Russia says it fired warning shots at U.K. destroyer, British deny the incident happened at all 1

Russia says it fired warning shots at U.K. destroyer, British deny the incident happened at all


International relations expert Sara Mitchell breaks down a tense encounter after Russia fired warning shots at a U.K. destroyer.

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    1. How so? Russia makes a claim, Britain denies it. Obviously a press release was issued by both countries. I’m curious as to what you find not credible. Other than the fact u used a made up word like uncredible

    1. Say what you want about him. Countries didn’t know what he would do and acted far less bold.

  1. For some reason, the brits are really trying to divide the world just when it needs to unite, classic British.

    1. If they didn’t go into Russian waters they have no right to fire. Not sure if Britain was in the wrong. I don’t see your point.

  2. Why wouldnt Putin do what he wanted? The western leaders have been exposed as weak and impotent. It has only just started

    1. You see a lot of this now. Tons of military flexing all over. The world does sence the wests perceived weakness

    2. The west is fat ,soft and arrogant with a dumbed down population and facing an economic catastrophe. And the world knows it

  3. What do they expect? If the Role was reversed, it would be the same. This is just more “Russia is bad” nonsense.

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