1. Russian trolls who were telling me last week that Ukraine was about to surrender have gone silent.

    1. There has been a notable difference.inthe trolls in the last week or two. Even on Twitter and TikTok

  2. “if you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs”
    – Volodymyr Zelensky

    1. while he hide under his bunker and his people civillians get killed in the war. What an Amazing president 🙃

    2. A common knowledge of
      behaviour, Attack is born of fear, anger is the ingredient
      used to hide the fear, symptoms of a psychopath
      yet do nothing to identify
      the cause in a human it could be chemical or physical irregularities so it grows untreated until death, once again leaving
      a a trail of destruction.

    1. @On the Air Right, b/c what we have now is success, also hard to succeed when it relies entirely on the cooperation of corrupt people, who’re not interested in your goals.

  3. ‘Misinformed’ is one of the milder words I can think of. ‘Paranoid’, ‘Lacking humanity’, ‘Incompetent’, ‘Unable to exercise power except through suppression of every opponent and dissenting opinion.”

    1. @Andrey Samoilov We have often been misinformed. The difference is that after 4 years we can remove the liar from office, we can protest in the streets and not be tortured, we can publish books and newspapers and tell the President what we think of him, we can look back and admit that we swallowed propaganda but learned from our betrayal. It may take use a long time to admit we were lied to but the truth usually comes out.

    2. Paranoid indeed. That is why I’m skeptical of claims that he doesn’t know what is happening. A paranoid person is suspicious of everyone, even close advisors, therefore anxious to learn from other sources. All he needs to do in this case is look at Youtube.

  4. A loss of your son is perhaps one of the most difficult thing to process. Then your government doesn’t allow you to even discuss how your son is dying and for what? These are young soldiers being killed and many who aren’t professional.

  5. When you lie to someone, the danger is you are lying partly to yourself. When a decision maker lies, the lies will start corrupting the decisions. That is why a decision maker and liar must be different person like say a beuracrat and a politician.

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      They are one of the best concerts, you can not go but just seeing them from the screen, I know it was surprising


    2. These experts don’t know anything…. And they carry some nonsense !
      The situation there is much more complicated and interesting 🙂

  6. Turns out when you threaten your soldiers and generals they tend to lie to you…..how surprising. Wouldn’t it be cute for a Russian soldier to report that a Ukrainian farmer stole their tank with a tractor??

    1. Russian soldiers that voluntarily surrender to the Ukrainian military are not forcibly sent back to Russia. That would be cruel, and possibly fatal.

  7. If this is Russia’s best against the 20th largest army then we need little more information on their strategic and logistic advancement into the 21st century. Ukraine has the Black Sea, with 80% of its borders accessible by Russia’s advancement. Compare that to the first 100 hours of the USA against the fourth largest army of the world in 1991 or the ‘Shock and Awe’ of 2001. The strike abilities of Russia is embarrassing 😳 in comparison.

    1. @Sergio Lozano I’m not sure what you mean. The USA is sending support to a free people that are fighting for their right to govern themselves. If Pootin ordered his army to invade your country, would you want help or not?

    2. This is a special military operation according to Russia not War.
      If there is a war Ukraine will be flattened.

    3. Apparently the great and bright Russian soldiers were digging tranches around Chernobyl and they’re all suffering from radiation sickness. It’s truly Orwelian with a sprinkle of Eugene Ionesco’s theatre of the absurd.

  8. Kleptocracy running a military organization has got to break down into massive disfunction if/when that military has to actually perform in public, where you can’t hide deficiencies. There is literally no other way. Those yachts, distilleries, wine collections, jewelry, arms, personal thug force, golden toilets and expensive “hugs” are pricey, right Ivan? Right?

  9. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”~~~Sun Tzu~~~~
    Putin knows neither.

  10. Putin’s mighty military can’t even capture a capital city of a country whose military is much smaller and right next door to his! What a joke! Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦✊

  11. He wasn’t insulted, he’s a dictator NO ONE says boo to him. Therefor he’s his own downfall is like ALL dictators, with no opposition you simply don’t know your weakness👍🏻.

    1. Apparently he’s obsessed with how Gaddaffi met his end and is desperate for it not to happen to him. Invading Ukraine just made it more likely.

  12. One question that would certainly embarrass Putin would be “why do you need conscripts? Is your professional army, what is left of it, not capable of doing their job?”

    1. @Cyndy Butler True. But when he does manage to get the sentence out – he’s not destroying our democracy.

  13. You make it sound like he’s a victim who was lead on by his advisors. If he was “misinformed” that’s his fault. Everyone’s terrified to tell him the truth 🤦‍♀️

  14. He’s not misinformed but he ignored the facts about reality.He’s living in his own bubble since decades.

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