Russia Designates Navalny’s Opposition As ‘Extremist’ Organization 1

Russia Designates Navalny’s Opposition As ‘Extremist’ Organization


Ahead of President Biden’s meeting with President Putin in Geneva, Russia has designated opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s movement as an “extremist” organization. NBC News’ Matt Bodner reports from Moscow. 

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Russia Designates Navalny’s Opposition As ‘Extremist’ Organization


  1. Is he an enemy of the people? Was life as Russians know it going to end if he was elected? Putin is perfect and he makes perfect calls.

  2. This while Vladdy Daddy is calling the Zombie MAGApocalypse Victims of Persection. They Lynch ——s Version 2.0.

    I’ll wait to hear if Navalny’s supporters stormed the Kremlin and assaulted police trying to overthrow Putin.

    1. Pretty much. The only opposition parties not cracked down on are state sponsored patsies.

  3. Amazing how suddenly we have so much in common with Russia? We must thank our Republican socialist comrades for the transformation.

  4. Pay attention America, when the GOP wins the next election, this is how you’re country will be like ; and trump and putin will be bff

    1. Yep … autocracy is what millions of white Americans want these days. I remember the “good Germans” who did nothing about Adolf’s craziness.

    2. @T Chaw The red hats assume they’ll get to be the brown shirts. Another con job they fell for.

    3. @T Chaw Nooooo it’s not Autocracy, its _Patriotism and Democracy and freeeedom!_ Also what even _ARE_ “words?” I mean they’re just a buncha sounds and things that randomly come out of our mouths, they could mean _anything_ really. “Justice, Murder” “Fairness, Detaining political opponents” Just like so many completely arbitrary mouth sounds that could have a million possible interpretations, best not to overthink it.

    4. IF the GOP wins in 2024 – keyword if – Right now as constructed – doesn’t seem like GOP will win. Unless they pass some new voting rights bills in major states – then perhaps .

    1. Lol. The above statement is called projection and gas lighting. It says more about Terry then anything else.

    2. @Terry Scott great Terry. Funny though, what your original statement is actually saying is you are aware of what your party is. To remain in the bubble you pretend you don’t and just point at others. Oh and btw when the Russia Right and China Right took over their countries they made enemies of their country’s citizens and media too before and after they took over. Take comfort in the fact that the American version almost took over and that even today they still fight to set up that take over.
      All hail Trump. Your secret is safe with me commrad.

  5. I don’t know, there seems to be something sinister brewing here. This goes beyond Trump.

  6. Hooray.
    Majority of Russians support our government and we agree with designation of extremist for Sir Navralny.

    1. @Freedom Fighter
      God save Russia from another revolution.

      Even BBC recently admitted that 50% in Russia vehemently oppose foreign funded agent provocateur Sir Navralny.
      And only 2% were his strong supporters.

      And by now support for Navralny is much less, probably down to 1%.

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