‘Russia continues to pay severely’: Top US general on Ukraine war

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin discussed the state of the war in Ukraine after they attended the tenth meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group. #CNN #News


  1. AP’s first question was definitely from a terribly nervous rookie, bless her but great question lol

    1. Russsia didn’t chooose this conflct, but they have steppped up to the challlenge and are better off now that before. Saddly, the “wst’s” pooppets in Ukrayne are destryng their own ccountry for this crpp.

  2. As Ukrainian I don’t know how to express in words how grateful we are for Your help. When tough times come, you know who your true friends really are.

  3. Absolutely INCREDIBLE verbalization, acurately summarizing the unfortunate events Poootin and Russian allies wrongfully started and wrongfully continue over 1 yr later with disregard to overall life ranging from top generals(including and mostly their own) to the most innocent civilians including elderly, handicapped, woman and children, even infants.

  4. Quality speech. Straight to the point, all facts. Liberty and sovereignty must be defended. Enough said 🇺🇦💪🇬🇧

    1. that is the reason, for which we have comrades in arms! And now in polish gentlemen: na pohybel sowieckiej holocie i za niepodległa i (po Waszemu to niezawistna… albo podobnie) wolna Ukrainę!!! W NATO oraz w UE sąsiedzi 👍

    2. If I would know how I can use the Apple of my son… it would be great… any possibility of going online?

  5. Ukraine soldiers have fighting bravely and with valour for their freedom. Someday Russia too may have freedom. God bless Ukraine 🇺🇦!

    1. Westerners confuse freedom with slavery in the classic Orwellian case. The Europeans regard their empires as the greatest gifts to humanity, while the symbol of American heritage and love for freedom is the Confederate States.

    1. @bandit1 I went to school in several countries and never wat confronted with this verb… my both sons, spending time as time part students even in such mediocre places like harvard have no idea 🙁

  6. As a ukrainian, i must admit that without American help this achievements on battlefield wouldn’t be possible!
    We are Forever grateful to American people❤🇺🇦🇺🇸Thank you sooo much🙏

    1. @Ina Grove So why give Israel 3 billion every year to carry out acts of genocide in Palestine.Such behaviour makes it difficult to condemn China or India for supporting RuZZia.

  7. I think if was a great speech. Very American and explains to the world who we are and our mission in Europe

  8. 2nd fuel dump pass looked like the pilot tried to get closer than the previous. Think he got a little too close and bumped.

    1. Yeah this uniform is really awesome but I have to admit that uniform of Wafen-SS created by Hugo Boss is the best one of all time (despite of their bitter affairs)

    2. ​@Kirill Zimniakovlmao, those long tall black boots look too sexual by today’s standards.

    3. Better die smartly dressed, eh, like the 25,000 dead Ukies/bato in Solidar, so far 20,000 in Bakhmut..

  9. This speech is about human life no matter what part of the county you’re from. If I had to experience what these people are experiencing there are no words. Evil, Greed, Insane, or to prove a point is indescribable. I pray for these people’s suffering and pain.❤

    1. @James Elliott He’s not paid to be emotional invested in any country other than the US.

      He’s paid to follow and give orders, advise, strategize and maintain the readiness of the forces he commands.

      I’m sure his speeches if not written by him are vetted by the political machinery.

    2. You should be proud of yourself you representing democracy we need democracy😢😅😅😅😅😅🎉

  10. I know and the drone pilots are patient 😅 . Nope, you can not risk hurting the Russian pilots. I’m pleased with that level of professionalism. Good job!

  11. In the words of the late, great, Martin Luther King “in the end we will remember not the word’s of our enemies but the silence of our friends”

  12. Right or left, red or blue, I think we can all agree that Ukraine has proved they’re worth our support 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraine

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