1. Democrat Tulsi Gabbard (a veteran) summed it up best: “this war could have easily been avoided if Biden acknowledged Russia’s legitimate security concerns regarding Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO, which would mean US/NATO forces right on Russia’s border,” Gabbard tweeted late Wednesday night . !.

  2. Russia was only asking NATO not to expand east. Some genius at DC was like: Let’s wait until Russia makes an irreversible move because that totally makes sense.

  3. end times are near ! accept Jesus Christ into your life right now ! before armageddon and the end of the world!. Christ will return on the day of judgment will you be saved ?.

  4. Don’t forget, Trump is the only president in modern history to not get sucked into a war. He’s gone for one year and the world falls apart .

    1. But he didn’t stop bombing Syria and Yemen and Afghanistan and he gave the Pentagon full power…can you Imagine?

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  5. Imagine having no where to go but ”to the cemetery”…heart wrenching tear dropping stuff imo.
    Why we do these things to ourselves is beyond me.

    1. Let’s just say that Russia is fighting Natzis again!!🤔Check out GrayZone Kim iversen, convo couch Jimmy Dore, Russell brand for facts…🙂

  6. It is sad what happening in Ukraine. Can anyone explain me what is wrong to give promise to Russia that they will not be in Nato and will not allow US army to attack Russia from Ukraine like in World War ii, German attacked through Ukraine? USA looks own profit and not a friend of anyone. How they left Iraq war and Afghan war?

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