1. @Rodney adam Shortnacy they are tough fighters and I guess…the Chinese even more. They don’t cry at death

    2. @Easy Money CIA mostly doesn’t let “proofs” behind. But here in Europe we hear about. Probably you will never hear of it in the US Media

    3. @Daniel Arcadia But so did America too. Werner Von Braun was a Nazi and became a US national hero.

    4. Don’t worry, America has a strong and competent leader to deal with these issues! LOOLOLOLLL!

    5. @Gilson Topfstedt except since we are the land of immigrants we have the best doctors, scientists, and military.

  1. Why can’t things just get better everything is constantly getting worse lately it’s really heartbreaking cuz I just want to see the good side of humanity but it’s getting really hard

    1. @El Gato Gordo …. the 3rd world war was the cold war! it wasn’t very cold where and how we fought it. the usa lost that one too!

    2. @Dissociated Women Incorporated …. industry and government deciding what policies will be followed and screw the people. that’s facism! sound familiar?

    3. @oakstgorillas LMFAO! 😂🤣 I gotta concede, that phrasing _(accurate to the first two shows)_ paints Starfleet in a really bad light in a modern context, and is hilarious _(and deeply depressing if I start thinking about modern policing)._

      On the other hand, there was a black lady being captain in Star Trek IV, the main character and captain in Deep Space Nine was a _(super amazing and cool)_ black dude, Voyager had a white lady as captain _(unfortunately she occasionally turned into a real Karen, on the other hand 95% of the time she was the absolute best, it depended heavily on the writer),_ Enterprise had admittedly a white guy BUT a white guy who was used to quantum leaping his way through all sorts of bodies, and recently, adamantly right wing fans who never got that Trek depicts a social justice warrioring, socialist, communist, space hippy utopia _(there’s weirdly a large amount of those)_ *RAAAAGED* to cancel modern Trek because Discovery features a half black, half Asian lady _(who side note, really makes my lesbotronic senses tingle… beam me up, hottie ❤️)_ as its main character, along with a gay engineer and doctor who were together and dared to have the occasional brief smooch.

      And there’s actual planetary police forces in Star Trek’s universe, while Starfleet may handle the occasional space police issue they’re also trained to handle things like humanitarian crises or being science nerds and studying some random cool space thing. In other words, they’re the sort of police that mostly result in rational, chill, hippy sorts who are friendlier than even British or Dutch police, let alone the scary American muddefookrs _(just rerouting past automated censorship, dinnae mind me)_ who go round murdering people, and disturbingly those murders are massively more frequent on people who possess more melatonin in their skin _(wtf?)._

      And that’s my point… Star Trek is about the hope that we all as one human species can be way better to each other. That we can love and respect all our human brothers and sisters, and also people of alien species. That we can come together and make sure nobody goes hungry, or homeless, or subjected to substandard education or other support. So I really gotta still stand by Starfleet, including those ships captained by white guys, as a force for genuine virtue instead of an analogy to _modern_ police.

      I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well during these scary times. And while it’s a nerdy quote, I truly hope you and your loved ones live long, and prosper 🤗

    4. @oakstgorillas I mean _obvs_ if the government and industry are corrupt and not in harmony with the people but looking at the economics of a moneyless society, where nobody _has_ to work and people just do what they want to do _(I think most people would agree that even if you were fed and had access to free cool technology, staying at home rather than going out and doing some work that fulfills you and hopefully benefits society would be_ soooooo _boring a life),_ I’m inclined to believe the United Federation of Planets _simply couldn’t function_ without closely adhering to the consent, and the will, of the people.

      _(P.S. it’s fascism, not facism, not saying that to shame you or anything lol, just thought you might wanna learn the correct spelling 💜)_

  2. We’ll be dead & gone but our kids gonna inherit a *”different”* planet in comparison with what we inherited. Our generation has been enormously stupid to say the least.

    1. @Mili M sure there is.
      Its not a white bearded human face up in the sky,
      But the sum total of everything in the universe.

    2. @VSPA TMX which does not care about, prayers, blessings, judgement, happiness or sorrow.

      So no point in worthless rituals we keep on pretending as if they have any influence to the inevitable.

    3. @Mili M there is a method to the madness.
      To manifest the good and the goodness.
      Some develop those skills.
      Some don’t.
      Its a lot like math.
      Some can get great at it.
      Some can’t. Some won’t.
      Its a diverse world.
      Its perfectly fine to agree to disagree.

  3. Russia can test their weapons in their own Country. The US is the one who pulled out of the treaties and now complains about it.

  4. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” A. Einstein

    1. @liberal logic 101

      ‘ @Don Nwzad  I remember when your failed orange idol praised Beijing’s actions to oppress the chinese uighar community.

      And how many millions of $ did frump get through his secret chinese bank account again? ‘

      There’s the entire comment, honey.
      As you can see, it is about your failed orange idol praising internment camps and getting paid millions of $ through his chinese bank account. While in office.

  5. This constant escalation is doing nothing but destroying the world for the young.

    No nation will matter when we are all gone.

    1. @F C BS… People aren’t having children because many of you are selfish and don’t want the responsibility

  6. And here I am sitting in New Zealand thinking what the F- is wrong with all these so called “superpowers”

    1. @Dylan Browne NZ is not issue free. Housing, as in the US, is a problem here but is being addressed.
      – Covid in the community?… zero. All schools and businesses open. Sports and concerts happening.
      – Corruption?… rated the least corrupt (alongside Denmark) according to Transparency.org
      – Gun control?… strict and even more so since the Christchurch terrorism in 2019. No “active shooter drills” in our schools.
      – National healthcare?… quite a good system for the size of country
      – Elections?… free and fair
      – …
      Our issues don’t even come close to those in “super power” countries.
      I’ll take our small insignificant dot in the South Pacific any day.

    2. @R Wags I’m from Florida (originally from Ireland) and everything is opened here too, and vaccine rollout if quite amazing. I’m very happy here, as are a lot of other people. The healthcare system should be changed to private/public system though in my opinion, but it’s working well for me as of late. I also earn a much larger salary tahn I would back home or in NZ and my living costs are cheaper. Just like Ireland, I would probably find NZ really boring as well, but each to their own

      Housing is a serious problem in NZ though, probably worse than Dublin tbh.

    1. Weapons allow you the freedom to post safely in most countries

      The world is not a Utopia nor will it probably ever be
      Stop being Naive

  7. They are also reacting to the fact that the US has placed B2 bombers and soldiers in Norway for the first time in NATO’s history. Thanks for putting a target on our heads, U.S.

    1. Thank the Biden administration, most Americans aren’t for war but the government is a different story

  8. One of these days our curiosity with bombs is going to blow us back into the stone age, hope I’m dead before that. Modern life is way better.

    1. Chill out, people asked for more security and rescue capability in the Artic. It’s good for the world if people don’t go crazy.

    2. Clearly modern life is way worse, since it’s produced stuff like this. People in the Stone Age were minding their business instead of destroying the entire world.

  9. Perfect! Just what we needed. The world wasn’t falling apart fast enough. 👍

    Humans don’t deserve to exist. ¬_¬

    1. No humans sure got this world fucked up. All for money and power which is useless in the end.

    1. @Halfbeard Jones Damn, Kevlar bras are genius for combat female soldiers. Dope. You spelled “neckbeard” wrong btw.

    2. @Halfbeard Jones They have desk jobs while pregnant. The special uniform is just to keep them dressed up instead of resorting to wearing civilian clothing. You have been paying attention to the propaganda machines a bit much.

    1. @Gabe Newell really? So…of your wages are 15,000 u$ monthly and mine are just 1,000… Does it mean nothing?

    2. So true and lately I witnessed that when the Republican Senators all backed off when time came to vote and save their own people.

    1. literally watching drones striking on innocent people in foreign countrys and shouting out about people commenting on the internet?
      this world is so f…d up!

    2. @T S well they kill people who are not aware that anybody suspects them to commit any crime…
      what is your definition of innocent?
      my definition is everybody, but those who are convicted of something…

      and despite that they are killing people, who they believe could be a threat to the USA (wich means not convicted of anything), the drones kill often zivilian bystanders… – i hope you believe that little babys are innocent?

  10. America: this Russian weapon will be a disaster for the environment
    America: our weapons will plant trees for squirrels

    1. @Tulock the Werewolf we all know the clown 🤡 who really is and how far did he go with the rocket 🚀 boy kim? If I can recall the orange guy praised kim so much while the same person was responsible for the death of one otto wombbier an American don’t forget that so who is fooling who?

    2. @rasta man Rasta man. Use your brain and do not be indoctrinated by US propaganda machine. JUst look what happened to president of Tanzania.

    3. ​@G Gg I’m a canadian civil engineer working on a master’s in international development. Anyone with critical thinking grows a “bias” against the US. I happen to be fluent in 4 languages languages, unlike some typical monolingual who sees someone’s name in cyrilic alphabet and assumes they must be russian. Overall, there are far more historians who agree that the nukes were not necessary; I posted a link to this regard earlier, but my comment was deleted. Idk if it’s because of the link or because I was roasting you, so this time I’ll just stick to flaming. I trust even you can use google and figure out the rest. There are many sides to a story, read more, don’t annoy me with the platitudes we serve our elementary school children.

  11. As the ice melts something that has been hidden for ages becomes awakened….I feel as though I saw this movie already.

  12. They’re building these yet their best tool against the US has actually just been Facebook all along smh 🤣

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