Russia is focusing on Eastern Ukraine. Retired general explains how to stop them

Former NATO Supreme Allied Supreme Commander Gen. Wesley Clark explains what Russia's objectives are in Eastern Ukraine and how Ukrainian forces can stop them. #CNN #News


  1. General Clark is the clarity on this.
    Hopefully others act while there’s still time.
    Get 🇺🇦 the tools they need to do the job.

  2. Get the Ukrainian‘s the military hardware they they need to win. We should not be rewarding criminal regime for their war crimes

    1. @Halcyon US was instrumental in Ukraine giving up its nukes with the fall of the soviet union… its bomber force as well… along with its cruise missiles…. NATO is bound by this agreement alone to give aid… f putin he knew this going in… you may want to read up on a little history

    2. @Solar Fox nonsense.. why would the russian military dress them in the same armband as themselves… full of crap story… sorry try harder next time..

    1. @AndSoIDerpAround So saying the guy said nothing new means I’m an expert in military tatctics? Supreme logic, mate.

    2. @MrDoogle What I am saying is that if you expect something new or better than what he is saying then say it rather than say oh this is nothing new and is the same in which case keep your mouth shut unless you want criticize believing that his plans might be flawed or to recommend.

    3. @Lane Johnson They are in a conventional war and they are using Light Infantry Tactics which is considered as a tactic used in a conventional war.

    4. @AndSoIDerpAround Well get as technical as you want. But my opinion remains the same, they should continue to fight the same way. Tanks and jets next to the Russian border is f’n ignorant and they will lose that fight

    1. @Donn Baca Do you know the difference between tanks in a column and tanks on line? Russian tanks on line are what’s coming in SE Ukraine when the fields dry.

    2. @Roberto DeBeers – I know a lot more about armor and military equipment in operations than you, I’m certain. But that is not important. Russian tanks aren’t going to be moving across those soft fields in line, column or any other formation until late June in all likelihood…and if you had ever been to that region of Ukraine, you’d know that. Let alone vehicles like SPGs or worse – wheeled vehicles which they need for logistical support…crippling them operationally even further – because the road network is very limited.

  3. I’m in full agreement with General Clarke: it makes no sense to hand over these weapons without a clear objective to drive the red army out of Ukraine.

    1. @贾苑碧 you have no moral right to support Russia. You think it’s a big geopolitical game, until someone starts dropping nuclear bombs. USA made many mistakes, but it’s not an excuse to stand with Russia today.

    2. Exactly. We know what these weapons are there to do and what Ukraine needs to do so what’s the point in sending some weapons in if we aren’t going to take this seriously and go ALL IN.

  4. He is right we need to give Ukraine what they need. Putin wants all the Soviet countries back they took after WW2 and Ukraine is the richest in assets food minerals if all. Putin will just continue trying to add additional countries every couple of years if we do not stop him.

    1. @Olivier Coen it was NATO that refused Zelensky so that there would be no World War 3, then, if you remember, the president was overthrown in Ukraine, the people of Donbass did not agree with this, the new president sent troops there at that time, and a real genocide began, after which the people of Donbass asked assistance from Russia, but Russia did not interfere for a long time, was a third party in the conclusion of a peace treaty, but nothing has changed in 8 years, the war in Donbass continued, there were threats from President Zelensky about creating nuclear weapons and joining NATO

    2. @Tiglish Nobodywell just because his army losses, doesn’t mean he’s going down, is not like russia will be invaded. hes only going down when it comes for him to be able to do any military operation internationally. so that doesn’t mean nuclear war russia mainland won’t be invaded.

  5. You are so right!! You can’t be nice. I say take all of Ukraine back, take the Crimea too. Good explanation🇺🇸❤️🇺🇦.

    1. And seize Russian oil fields for war reparations and to supply NATO countries. Russia should not only gain nothing from its war crimes but should be made to pay for them.

  6. Retired generals said Ukraine didn’t stand a chance past the first week. A bunch of IT nerds on ATVs helped to change that. I appreciate this man’s wealth of knowledge, but I think Ukraine has more tricks up it’s sleeve as long as week keep supplying them. Some of these defenders have spent the better part of a decade planning for this invasion. And it’s clear they’ve planned for it.

    1. yeah, but that was in the suburds and the forests in the West,, in the east its open land mostly,, completely different situation

    2. @Paul Jacobs I understand, it doesn’t change the amount of danger they’re in.. if this group that left that area is now heading north east away from Kyiv and into the Kharkiv region it’s extremely concerning

    3. @Paul Jacobs Indeed, but if they prepared for one, you think they just blew off preparing for the other? It was no secret that any invasion would include the donbas region and south east Ukraine…

    4. Gen Clark (retired) was one of those generals!!! Thats why retirement can be seen as a blessing sometimes!

  7. Give them tanks, planes, ammo … this is the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY where we have an opportunity to support a nation that WANTS TO FIGHT … Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan they weren’t engaged … When we finally have a nation desperate for support, we hold off … It’s like the Americans only want to support nations that doesn’t want take the fight.

    1. Planes and new tanks most of all damn it. Older planes make sense, but it takes waaay less time to get used to a new tank design and is A LOT LESS DANGERIOUS when you turn in the wrong direction by comparison the a brand new unknown jet fighter.
      We in Britain and in Germany have some of the best tanks in the world and even just a few of them (even the prototypes models) could make aaall the difference. We need to get this stuff to them NOW, as we’ve been screaming to our governments for WEEEEKS NOW TO DO since this whooole freaking things started.

    2. @Ahmed Ali Well Tanks, older fighter jets and new surface to air missiles would be a good start.

  8. Exactly right. The West needs to help militarily Ukraine which is defending Europe from totalitarian barbarism. Politically, we should declare the Russian army a criminal organization for its regular atrocities and genocide against civilians, just like it was declared before on Waffen-SS.

    1. @Απόλλων Μπαϊρακταρίδης Me too, but does that mean we should surrender our freedom to the tyrant in hope he will leave us alone? As far as I know, this never worked.

  9. From what I’ve seen the Ukrainians have been doing generally what he’s proposed, but also the general disorganization of the russian forces is helping immensely, not to mention with Kyiv being opened up, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian forces have been opened up to push back and help to push back on the eastern front.

    Also to take the eastern front by taking that city the guy mentioned at the end, would take more man power, moral, and resources than the russians honestly have to spare at this point, they waisted so much on the north by Kyiv that it’ll be impossible to effectively take that city he mentioned they’d need to encircle the eastern front, and again, with Kyiv being opened up and russian forces retreating to the eastern front, this could effectively shoot the russians in the foot, as now if they were to use their paratrooper brigades (all dead or captured now) they would’ve made significant progress in certain regions or slowed down Ukrainian forces, but, they dont have that now, they also dont have the airforce means either with the deaths of thousands of pilots, planes, and helicopters, tanks, transport vehicles and the like, they literally dont have the means to move or operate enough to take such territory much less keep it, hell, they are losing ground in the south, where a majority of russian forces and equipment is supposedly kept, the fact Ukrainians are pushing the flank back shows just how badly the situation is for russia right now, not to mention with how much the maps changed in a single day where before the russians looked as though they had taken mariopol and most of the eastern front, and just like that, the russians have been pushed back and halted, also, surprisingly, for those who dont know, Ukrain still technically owns alot of Mariopol as russian ships have been assulted, bombed, burned and destroyed trying to dock onto the shore or even getting close to it, which should say something about how badly the situation is for them there.

    1. Russia is flying flag over MARIUPOL city hall. Troops pulled back from Kiev can now focus on MARIUPOL and totally exterminating the Azov Battalion (Neo-Nazis). Look it up on Wikipedia.

  10. Gen. Wesley Clark has always been a general’s general. He’s the fighting kind of general, not the diplomat, and hasn’t been afraid of pushing.

    1. @Stefan Teofanovic – Didn’t need to.
      Clark had Miloseviç running for cover without a single boot on the ground.
      Pootin would do the same if Clark was cut loose on him.

    2. ​@Donn Baca Absolutely right about that. Rasputitsa is still going on. I’m wondering if he said this intentionally. Regardless, if they stick to the roads, they will be picked off, if they hit the muddy fields, they will be stuck in the mud and picked off. Just the same as just north of Kiev. It will be a bloodbath for the Russians.

  11. Totally agree with this guy, we need to give Ukraines the military equipment they need..we do not want Putin controling all of the black sea, also ukraine needs to watch out that Putin is not lying and that he’s don’t try and take the capital again.. Prays 🙏 and love with you ukraine 👍🇬🇧

    1. @Mike Mike nope.. States where instrumental in Ukraine giving up its nukes… and bomber force… along with cruise missiles..NATO is bound by this action alone to give aid..

  12. If ever an army deserved our help, it is this army. They have proved themselves worthy on every level.

    1. @AliShuktu

      Not really. In the beginning, the majority were duped and supported the invasion collectively.

  13. General Clark is a gift. He has the talent sharing complex military matters and make them very simple enough to understand for the regular joe’s like you and me

  14. I saw Gen Clark’s Great Courses lectures on American military history. He was an amazing teacher. So I really value his input.

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