Russia invades Ukraine, Biden calls out Putin for ‘premeditated war’ | USA TODAY

Russia invades Ukraine, Biden calls out Putin for 'premeditated war' | USA TODAY 1


  1. Ummmm…is there any other type of war than premeditated?
    Everyone thats ever served just chuckled and shuddered at the same time thinking about red tape..

    1. @Mikey Mike damn right! Oh ill just recognize this area here as sovereign and psrk these tank battalions there. Lol.

  2. “The world will hold Russia accountable.” If that were true, this wouldn’t have happened. We’ve had months to prevent this.

    1. @Messup7654 Civilians are dying in Ukraine. For nothing. And you are afraid professional soldiers would die?

      Never speak about humanitarian aid, Americans. If you let this slide, I don’t want to hear about social justice crp from you for a decade.

    2. @Δημ. when did I say I was afraid professional soldiers would die. Also I know cilvillans are dying I just saw some videos with dead cilvillans in the background also that video of a dead person on a bike

    3. ​@Messup7654 You questioned which would be the point of you sending soldiers to die or start another war.

      You invest A LOT in your military industry. I think you stand a chance against Russia. The Ukrainians don’t.

      As for “starting another war”, the war has already started. This country was on the verge of joining NATO. An organization that helps us both militarily, as well as other affiliated nations.

      We never questioned the issue of sending soldiers to a far land like South Korea when the Korean War started, or sending troops to Egypt to keep fighting the Nazis in El-Alamein and Egypt, even though our country was lost.

      You keep withdrawing from conflicts a lot lately, and that capitol coup happened only recently. All this plus your social issues, makes you look weak mentally.

      They threaten us with nuclear annihilation (Putin said that out-front), yet you worry if a war might start.

      Anyway. Keep Tik-Tok dancing. When we need military assistance, we might call China. They are way more likely to help.

    4. @Max M With 1 Euro per 95 Rubles we’ll see about that.

      I hope the currency conversion drops to 120 by tomorrow. To see what happens.

    1. @Meyers’ Jackal He’s talking about that fool sitting on the USA’s most powerful chair. I guess if it’s him, by this time he would have even forgotten Ukraine was invaded. That fool doesn’t even remember what he ate yesterday.

    2. @Naruto Uzumaki I wish we had an actual good president, not Biden, not Trump just a good president that actually cares

  3. Хватит обвинений, потому что они разжигают войну еще больше. Во-первых, война должна быть остановлена. Мир, братья, мир!

    1. @All mighty Lucy idk why is nato getting theme selves and the world in danger if ukraine joins nato then europe is in war whit Russia and Russia is a leading country whit nuclear weapons

    2. @Ullinta Lulna No, blame should be put exactly where it is right now. If you don’t throw this man out, you are equally responsible for those crimes.

      I blame both parties in this. Russia for attacking, and America for being the weakest it’s ever been.

  4. Definition of premeditated: “thought out or planned beforehand.” Is there another type of war I am not aware of?

    1. Where you sorry when the US attacked Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria? Or is it only this war that bothers you?

    2. @Bruce Scott war in general bothers me but I was a child when they happened. I know people in Ukraine as well so it’s definitely also a bit personal. and why should I write something about Iraq war for example, under am ukraine war video?

    3. @Bruce Scott this conflict is the first one where it could turn in to a war that is much larger than just Ukraine and Russia, compared to USA’s militarily campaigns here and there. I am praying and hoping that it will not, but it might happen. Countries like Afghanistan have been a battleground for nearly 2 decades and mostly because of the failing economy of the countries. What Putin has done already made Russia’s economy worse, so ofc I am worried for my country. And u make it sound as if you care about all the people that died during in all these other wars. And I am not saying that I don’t care about all of the people who were killed in these wars, i certainly feel sorry for their families and what happened to them, it’s just during this conflict I am extremely annoyed how everybody views Russians as the bad guys, even though almost nobody except for Putin wants this war.

    4. ukrania president one of the msot corrupt leaders in europe,,, should be arrested an answer for the money he took from ucranai help… also answer for neo nazi genocides in donensk..during many years!

  5. Words are meaningless. When lives are being lost and nations ruined. This will have knock on effects around the world. Expect things to get worse with Tiawan.

  6. I mean guys “what did you expect” it’s been to long since we last tried to kill everyone,
    But please. This Time actually work🥰

  7. A nation which continues, year after year, to spend more money on military defense than on education and development, is getting closer and closer to spiritual death and then perdition.
    We wish peace to the steadfast people of Ukraine 🇺🇦

  8. Had literally months to respond and we’re still in the “will respond” moment as Russia invades. Why haven’t we responded already to the invasion?

  9. “Putin doesn’t want me to be president. He knows I’m the only one that will stand toe-to-toe with him.” – Joe Biden. But I doubt he remembers saying that…..

    1. @S Millan Want to know a not so secret, Trump told Putin that he would blow Moscow away. Then turned around and said the same thing to Xi Jinping about Beijing.

    2. @Brandon Eubank what to know a not so secret. He said a lot of things – that he didn’t come through on. He’s all talk. No action or failed action.

    3. @S Millan must be living under a rock. He actually followed through with everything that he said he wanted to do. You want broken promises, look at Biden. How’s that build back better plan going?

  10. Well people closely monitoring the geopolitical news ,will understand usa and nato ,had made ukraine their scapegoat .

  11. I doubt that’s an actual quote from Brandon. It’s was probably more like “President Putin has chosen a thing, you know the thing. Kids like touching my leg hair.”

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