Russia controls 20 percent of Ukraine 100 days after invasion | USA TODAY

Russia controls 20 percent of Ukraine 100 days after invasion | USA TODAY 1


    1. @P Lowe How am I an Aspie and yet still understand the nuance in sentence construction. Im talking about in general.

    1. The prior conflict ended by treaty when Zelensky promised in writing to stop the genocide against ethnic Russians. He didn’t keep even one provision of that treaty.

  1. Such comedy we have lost the 20% of our country, 25% of our troops, most of equipmen, are almost out of fuel and the Ukraine citizens are feed up and the anti war protests are growing. But we have Russia right where we want them.

    1. Then we can easily just take Ukraine and Russia cause they’ll have no more weapons left and battle warn soldiers.. I wish that was the case anyway 😆

  2. Ukraine 🇺🇦 should remain neutral, I am sad 😔 really 😢 how this happened in this innocent Ukrainians 😢

    1. Oh it does help. American military industry complex makes tons of money, so definitely will help them.

  3. Zelenzky will need to make an appearance on Kimmel’s garbage show and appeal to the alphabet people to carry more Ukraine flags in their pride parades this month.

  4. Have the Ukrainians tried informing the Russians that the area east of the Dnieper River is a no-gun zone?

  5. There’s so much violence in Ukraine that I think Zelensky should follow the USA’s example and tell his government to pass new gun laws.

  6. Pathetic how ppl cheer on each side from the sidelines like its a football game.

    This will be the most destructive war in Europe since 1945 and yall just circlejerk your favorite team

    1. @What’s Good My Guy I mean, coming to this video shows you’re at least somewhat interested right

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