Russia Accused Of Backing Berlin Assassination, Seeks Outed Spy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Russia Accused Of Backing Berlin Assassination, Seeks Outed Spy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on Russia's request to Interpol to locate the recently outed Kremlin spy who is believed to have contributed to the conclusion that Vladimir Putin authorized intruding in the 2016 U.S. election on Donald Trump's behalf, and shares details of what the U.S. believes was a Russian-backed assassination in Germany.
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Russia Accused Of Backing Berlin Assassination, Seeks Outed Spy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Donald Trump says that he believes Putin and not his own country and institutions that he’s in charge of.

    1. @Notcha Grandpa if he was innocent he would want to tell his side of it, especially with all the other evidence indicating his obstruction. Hillary testified to Congress for 13 hours. Holder refused to testify but there was no evidence against him other than fringe right propaganda lies. You can’t just deny facts because they are “liberal” or indicate a pattern of Trump being a criminal.

    2. @Dennis Harrell Put yourself in Trump’s position, let’s say you are the newly elected President, but all of a sudden you find yourself under investigation, you’ve ask several times am I under some kind of investigation and you’ve been told no repeatedly by FBI officials, but later it comes out in the news that you’re suspected of treason, as time passes you find out that there’s someone who’s trying to accuse or possibly even frame you for treason, a crime which carries the death penalty a crime punishable by hanging. If you knew you were innocent, and knew that you didn’t have to testify, would you still take the chance by testifying anyway, knowing that the people you were testifying in front of wanted nothing more than to impeach or prove that you committed treason, knowing that someone or some group had lied and had leaked false information to major news sources about you in an attempt to smear your reputation long before they wanted your testimony, would you want to take that chance, knowing that some of the people had a vindata against you, knowing you would be taking a chance on saying something, anyyhing, that they could twist, or turn, and use against you, even though you know that you are innocent of any wrongdoing, or would you make those that were accusing you, those lying on you, maybe even framing you, prove their own case against you on their own, knowing that if you were ever formally charged you would have the opportunity to defend yourself later in court or during the tribunal where every word is documented and recorded, a place that doesn’t give anyone the opportunity to twist what you say by telling partial truths or half the story, or using only a few Wordsworth that might implement that you were guilty, even if it never went to court you know they would leak anything incriminating to the press just to hurt your image because it’s already happened numerous times in the past knowing they want to damage your reputation in the minds of the public the people you’re depending on for re-election in just four years. I don’t know about you but I think the powers that be have been against Trump ever since he announced he was running the news never bashed Trump before he announced the Democrats and politicians loved him when he was one of their billionaire donors, Trump’s administration turned over 20,000 plus documents for Mueller to investigate he allowed nearly everyone in his cabinet to be interviewed some on more than one occasion, yet when we compare that with Obama in 2012 during one of his many scandals Obama refused to allow anyone to testify by exerting executive privilege, the House started looking into the scandal when a border patrol agent was killed in a botched gunrunning project, that became known as fast and furious, our government has been involved in many underhanded activities throughout the years but I suspect the reason for fast and furious and the Democrats open border policy is to allow Mexican cartels to wreak havoc on America’s streets once our government has disarmed the American people they will say it’s these people are Americans fighting the system and use it as an excuse to really tighten the governments grip on the citizens and our rights maybe even bring about martial law for a season there’s a reason our government was selling military grade weapons to Mexican drug cartels they wasn’t doing it for nothing everyone knows the Democrats have been trying to disarm Americans for decades, I’d bet thousands of dollars the minute they manage to stripe us of our Right to bear arms we’ll see those guns from fast and furious on our streets in the hands of MS-13 and other Mexican gangs.

    3. Notcha Grandpa Thats a lot of spin that doesn’t fit the known facts. It’s unprecedented for a presidential campaign to have a meeting with a Russian agent, much less 19, and then lie about it. Add to that the fact that Trump has repeatedly suggested that Russia should be readmitted to the G7, tried to lift or slow walk Russian sanctions, gave Russia classified information, and has refused to authorize disbursement of funds for Crimean defense, and it points strongly and unavoidably to Trump working for Russia against the interests of the United States. Yes, that’s treason. Sure, Trump should have an opportunity to defend himself in court. He should NOT be able to abuse the power of the office of the president to obstruct investigation into his crimes.

    4. @Dennis Harrell That’s a lot less spin that what you wrote in your original comment, asserting the accusations that our President is a Russian asset, a traitor, and a criminal, and saying anyone who continues to support him is also supporting treason, which if he was to sign any sort of firearms ban I would agree that he’s treasonous, but until then I haven’t seen anything or read anything that supports your allegations against the President or his supports.

  2. Putin’s critics in Russia seem to ‘accidentally’ fall out of multi-storey buildings …….. and this is your President’s hero?

    1. Mind Freshener and what makes you think I’m a Liberal? You shouldn’t assume someone is a liberal simply because you are challenged.

      It makes you look weak.

    2. Plutonium is a horribly painful death and a very public message/display of power & deterrent for treason or a coup. If you live, you are horribly scarred and live in pain for as long as they let you continue living. That wasn’t the only evidence in the last case of Plutonium poisoning. Like all chemicals each batch is like a fingerprint, and it has actually been law in Russia since 2006 that if you are suspected of treason you will be hunted down for the rest of your life and killed. It is my understanding, from Russians that the gov, in some cases, plays with defectors/ex-spies to torture them for years. If it was a particularly personal defection, they tell them to their face after they poison or set up their very eminent demise. But hey, you could be right.

    3. Well, McCabe and one or two CNN reporters would get the same “window” treatment if Trump thought he could get away with it.

    1. @Coma White Reality is only a problem to the Colonial Powers. Which are those “Great” European countries you liberals so much love to give as an example of “Success”. To the rest of us they are Rogue States.

    2. @Mind Freshener reality is that when the european countries got rid of their monarchs and colonies (like the US) the US started to use that vacuum to do exactly the same. and we are not even talking about slavery here.

    3. @Inevitable Crafts Lab Which european countries got rid of their monarchs??? The UK, the Kingdom of Holland, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Kingdom of Belgium, Lichtenstein, Monaco, etc.? Did I miss a few “Republics” in there?

    4. @Inevitable Crafts Lab The only countries who lost their kings (due to British “revolutionary” insurgency) are France, Russia and a few Balkan countries which never had any colonies. So Russia is still not on the Bad Guys list.

  3. It’s shocking how quickly people forget murders/assassinations and mass shootings. Your skin is growing too thick from orange peel America..

    1. Dave Schultz low iq Schultzy the clown with more of his garbage. Keep trying little Davey. BTW Davey I believe the last 2 mass shootings were in good old red Texas. Laughable little Davey

    1. @Baruch Ben-David Why because you lost? You drama queens are sad. My side lost twice to Obama I never said he wasn’t my president. Dude deported and droned more people then 5 Trumps. Trump won because you put forward Hillary Clinton. And because of the general ebb and flow of American politics where usually after two terms the other party gains power.

    2. Colin Faust …someone’s fell right into the propaganda trap. Most of what you said Obama was supposed to have done and was to do already. Obama care was going to hurt all Americans, he was going to take away all guns and use FEMA camps to house Americans AND enact martial law and take over the country. All the things said about democrats by republicans for decades hasn’t happened but republicans still even while in power still like to tell you to be scared little kids and stay on the ground. If you really see this country is doing well right now, under Trump and can’t see he is stripping everything that is America in his favor or for his cronies, and still believe the problem is really democrats? You have fallen right in it.

  4. 03:15
    That right there – *That* is what Trump wants his America to be. That’s the Presidential power he wants.

    1. @Mark G. You guys stacked the 9th circuit with left wing hacks and it has been wildly successful at getting injunctions on Trump. Why are you mad when the other side does something similar? Hypocrisy.

    2. @vince kelly That’s not true! Get into the truth please! Dems do not want open boarders, they don’t want to take away American people guns. They want guidelines for the kinds of weapon people carry. American’s don’t need machine guns, the Military do, bc they are fighting wars to keep American People safe. But of course the person you support wouldn’t know anything about it bc his never been in the Military. Have you been listening to Fox News??

  5. No one is safe under this diarrhea mouth president. When we vote him out. He is moving to Russia with all our secrets.

    1. @Dennis Harrell fake news . I told you that the article was out of date.
      You post some left wing fact check that is meaningless. Why don’t you just provide Snopes ?
      Your info comes after the msm turned on Trump. Fact!
      You are very wrong and misinformed.
      Do some real research yourself.
      Don’t use ” fact” checking sites for truth.

    2. @Jake MacHine you are simply not bright enough to know when you have been proven wrong, and too dishonest to admit it. Go ahead and strut around pretending you vanquished me, I don’t care about the bleating of a fool.

  6. You know people is Soviet Union were always afraid if KGB man one day could get into position of leadership. It was a sigh of relief then Andropov’s short rule suddenly ended. But here we go, here is your KGB guy, an unhinged murderous psychopath.

    1. And a friend and ally of Trump. There is a reason why Putin wanted Trump elected. And Trump is doing his bidding in plain sight

    2. @tingle blade could you elaborate? From what I know USSR collapsed because KGB have stopped functioning for a moment. Revelations, what came with Glasnost politics plus tiredness from Afghan war had everyone dumbfounded. People found out, a lot of them for the first time, that USSR had secret pact with Hitler, found out about WWII plans for Baltic republics. Everything fell apart.

    1. Ganiscol … let’s leave the vulgarity and hate to Trump
      Let’s vote for an intelligent, articulate, compassionate, rational president.

  7. If trump is reelected he will start arresting his political rivals and critics just like Putin does.He has already suggested he remain Potus for life.Of course he said he was joking,but we all know better..He was making a serious suggestion to his base in hopes that a movement for just such a thing will take hold. We have. Putin wannabe in the Whitehouse.

    1. *Trump is a wannabe dictator.*

      Who but a wannabe dictator puts thousands of children in cages just to hurt their parents?

      Who but a wannabe dictator fires the head of the government agency that is investigating him, then tries to fire his replacement?

      Who but a wannabe dictator invites his country’s worst enemy to meetings that exclude all of his own countrymen?

      Who but a wannabe dictator hides 100% of his financial dealings from his own citizens?

      Who but a wannabe dictator announces that not applauding for him is treason?

      Who but a wannabe dictator tries to convince his citizens that the free press is their enemy?

      Who but a wannabe dictator threatens to imprison his political rivals?

      Who but a wannabe dictator demands a parade in his honor?

      Who but a wannabe dictator openly scoffs and ignores his country’s emoluments laws?

      Who but a wannabe dictator tries to build a wall to keep a friendly neighbor’s citizens out?

      Who but a wannabe dictator uses his position to enrich himself?

      Who but a wannabe dictator lies to his own people ten thousand times in two years?

      Who but a wannabe dictator has frequent rallies where he incites the crowd to violence with blatant lies?

      Who but a wannabe dictator gives his children important government jobs?

      Who but a wannabe dictator has top advisors who are all found guilty of felonies?

      Who but a wannabe dictator hires actors to cheer for him at events?

      Who but a wannabe dictator replaces his recused Attorney General with an unqualified, unconfirmed stooge whose only qualification is that he’ll do what he’s told?

      Who but a wannabe dictator says repeatedly that he wants to be president for life?

    1. @Duya Taksis А тоже Олег Пенковский был героем сего мира. И мы знаем что случилось с ним.

    2. @Grammy Skigin Sure, I don’t know why you would think I’m a Trump supporter. I hope whatever it is on his head gains sentience and strangles him in his sleep.

    1. How is it Trump supporters can’t see his total devotion to Putin? I bet if Putin told him to, Trump would gladly blow him in public.

  8. Meanwhile, the US President is seeing this Russian action, getting a little “chub”, thinking, why can’t I do this?

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