1. In other words Putin is saying “I want power more than peace”. The solution is not to have Putin change his mind, but to have Russian soldiers change their minds. It’s amazing how when power is given to the wrong person, the whole world becomes at risk because of that one person.

    1. Так ты троль походу? Раз ты абсолютно с тем же текстом под другим видео? Семя кослов, 🤣 лол)

    2. Wouldn’t anti shipping missiles and sea mines be better to really make it difficult for a Russian maritime invasion imagine a Russian maritime ship sent to the bottom of sea off the coast of Odessa with say thousand or more Russian troops on board the more casualties inflicted on the Russian’s might make this war even more unpopular back in Russia if oligarchs suffer a major financial loss they maybe put the pressure on Putin to bring this war to a conclusion at the negotiating table certainly things are looking like this war could drag on for a long period of time let’s see how long Putins allies will sit by especially if it costs them money the old KGB agent has totally underestimated what he is up against this war between Russia and Ukraine will likely drag on for quite a while.

    1. I condole with the Ukrainian brothers, but I despise the sadists of the rich (politicians) who push them into a meat grinder.

    2. Lessons of the war between Russia and Ukraine Only seven days in the war taught us many lessons:
      1- The call for foreigners to volunteer in Ukraine is heroism..but it is a call to terrorism if they are Muslims.
      2- The Ukrainian officer who blew himself up is a hero.. but if he was a Muslim, he is a terrorist.
      3- The solidarity of sports personalities with Ukraine is a genuine right, but it is forbidden when Abu Trika wrote (sympathizing with Gaza) and deserves punishment as well.
      4- Supporting Ukraine with weapons is a legitimate right for self-defense while supporting Gaza with weapons is a crime and its owner is punished with imprisonment.
      5- Boycotting Russia economically is a humanitarian duty while boycotting Israel is a crime and a violation of their legitimate right to self-defense.
      I hope we understand that laws are made to apply only to us

    3. @HOCINE Belalem “Writing an essay against Antisemitism? Fine. But I prefer baseball bats.”

  2. There is a joke about an old Ukrainian woman, after WW2, seeing a statue of Stalin, and asking a Russian soldier who the statue represented. The soldier said that he was Stalin, who drove the Nazis out of the Ukraine. The old woman thought about this for a second, and said, “Is it possible to get him to come back and drive out the Russians?”

    1. In 1945 waren wij blij met de geallieerde troepen en de welvaart die we konden opbouwen was deel van ons geluk. Ik weet dat Oost-Europa niet die welvaart en het geluk hadden – zij werden bevrijd door de Russen – mijn vriende uit Oost-Berlijn weten er alles van

    2. @Deodat Singh русский солдат ответит, что у него есть такая традиция, освобождать Украину от фашизма. Так что скоро всё пройдёт! 👍

  3. Odessa beautiful city! I was there last summer! I am Italian! I love you Ukrainians! Never ever give up! SLAVA UKRAINA!

    1. @Enrique Morales calling people cowardly as you sit wanking in your Mum’s basement ain’t bravery, son. Do your research, Slavs have fought more wars than any other race. They are warriors. Ukraine founded Russia. Research and pipe down.

    2. BREAKING NEWS.. #biden & #NATO agree, “Ukraine will be the sacrificial lamb for Europe.” We will NOT help you. Good luck!

    3. They are nazi go search azov battalion most of them already in Ukrainian army and gov i thought is Russia propaganda and it turns out to be truth just type nazi Ukraine you will see

    1. If god actually existed, I assume something would have been done by now. How can you continue to believe in the absence of any evidence.

  4. Keep fighting!!! Take the fight to the Russians. Respect the Ukrainians heart. Make them regret war.

  5. “They’re asking who we are and what we are doing.”
    Reporters always seem to get too close too soon just for a story. Introductions are beyond them.

    1. They r doing this to alot of the media …they DONT KNOW who is allie or enemy…..I saw one video where they were driving to leave and got surrounded by armed guards. Partisanns(?) And it was real tense till it got verified 😵😵🇺🇸🌍🌎

    1. It bothers me how excited some of the media is about this situation. The fact that society is DRAWN TO CHAOS… will never be normal to me. 2ndly We broadcast too much. Everything doesn’t need to be a story. Putin could be using this to strategize his next move. #MoveInSilence

  6. More power to those wonderful Ukrainians. Boycott the Russian lie. Even Anonymous is contributing. Desperate times, desperate measures. The world is backing you Ukraine, we do care, we do see.

  7. It is sad to see that Odessa on the Black Sea is facing invasion by Russia. It is a beautiful city with people who care for one another. My grandmother came from Odessa and my grandfather came from St. Petersburg. When they met, Ukraine was part of Russian Empire. There is a shared culture between Russia and Ukraine. Families have members in both countries. I still remember in 2014 when Russia took Crimea. It was during Winter Olympics being held in Sochi Russia, also on Black Sea. Russia would love to have Odessa and other port cites because it benefits Russian Navy.

    1. @supastratt The exchange rate doesn’t matter for Russia because they import very little from the world. In fact, their exports are booming because of the exchange rates. People in Russia are laughing. Do you think they care if they can’t buy your IPhone? There is absolutely nothing Russia needs from Europe or the US lmao. Learn a little about exchange rates before you start spouting digits like you know anything. You sound like a dimwit.

    2. @Daniel Martin Sad you won’t be able to read it. Disconnected from the rest of the world. Maybe smoke signal network will still be around for you.

    1. This is hilary Clinton’s reality she always wanted nuclear war with Russia but yet still did nuclear deals with Russia under the Obama administration

    1. Where you saying the same in 2010 when the Ukraine government shot at and killed their own people protesting against the corruption of the government of Ukraine?

  8. There is almost nothing to say when watching this scene of human perseverance, other than God bless these people, and may God keep every last one of them safe

  9. When PPL have this kinda determination and will no war can break them. Glory to Ukraine 👍🙏

    1. and people wonder why iraq / afghanastan bogged the usa down for 2 decades? that’s what happens when a country and a people are invaded. It’s such a crime the usa killed literally millions of innocents but only mourns the 6000ish american soldiers killed. what a joke. Russia = USA / Bush / GOP = Putin and we all support ukraine because those are white people whilst syria / libya / iraq / afghanastan are not.

  10. Ukrainians are really amazing people. They are the best example of Unity (United as One) in times of trouble. Truly they are teaching all countries how to defend and protect their own country. They have a Brave Heart.

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