1. Nice one, you genuinely are trying to show how dire things of the countries and it’s citizens. Economically and other aspects. At this time the future doesn’t look good. First thing. About solving a problem is to acknowledge it. It’s doesn’t look like the media wants to do , I hope your channel expand and bring awareness and opportunity to people. ❤️

    1. @Jorge fierro ukraine does not belong to russia, and it hasn’t since the soviet union collapsed (the soviet union being one of the most brutal and murderous regimes to ever exist). i don’t know where you’re getting this knowledge from but you’re incredibly wrong.

    2. @Chunky Tentacles Russia is unstoppable even UN NATO AND USA FEAR RUSSIA 🇷🇺

    1. @rebelrebel What is the “right thing” when invading a sovereign country onthe whim of a dictator? List facts, timelines and economic functions. Details required.

    2. The Battle of Chernobyl took the sacrifice of countless lives to bring under containment, and thus transformed the shame of the Soviet Union into a prideful monument of Soviet strength and solidarity. To occupy such a place can show that the Russians believe themselves to be the masters of all, and they fear no man, because even radiation doesn’t scare them away. Admittedly, much of the lingering radiation has dissipated in the nearly 36 years since the tragedy took place, and while pockets of intense radiation remains, the vast majority of the Chernobyl exclusion zone can be considered “safe” for life. While the surrounding area has been rendered mostly safe by the efforts of Ukraine as well as time, the horrific contents of the New Safe Confinement structure is most certainly a major hazard to all life. As other comments have pointed out, the fear of Chernobyl and the inherent danger of what lies within makes it a perfect place to be occupied. Attacking the enemy who has infested the remains of a nuclear disaster is folly; to breach the structure by the use of a bomb may certainly kill the infestation of Russian troops, but it will also release the radioactive debris inside. That is of no consequence to Putin. He views Russian soldiers as expendable. No, those who will suffer from the demons trapped within will be Ukraine and Belarus, as even when this atrocity has ended, millions in Ukraine and Belarus will be forced to deal with Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout for a second time.

      Putin must be stopped. This war must end. Russia must withdraw all troops from this sovereign nation, and must pay for its war crimes.

    3. @Demitri Ivanivitch Not as crazy as Biden though people talk bad about Putin when all of world leaders are crap and treat us badly

  2. Well we know what the atomic bomb did in Japan 75 years ago ! I don’t want to know what a nuclear bomb will do personally !!

    1. you mean the 2nd and 3rd atomic bombs. now add 75 years of progress to that and the answer is “sticks and stones”… the question: what will be the weapons of ww4?

    1. @Nathan J what no it’s a nuclear power plant they also use it to develop energy in a more environmentally safe way unfortunately it didn’t work out and the outcome Chernobyl disaster that happened in April ‘86

  3. Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38

  4. Zelenskyy ACTUALLY said 23 minutes ago that Russian soldiers are holding the power plant workers hostage in the building

  5. The world should be very happy that U.S. has such solid leaders in President Biden and Vice President Harris to lead the world today!😀👍

  6. russia should never have been allowed to leave chernobyl.
    now that they are back……..how reassuring.

  7. if european nations proactively defend ukraines territorial integrity and counter these examples of alleged invasion, then other nations will recognize that they are committed and willing to risk more than words and accusations and propaganda. if there was a threat condition that alarmed europe more than what we obviously have now, we would expect european allies to commit armed forces as part of the deterrent and the response.

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