Russia Is At It Again With Election Interference. Is The U.S. Prepared To Counteract It? | MSNBC

Russia Is At It Again With Election Interference. Is The U.S. Prepared To Counteract It? | MSNBC 1


Reports about Russian attempts to interfere with the U.S. presidential election, and the Trump administration’s apparent failure to acknowledge it, has some commentators wondering whether the U.S. is any more protected against foreign interference than it was in 2016. Aired on 09/10/2020.
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Russia Is At It Again With Election Interference. Is The U.S. Prepared To Counteract It? | MSNBC

95 Comments on "Russia Is At It Again With Election Interference. Is The U.S. Prepared To Counteract It? | MSNBC"

  1. Trump needs Russia (Putin )help even more then he did in 2016
    Trump’s and Republicans lies are catching up to them lmao

  2. Adam Schiff warned America!

    • @MJB For Trump Your guy holds the COVID parties, not us.

    • @Emsley Wyatt What about the BLM protests/riots, done during a pandemic? Or did they get a medical exemption because of their cause?

    • @John DiGiacomo Yet Trump’s support amongst African Americans and Hispanics is growing. How do you explain that?

    • Claire Wright, in the polls and articles I’ve seen Trump is at 8% among blacks, and while there is a strong support among Cubans and Venezuelans, Puerto Rico and Mexican American support is solidly against.

    • Claire Wright, in almost every category Trump’s support is dropping.

  3. They never stopped.

    • Literally proven to be a conspiracy theory.
      These morons are making Trump win again by trying to use the debunked Russia card again.

  4. Why is FBI silent about it.

  5. Lies from The White House is the new normal.

  6. So how is Trump the toughest on Russia?
    Been waiting 4 years on that.
    I love how people claiming Russia didn’t interfere. How many intelligence committee reports direct said that they did? How many agencies said they did?

  7. Well it’s confirmed Russia helped him with the 2016 election, no one did anything. If this happens again, trump isn’t the one to blame it’ll be the country that has failed us again.

  8. The cockroaches compete with the bedbugs on Toxic Trump properties, where illusion and delusion trump substance, truth, reason, and reality!

    • Surprises no one. With the measured success of destroying america by using trump within 4 years is worth their while to attempt it again.

    • Trump owns high class properties around the globe . Your jealousy of his wins are showing. What have you accomplished, really ?
      Please let me know if you are worth at least $450 million and the most powerful man on the planet.

    • @real american …how is owning properties while intentionally lying to americans as president a great accomplishment? The latter is a crime called murder!. Knowing that there would be 100’s of thousands that will die within a few months while you’re worth millions doesn’t make him someone to be jealous of.

    • @real american How do you know how much money he has? He’s hiding his tax returns for dear life. Reminds me of O.J. Simpson driving down the L.A. freeway in a Bronco. Hiding something Donald? He’s been purposely dismissing a global pandemic. He’s attempting to abolish the ACA (Obamacare) through the Supreme Court in the middle of this pandemic because people call it… Obamacare. ‘Jealousy’ has nothing to do with it, he’s a lunatic. This is the most corrupt administration in American history.

    • The only people who showed up to BIDEN’s “rally” in Michigan, were Trump supporters!! THIS IS FREAKIN’ SAD!!!! BIDEN’S campaign is a TRAIN WRECK, he’s going to LOSE!! Meanwhile, the TRUMP TRAIN keeps flying along!!!

  9. Exactly, he’s not taking steps to protect against cyber threats that’s very shady

  10. *The thumbnail to this video is my favorite pic of Trump; a perfect picture of a petulant, selfish child who has just been told he can’t have another cookie.*

  11. Mauritius Dunfagel | September 11, 2020 at 9:24 AM | Reply

    Will this nightmare ever stop recurring?

  12. It’s sad to think that the details of Russian interference with US elections has to come from Reuters.

    • @John DiGiacomo which allegations are now true?
      Provide source and proof
      I’ll wait
      And insane Rachel is not and shall never be proof of anything
      And for Pete’s sake get a grip most of what you say is conspiracy with zero evidence
      Turn off Rachel dude it’s effecting your critical thinking

    • @vince kelly I’ve never trusted her. I don’t know if you are old enough to remember Chinagate? There is a book out called “Year of the Rat” about how the Clinton’s sold out to the Chinese in 96′. I guess we know what that giant sucking sound is now. Ross Periot was talking about that thirty years ago. A lot of people don’t know where her power comes from, but I do. She got hold of dirt on all of these weasels back in the 90’s. File-gate. That’s why they are all terrified of her.

    • @Jack Jones then again there are the 39 people surrounding her that have died some mysteriously , none solved , including 9 of her body guards
      And don’t you think it’s odd that hillaries serious contender for the NY SENATE seat a kennedy died in plane crash

    • @vince kelly I didn’t realize her connection to Kennedy’s death until recently. If he had not died, he would undoubtedly of had that seat. That’s spooky. Have you compared Vince Foster’s picture to Chelsea’s? I wonder if Bill got jealous?

    • Vince Kelly, PBS is the source.

  13. Donald Trump: _”I’m downplaying Russia’s influence on me because I don’t want to create panic.”_

    • @Jack Jones I’m talking about market globalism kiddo not sci-fi or biblical fantasies. Market globalism is what most people are referring to when using the term globalism, it’s not about a new world order or cashless society. Marketing globalization is a synergistic term combining the promotion and selling of goods and services in an increasingly interdependent and integrated global economy. It makes companies stateless, without walls. If you purchase products online you’re already participating in it 😂.

    • The only people who showed up to BIDEN’s “rally” in Michigan, were Trump supporters!! THIS IS FREAKIN’ SAD!!!! BIDEN’S campaign is a TRAIN WRECK, he’s going to LOSE!! Meanwhile, the TRUMP TRAIN keeps flying along!!!

    • @Donald Nuckles So are you a part of the 50 cent army or did Xi work you up to $1?

    • @Daymmm Were you going to tag me or just sit there hiding?

    • SPZ Aruba lmao, if I were to tag you, you’d wake up back in the late 1900s clueless

  14. Just the fact he never speaks out against Russia speaks volumes.
    Wake up. Trump supporters!!

    • @John DiGiacomo the stupid is strong with you
      Hitler- killed 10 million in death camps started a war 100 million dead
      Trump-0 exterminated no death camps
      Started no wars
      Trying to pull us out of afghanistan

    • @John DiGiacomo wow to your comments. I don’t feel it is mentioned enough how Trump has turned his back on our allies and that we need the trust of our allies to be safe.

    • @John DiGiacomo the cultist are foaming at the mouth, their petty flight from reality is coming in for a crash landing. VOTE

    • Vince Kelly, actually the stupid is strong in you, there are people in “detention centers” today, the “final solution” wasn’t enacted until the later thirties, and Trump now has the coronavirus to use, much like the typhoid blankets given to the Native Americans. Trump’s response to the virus for Americans is genocide, isn’t that telling you ANYTHING?

    • @John DiGiacomo The REPUBLICAN Senate Report.

  15. Russia is trying to keep their spy in the White House for four more years.

  16. Several countries are hacking your election and interfering with your democracy… And the United States government does nothing. Nothing at all.

    Proof that your country is broken.

  17. Satya Richburg Ju | September 11, 2020 at 11:03 AM | Reply

    Putin already got the keys to the White House.

  18. He needs a timeout…in LEAVENWORTH!

  19. With Trump as president, Russia is in charge of the US.

  20. *Russia’s Deadliest Weapons:* “Useful Idiots” in positions of power, puppeteered by coercion, corruption and kompromat.

    • Greatest Useful Idiots in no order:
      1) Donald J Trump
      2) Bill Barr
      3) Jared Kushner
      4) Roger Stone
      5) Paul Manafort
      6) Michael Flynn
      7) Fake-Vanka
      8) Mitch McConnell
      9) Rudy Giuliani
      10) Senator- Ms. Lindsey Graham
      11) Rep- Devin Nunes
      12) Senator Ron Johnson
      ….the list goes on and on and on…..

    • “The Best People” just has a different meaning in their “Alternative Universe”.

    • Qatar, threatned by Saudi Arabia, Trump’s friend and Xi Jinping of China has already bailed out Trump’s Family debt, 666 Fifth Avenue, Trump and the daughter he lusts for, has already been given many Trademarks © by China and Jared Kushner’s sister has been selling Trump NY apartments in China for $500k ea, which also gives these rich CCP members green cards. So he has no more use for China and now he can pretend to be tough going after China (which I agree with) but it’s only to cover up his cowardice against Putin, who has him by the short hairs.

      The Mistake China made with Trump was paying him off early, assuming they had an agreement & understanding. There are many apartments and factory spaces, purchased early on in Trump’s administration by The CCP, that remain vacant and unoccupied to this day. Like any who deal with Trump, if you provide a service up front, assuming you will be reimbursed, you will be screwed. Now he is done with China. Unlike the small American companies & craftsmen screwed over by Trump and are now out of business, China deserves what they get.

    • @Donovan No, Republicans deserve what they get for putting this corrupt president and his family in the whitehouse.
      America is just caught in the middle of their mess.

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