. @Marseilles Vieux – You seem to not only be poorly educated, judging from your inability to write English, you also seem rather stu pid. I previously asked you to explain what you understand as being leftist but you have not. Is it just a term you hear somewhere and you use it as you think it sounds smart?

    4. @Pete fromtheIsland you don’t see the β€œflybys” do you? Too complicated for your narrative to understand? When you grow up, you will understand. The mean time; enjoy the spoonfuls of information that are given to you.

  2. 20 people in nursing homes. Thats not many, how many died last year from a cold or a flu? People die everyday worldwide from sickness. This covid fear mongering has got to stop. I know and have family members who contracted covid and are just fine. I also had a friend last year get pneumonia who was ypung and healthy die. And a co worker who got covid who was young and healthy die from it. It happens people in nursing homes die by large numbers every day.

    1. You have to stop. Things would be much better if those of you who are skeptical would help the rest of us instead of making things worse.

    2. So how many of those flu deaths last year were from unvaccinated persons? Last year according to the CDC between 24,000 and 62,000 people died from the flu. This year Covid-19 has already killed over 300,000. And the elderly isn’t supposed to be dying at this rate in nursing homes. What a shameful thing to suggest that that is acceptable under any circumstances, especially in America.

  3. I’m so sorry she lost her mom. Please do everything in your power to keep yourself and others out of the clutches of this virus. Hangin there. Help is on the way, even if it may take many months to arrive. Much love to all who read this πŸ’œ

  4. Y’all do know that we don’t live forever right?!

    Old people die, it’s all part of the circle of life.

    Didn’t you watch the Lion King?!

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