1. 5:29 Poo-tin himself could have been one of the them.He is such a teeny tiny dwarf that he is barely visible.As a coward he just avoided the crash and flew back home to his palace

    2. Russia is moving nukes to Ukraine. I mean to those 4 regions they just absorbed. An attack on Russian nuclear forces will trigger nuclear response. Pretty smart move from Putin.

  1. ukraine is taking everything everywhere super fast im really impressed with our ukrainian brothers
    hope we help them with vital equipment they need to continue the push

    1. @Innocent Okudibie yes i know exactly what a nuke does doesnt matter what size the nuke a nuke is a nuke . nato is 30 countries and will respond

    2. @Kebab No. Even if they were, too many of their trained troops and top military minds are dead on the battlefield. Of the top military brass remaining, Putin has replaced about half with less experienced subordinates, or with cronies who have no military training or experience. Neither does he.

      Besides, would he alienate and demoralize ALL the conscripts he’s called in with a complete lack of food, shelter, medical supplies, personal equipment (and on and on), if he had them?
      As for modern/effective/functioning weapons, tanks, planes and such, assume just for a moment that he has them, in good condition. When he pulls them out to use, who will operate them? He already used up his experienced soldiers, instructors to to teach more, command structure and tactical/operational/strategic planners. From the beginning, the logistics system was dysfunctional, if there ever was one.
      He can’t even create nuclear annihilation – only he and Kim Jong Un are crazy enough to fire a nuke. Even that assumes the nukes and operators are in better order than anything else he’s deployed so far. I doubt it. So, no, I don’t consider it.

    3. @Noma Well said. Check out journalists Volodymyr Zolkin and Dima, according to POWs, specialized nuclear defence troops are being used as infantry and cannon fodder! One POW was supposed to be stationed in northern Russia to guard nuclear weapons silos, so a highly specialized anti-terrorism unit, they’ve cannibalized to have infantry troops. So I guess nobody is guarding the silos with nuclear missiles right now 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ So yeah, you’re not wrong at all to suspect maintenance on their nuclear arsenal, if it’s anything like their conventional troops? Yikes 🥴 But even then, if even a handful DO work, it’s not exactly something we want to gamble on y’know 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

  3. Wouldn’t a kamikaze drone just be a guided missile? Granted a very cheap one, and incredibly slow. But I would put them in the same archetype. Like how a 22 and a 50 cal are both guns

    1. Humans, against humans. Fighting for “peace” . This is a sacrafice, by the brave leaders, that must be made, for peace.

    2. Negative. A guided missile targets. This is just like the old German V1 Rockets that fall into a city and create terror at random. They do not care what they hit.

    3. @Jim Hollywood You are wrong as well, Germany had no guided missiles in WW2. That was an unguided rocket, HIMARS is a guided missile, it targets a GPS location.

  4. Apparently the Iranian kamikaze drones, don’t even have cameras. They have to set the coordinates, before launch and hope for the best.

    1. @ButterLord and it worked, while Russia has embarrassed it self on a world wide level. I am originally from Eastern Europe. Speak fluent Russian and Ukrainian . Unless you are Russian yourself, there is 0 reason to defend Putin. Kinda dumb of you in fact. Because he thinks your life, as a non Russian , is irrelevant. I suggest you watch some Russia24 or chanel 1 , so you can directly understand what the Kremlin is saying.

    2. @A Communist Nothing, but people seem to think Ukraine would be able to hold if it weren’t for the billions in aid they’ve been receiving from the west

    1. No joke: due to back-scrolling through videos I’d been watching, I thought your comment was about the new Mario movie trailer.

  5. Blatant lying works on a certain percentage of a population no matter the protests of others. And unfortunately sometimes that percentage is enough to keep up the lie. Putin does this, as Trump does it. Always doubling down on the lies with new blatant lies evidently just works just well enough to keep going.

  6. Almost ironic they’re getting help from Iran considering both countries people are actively pissed off and marching against their governments.

    1. Them drones that Russia is getting from Iran are not very good nothing compared to our drones our drones are the best in the world

  7. “You can fool some of the people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” – Bob Marley

  8. Problem with kamikaze drones is they are usable once. Not exactly the weapons you win battles with and you cant mass manufacture them quickly. It’s a desperation move.

  9. It speaks volumes for a country when the best and brightest hopes for the future are making giant steps to the nearest border to get out.

  10. You know your enemy has nothing when they strike an area that has no significant gain in the battlefield .

  11. The civilized world is with you, Ukraine. Stand tall. Best of luck from Latvia. Thanks to CNN and the journalists who are showing unwavering interest and commitment. Well done.

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