1. They shouldn’t have to “steal” it. Research should be shared for everyone’s benefit to start with!!
    It’s a global problem, it should be a global solution…

    1. I agree, but capitalism. Whoever makes it first, can produce and sell it. The IP for it alone would be worth a mountain of gold if they are willing to sell the science behind the vaccine.

  2. Big steamy pile of BS. Russia already has their vaccine ready to be produced… and guess what, it is also VOLUNTARY 🙂

  3. As a Canadian I expect my country to work for and with the global community . When we have a vaccine I expect my government to not only share it but to provide it to Vonerable Countrys .
    “Someone else can send their condolences.”
    Our country has witnessed our own failures through the sobering lenses of this pandemic.

  4. You all should share research anyway, if everyone can’t get rid of it to me that sounds like a terror attack on the whole world not just 1 country smarten up Governments. The less you share the more get infected.

  5. its only idiots can say this)) thay will say enything if u pay them.. if a real hacker hacks, he will leave nothing behind him, and no one will never know that it was hacked.. lol

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