Russia accused of using banned landmines with human sensors

CNN global affairs analyst Kimberly Dozier explains the devastating effects of Russian POM-3 anti-personnel mines, which are an "advanced" version of landmines used in World War II and the Vietnam War. #CNN #News


  1. I think they should make the russian POWs clear the mines. I don’t mean send them in to set them off, I mean give them the tools and stuff and basically say “You guys left them, so you can remove them”

    1. Hmm, I’d give the russian made ‘tools’ which don’t work. Would still get the job done and we already know what they think of human life….

  2. I want to thank Putin for giving the USA the chance to test out the Kamikaze Drones…..keep providing Targets 🤣

    1. Probably a good time to invest in AeroVironment, the manufacturer of the switchblade drones, as there are thousands of Russian tanks and we have only sent 100 switchblade systems so far.
      Note: there are 10 drones per system, so that first shipment could, at most, take out only 1,000 tanks.

  3. I think anti tank weapons are a game changer for infantry. Destroying a couple million dollar tank with a 10,000 dollar piece of hardware definitely hurts

    1. Have you seen a video in Mariupol when Russian tank get hit 4 times with those anti tank missiles and just moves forward like nothing happened and than wipes out enemy position. Those tanks are not WW2 tanks. There is a reason why they cost couple million of $$.

    2. @Johnny’s GamingClub
      Trust me I know I served at the end of the cold war we where using Vietnam era LAWS rockets until we got issued AT4s. Little is said but there was a good chance you was carrying a dud with them old LAWs i seen i good amount bounce off of tanks like golf balls. I wouldn’t want to temp that kind of fate

  4. Putin: ohh USA you’re training Ukrainians huh?

    USA: we always trained other people’s armies Vlad what’s the problem huh?

    1. @Young Jojo305 Some russian trolls are good at this —-Holtsclaw is a troll, just report/delete and don’t waste your time.

  5. Drones are clearly the future of combat. Not only are they small and efficient, with price way lower than a tank or a fighter jet, but their operators can be safely kilometers away from the fight. And add to that the recent AI advancements, where you don’t even need operators. Truly frightening stuff.

    1. @Hydro Aegis If it was that simple then military communications would’ve been constantly jammed by “radio wave blasts”.

  6. There will be hundreds, if not thousands of Russians convicted of war crimes when all is said and done. They should given a lifetime of hard labor rebuilding Ukraine.

    1. @server1ok you may deny what i said, but i saw these poor Finns visiting annexed territories and humbly asking to stay overnight at parents houses with my own eyes.

  7. Ukrainians have been using drones to great effect since before this started. Not just military surveillance, munition carriers and kamikaze drones, but even decent regular commercial off-the-shelf drones are very effective tools for scouting and surveillance.

    1. Although there are jamming devices that make drones inoperable. Most international airports employ them, to stop terror attacks.

  8. The average cost of a Russian tank in 4 million, and the average cost of a switchblade drone is 70,000. So for the cost of one Russian tank you could have 57 switchblade drones. Does that not make tanks obsolete now?

    1. Just fit the tank with anti‐drone countermeasures like electromagnetic burst or jamming.

      _For every measure there is a countermeasure._

    2. @Law V Also meant to be used for Javelins set on “top attack” mode. Pretty much some effectiveness – the target will be destroyed with a nice, pretty cage on top….

  9. I am an American and I want my tax dollars spent arming and protecting democracy within Europe and especially in Ukraine. We have the largest military in the world by a substantial margin, and we can and should give more. Slava Ukraine.

  10. I wish reporters would stop using the term “special operations “. When they say this what they really mean is “combat arms”. All combat arms are special.

  11. When this war is over we should force captured Russian soldiers to detect these mines by walking through mined areas.

  12. These Pom-3 mines look like the world’s deadliest Jack-in-the-boxes. I realize that’s a very simplistic definition, but it is the easiest way to describe the mines.

  13. Because of their actions, russia should never be welcomed to any nations summit, committee, G20 or other meetings or even Olympics . But we live in the West, we are represented by weak politicians who will forget and forgive quickly.

  14. One of the things interesting about this war is how effective drone technology is. Its not about the heavy duty , face to face, equipment. Its about small and effective.

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