1. We’ve been in overkill for decades and could have dissolved in radiation at any time with just a few nukes in the right places. The sword begets the shield and both are made for war. How things ‘end’ is neither good nor bad for this Universe. It just IS. and that’s that.

  1. Each costs millions of dollars a year to maintain I’d be surprised if many of Russia’s nukes weren’t inoperative

    1. It isn’t like artillery or vehicle, but deadly weapons, if not maintained. and can cause deadly catastrophe, if they even poorly maintain.

    2. @Faith & Freedom So you mean someone with Faith in their handle is interested in knowing facts? I do ultimately agree with your comment but a lot of facts can be documented for developing strategies and tactics prior to ‘boots on the ground’

    1. Imagine your army is so intact as per west media russia has not hit a single military target but russia is still holding lands. Ironic

    1. @McDavid Correct which provides a baseline. Along with modern intelligence, historical intelligence, public budget records, and satellites.

  2. Does this include the 50 suitcase nukes that disappeared in 1990s … also how many of these 1900+ have been reworked over the last 30 years to ensure functionality…. also Ukraine could just deploy a dirty bomb making a russian city uninhabitable for 30000 years… so I’m not sure why people give the ones that go bang so much credit…

  3. CNN, *_please_* fix your audio levels…
    I can watch most videos with phone’s volume at 60-75% and hear/understand just fine; however, YOUR videos I’m always forced to max out my volume, _and even then_ the volume is *_still too quiet!_* 😖
    (particularly problematic if watching a playlist, where now the next video, or the mid-video advertisement, is super loud and disruptive — lmao aaand just as I finish typing that, the end of the video ad played and was loud as hell… 👍😑)

    1. @Spooky24 heh Yea 🥴
      I suspect the editor works in their office and wears headphones to be able to hear what they’re working on, except their computer’s volume is probably quite high.
      So they’re likely going into it thinking _”This is pretty loud, I better dial its gain back…”,_ and of course then, they watching the video before submitting it on the same computer while *still* wearing headphones. No doubt thinking _”Pppperfect!”_
      (or just a likely, they use their own software to edit, ignoring whatever YouTube might want to in order to normalize the audio… 🤷‍♂️)

      Synonymous to some of our country’s issues, actually! lol
      Instead of just thinking everyone wants what __ does, maybe just give the people a choice and let them make up *their own* mind!
      In other words… Just put the gain level to whatever is the average on YT (displayed in “Stats for Nerds” debug info) and let the viewer have control — it’s more convenient to simply lower our volume than to have to wear headphones due to the videos being too quiet 😉

      (sorry Spooky… to be clear, my animosity was *not* directed at you… was just me venting in hopes someone @CNN might _actually_ read this… lol 🥴)

    2. @C S ~ [Duke of Ramble] Troll calling… Well let’s hope they fix the sound level thing anyway. We’ll just have to disagree on the news quality.

  4. If simple dust from the Sarah can be carried by the wind as far as the America’s it’s a risky proposition for any country who dares to use them. Think… Right back at you!

    1. That’s the risk with battlefield gas. It goes the way the wind blows. There are no borders then.

  5. Pray tell, what exactly, in detail, are these: “catastrophic consequences” the U.S. is threatening to unleash if Russia uses WMDs?

  6. Early in this war, it was observed that 60% of Russias missiles did not succeed in flying. We also have seen inventory counts are wildly off base. And targeting capability is incredibly bad given the number of non-military targets hit. What does this analysis look like with 20% of the actual capacity?

    1. Agreed. Add to this, the US has been quietly buying and dismantling Russian nuke sites over the past decades. The military did not have the means nor capability for upkeep, and their ‘storage’ methods presented a real global security risk.

  7. Looking at the sorry state of the Russian military due to lack of maintenance (maintenance costs money) I seriously wonder if many if any of his missiles still work. The oligarchs have been ripping off Russia for over 20 years, and the Russian government didn’t have the money to maintain missiles that they would probably never have to use in defense. And offense was suicide.

  8. Trump said in an interview I read: “I’d say we also have nukes, we have more nukes and they’re more powerful than yours!”
    Tbh that’s what the west should do, respond to Russia tee same way, being “cautious” just send the message to Putin that the west is weak, no one’s gonna actually do something so he can get away with it, that weakness and blandness from the west led this war to extend this long

  9. Though J. Robert Oppenheimer’s quote after the Trinity explosion is most widely used and remembered. Kenneth Bainbridge’s quote of “Now we are all sons of bitches.”, says everything one needs to know and understands about the development and deployment of nuclear weapons, also describing it as, “a foul and awesome display.” I can’t imagine how they both must have felt afterwards. They both spent the better part of their lives to create something that could extinguish life in an instant, and on a massive scale. Imagine you spend the whole beginning of your life to create this technology, and after testing spending what life you have left to deter and hopefully stop the rest of the world from following suit. Both of these men must be turning in their graves right now.

  10. Everyone making jokes about Russia’s nuclear arsenal though I honestly fell like its probably the one part of their military that they have maintained.

  11. Your interviewer missed an important point, probably because he had a script to follow. If Japan is thinking about developing nuclear weapons they would be violating a long standing cultural taboo. Russia and the US are old hands at Cold War gamesmanship, but Japan is something altogether different.

    Japan is the only nation who has been nuked, twice. The horrors of nuclear weapons affected the psyche of the Japanese. They abhor nukes like no one else can understand. If indeed they have been pushed into talking about making their own, this is indeed a paradigm shift.

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