1. Yes indeed!!!! How about TPLF’s terror on other Ethiopia’s region huh??? 💚💛💓

  1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers and families who who lost their loved ones during this Ukraine invasion.

    1. @nickrock23 I voted for him by post, and I support Trump. Just thought it would be funny to have a senile old man in office.

    2. @Ted the ” heartthrob ” Rodriguez Joe Biden: If you don’t stand under Jim you ain’t black.

  2. RIP to all those people who lost their lives defending Ukraine.
    RIP to all the innocent children, mothers, fathers, sisters ,brothers and families members who lost their lives in Ukraine.

    1. RIP to all those who lost their lives being invaded by America. Let’s pray together for all lives lost in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.

    2. When we are talking wreckless, let’s not forget all the lives and businesses lost due to the out and out lies pushed by CNN. Before rounding up Putin, a little spring cleaning needs to be done to these liars and hypocrites… ie lock them all away so they never see the light of day

  3. How can America just stand by and watch Russia do what they are doing to Ukraine? How? They need more help.

    1. @Richard Jordy  and neither is russia and does not give insane man putin the right to nuke the whole world when ever he gets mad and things don’t go his way

    2. @Deborah Freedman oh I’m sure he means it if anyone steps in with troops helping he will indeed nuke them he is really that insane

    3. Idiot didn’t you hear about Putin threatening nukes. What’s the point of us stepping in?? That’ll cost everyone’s lives. Don’t start running around scared when he pushes that button.

  4. Stop making excuses for them. Lobbing one missile at that plant is an attack. Time for action. He is only going to extricate more pain and suffering on people who have done nothing.

    1. Putin needs to be taken out with precision accuracy before he can push his little red button and end the world.

    1. @Nasser Mortezazadeh Putin has the Russian military bombing and killing civilians in Ukraine. Thousands of soldiers have died (he reports hundreds) but wants nobody in Russia to say it is a war on Ukraine.
      But, you say that journalists are lying?

    2. That sounds familiar……trumpy wants to be putin…..trumpy wants to be president f life. EGO INDEED.

    3. @deplorable federalist “Putin is a smart man. We have a very good relationship” – Orange conman Trump

    4. @Mr Jee….and the problem is that you are mad that trump is right again; putin is making brilliant moves.

  5. R.I.P. to all the people who have died in this war, those of Ukraine and those of Russia, I feel bad for the Russian soldiers, most of them were lied to. In the words of someone else on the internet, “In war, there is no winner. Only a bigger loser and a smaller loser.” May peace come soon. And to all the mothers in Ukraine and Russia, I pray the your sons and husbands will live to see you again. Stay strong

    1. Ya, you push NATO, via a pro-western / pro-EU president, right up on Putin’s front porch, and this is pretty much what you’re gonna get. The west started this war.

    2. Russian soldiers are playing innocent card in enemies territory after capture that’s not new to save ur life.

    3. @ROB GUGELLO we weren’t originally, No. I’d suggest you read the first book of the Bible before you comment 🤦‍♂️

      And what if we were, what are you going to do about it?


    4. @Hunter Biden Blows goats Prove your unfounded claim with a credible source or admit that you said that ridiculous crap just for a reaction. You have no other choices.

  6. This feels like this couldn’t be real..unfathomable uncomprehensible ..excruciatingly sad as hell

    1. It’s not real. This is fake news. Thats not the Ukraine nuclear plant.

      Nuclear plants are kind of unmistakable. The Ukraine nuclear plant is two concrete cylinder cooling towers each about 500ft tall. Both are enormous structures and very nuclear plant looking.

      This video is of a 6 story office building being shot at with tracer rounds out of a gun.

  7. Ever get the feeling that he’s counting on nato not to escalate things? That that’s why he says the insane things that he says – does the insane things that he does? Like attacking a nuclear power plant?

    1. @Noel Jimenez I don’t know if nato needs Ukraine, but democracy needs to be reminded of its roots because Ukraine is outshining the west right now.

    2. @Noel Jimenez whether he uses them or not, I’d rather the whole world burn than not to stand up for what is right.

    3. If America invaded Russia. Would we leave all of the nuclear power plants unprotected as we advanced further into Russia during our invasion? Really try using that brain noodle on this one.

    4. @Erick Vick “I rather the whole world burn than not stand up for what is right.” I rather you buy a plane ticket to Ukraine, pick up a gun, and fight against the Russians yourself, than to to sacrifice every one else’s lives for your convictions.

  8. Most world leaders would have fled and sought exile in other countries. This guy was never a politician, and a few years into his Presidency he has to deal with a burden most experienced politicians have NEVER had to deal with . His resilience , courage and devotion to his nation is exemplary and downright extraordinary…

    1. @SEANMCAD what can I do about it? It’s the NATO nations that refuse to help. But yes I agree it is insulting and hurtful to Ukraine that no one helps.

    2. @Bryan Dimery U are a Russian troll or U R insane. Are U one of those people who believe than aliens already invaded our planet? 🤣

  9. You don’t need to put that in quotes. This isn’t a US court of law, and no one with an ounce of sanity would think it’s anything less than reckless.

    1. @Tina Wang I think you are right about their intent.

      But it is a weird title , because the video has much much wider scope that just one professors opinion.

      I know , YouTube video titles are rarely accurate, but you would think cnn , in the headline business, would be more accurate about describing content they post.

    2. @Bryan Prove the world is round then besides blindly listening to people. Doubt you’ve been to space yourself clown. You probably think the Bible is all real too 😆

  10. The dangers of giving unstable people power. Can someone within his inner circle for the sake of humanity take this man out?

    1. @Ian Burgess I am russian american, i love usa just as i love russia, i would never do anything against either of these countries. I do have my formed opinion about this matter, though: you cannot kill americans and you cannot kill russians there are going to be consequences for that.

    2. @Moises Carrillo what about them being the aggressors makes them less winners? They keep taking more and more land every day, more and more ukrainians are dying while Russia has plenty more to spare. Russia has Belarus now entering the fight. Yes, it is taken longer for Russia to end this conflict than they should have, the ukrainians have fought very well, but that doesn’t mean that ukrainians are winning. If ukrainians were winning they would have prevented the destruction of their nuclear power plant.
      Also, in what world is Ukraine the better version of russia?

  11. like I’ve been saying we might as well forget condemning Russia in words and saying we are with Ukraine in words and just send them a hell of a lot of body bags because Russia doesn’t give a flying F about words

    1. @Andrew Look, the problem is that NATO is ideologically opposed to what Russia wants. In fact, it’s nearly actively antagonistic in most cases. The West has destroyed the East, and they want seperation to build their own world because we as westerners have made it very obvious that we only want anything to do with them if it involves a level of economic exploitation, and that’s not okay. And frankly, its fair for them to want that. So, what do you want? This is the attack that says no, you do not own the world.

    2. @DISCLOSURE IS A RIGHT NOT A REQUEST!! not saying he’s not going to be strung up in the streets, lol, he will be for sure, but this attack is more of a symbology than anything now due to it’s percieved failure

      The good thing is as it continues, he becomes more and more likely to be strung up in the streets

    3. @anulbonecrusher What Russia wants is world domination. Of course NATO is opposed to that! Russia has been completely free to live how they want in their own borders. The US does not claim to own NATO or NATO countries. Haven’t you noticed the US has not gotten involved in the fight? No one has threatened Russia. For a country to come under NATO protection is not a threat to Russia. Putin just claims it is because he obviously wants to take over non-nato countries before they join NATO. He wants to interfere in their joining NATO so that he can take them. There were many advantages between the US and Russia relationship. Your viewpoints are so imaginative. There wasn’t ANY problem between Russia and the West!

    4. @Andrew This isn’t a C&C game. World domonation? Really? Anyone with half a brain would know that world domination is a stupid goal. There actually is and has always been a lot of tension between the East and the West. Wilsonian Interventionism and reaction to communism has been absolutely devistating to foreign relations because we dont like they think like that…

      Like seriously…

      Before that, colonialization for 300 years. Occupation. Russia was a backwards nation till the 1700’s and continued to struggle throughout their reformations due to lack of strong leadership. And guess who diplomatically got mocked repeatedly? The Russians. So i mean, what are you talking about with there not being problems? You think everyone there forgot about the cold war or the soviet union? You think anyone here has either? It still embroils our politics to today

      And lastly, Im not condoning Russia; they’re being awful obviously. It’s just not a hill worth dying on

    5. Lol ding ding ding finally a semi intelligent person on here. Crying and reporting isn’t going to sway Russia lol

    1. ​@Ronald the very idea that you can condemn an entire country of people; men, women and children, to death or oppression, and complete loss of the freedoms that you take so for granted is the definition of racism
      (rac·ism, noun
      prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized)
      So you sir are the racist. I pray for you and pray you are not “demolished” by Russia or any other fascist.

    2. @RK Royston haha their entire country is built off of racism you can cry about it or do your history I couldn’t care less about them prejudice people

    3. Personally I’d have planted remote detonation devices at each plant in the Ukraine evacuated everyone let the Russians through the front door then boom 💥 they will eventually overtake Ukraine anyway it’s only a matter of time

    4. mad zelenskyy who lies to his people telling thats nothing to worried about while putin sending to him 5 times warning to move his people first ! what he do ? using his people to stay so others can see how bad russia are !! who trapped foreign student to stayed and not go out from kiev ? why you so dumb and not thinking all of this, 8 years russian told him to stop attacking civillian people in donbass ! breaking the secuarity agreement with russia ! if this is really russian fault breaking the international law other EU nation already got involve 3month ago . now they only can talk talk talk on news support with small arm and medic and talk to media to their cattle consume the BS. now he blown up nuclear power plant to get EU attention so they can get involve to send personal and western media keep this lies for people like you to belive its russian army who blown up nuclear plant . nonsense if russia do that it just give them more problem with nuclear mess that closed to their country and got more problem with other EU nation and got no benefits from it.

    5. now you should think about your god with clear head !! you are angry and sad but your loving god seems dont care at all !!!!!!! am I wrong?

  12. What???? That is a reign of terror and atrocious war crime Putin!!!! We stand with Ukraine. Profound prayers from Korea 🇰🇷🙏 🇺🇦 🙏 🇰🇷 🙏 🇺🇦

  13. In Reality This Isn’t Going To End Well For Anyone….. Enjoy The Time Well You Still Can… Anything Can Happen

    1. Jeez, one guy starts every word with caps, and another writes in ALL caps. The IQ levels here are so low, they’re right next to dinosaur bones

    2. @BOB BRADLY . if it ever spreads to another country after Ukraine it wont even end till the nukes are launched. The only way this is going to end is by ending everything unfortunately I think our species time is coming to a end

  14. I think the problem with working at gunpoint is that these soldiers are not familiar with how the process works, and could, at gunpoint, demand dangerous actions to be taken.
    and especially when paranoia sets in among the soldiers, they might start imagining defiance where there is none.

    1. @Oif Eagle Actually, employees can shut down the reactors at gun point to cut electricity and create humanitarian disaster, supposedly caused by Ukrainian forces, for Russian TV picture

    2. @Stripdancer100 I was commenting about the media inserting those three words in their reporting. There were zero pics or video. My comment had nothing to do with Ukraine or Russia. It’s the reporting of the story. It’s imagery…to evoke emotion for the sole purpose of swaying public opinion. I’m a war veteran. It’s hell and scary as it is. If there’s children hurt or killed like the doctor who shouted at the camera “Show putin this!” as a child laid in front of him lifeless, there’s no need to sensationalize the moment because it’s there in raw form. Much like you said Russian state tv could use such images to sway public opinion among Russians who are on the fence. Our media does it too. Here they used words.

  15. Sadly, the only way this stops now without much further bloodshed and suffering, is for everyone in Russia unites to topple it’s own government.

    1. Thats going to be hard when they are being killed for protesting.

      Let’s be honest. The odds are against them

    2. Hi John, I agree that what you say would be the easiest and safest for the rest of the world, but it isn’t the only way and our options are terrible…..Strange how people who desire money and power ALWAYS create situations like this. Putin and his supporters suck.

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