Russia invades Ukraine: How the conflict could affect the US economy | USA TODAY

Russia invades Ukraine: How the conflict could affect the US economy | USA TODAY 1


  1. Video of the war in Ukraine.
    I try to upload videos that are not on the news. Thank you all for supporting Ukraine.

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  3. The European Union, the United States , the United Nations and Human rights need to make sure that those sanctions against Russia will only impact Putin and his leadership but not impacting negatively the standard of living from the people throughout the world including the people from Russia and Ukraine.

  4. Sucks because there has already been so much inflation since Biden took office. I voted for the guy, so hopefully things bounce back and soon. He said that it’d be a short term thing, so guess he lied 🤷‍♂️

    1. Nope this was gonna happen and Biden could not prevent this. Putin has been planning this for years he threatened to take over Ukraine for years Biden could not have prevented this Putin would’ve never made up his mind.

    2. @【Carzia】 It just sucks that there was already such a price increase on goods before the invasion and now it’ll only increase more after.

    3. @【Carzia】 I wish that he didn’t lie to us about it being short term. I guess that’s just how politicians like Biden work

    4. @【Carzia】 It did not happen during Trump, this is the difference between a crooked politician who in all those years never learned and a businessman who never was in politics.

  5. Gas prices in the US has skyrocketed in my state and grocery prices have also increased significantly. Any income increases I saw has been taken away by inflation. If I knew this would happen I wouldn’t have voted for Biden.

  6. Recently on Twitter I noticed this tweet :

    ” Putin’s ‘kill squads’ of Chechen warriors unleashed on Ukraine to hunt down targets “

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