Russian airstrikes, attacks on Ukraine intensify; Babi Yar Holocaust memorial damaged | USA TODAY


    1. @Lunar Bubu you mean the engineered virus that was released from a lab. How convenient this unfolded to take scrutiny away from those responsible

    2. @Daddy Amogie how is it trumps fault, he literally has nothing to do politically between Russia and ukraine

    3. @CIA: David Marlowe’s PsyOp is Your Mental Issue most here won’t believe you but your spot on

  1. I know very little of history of Ukraine.I have been trying to learn.Its very difficult for an outsider to understand all the regions and who each area aligns with.I have much to learn.I hope peace can come..

    1. @Jesus Islord maybe that’s why we are seeing this. Where was the outcry after a violent coup unseated a duly elected president in 2014. Just so a western friendly president could replace him. I’m getting a bit tired of the west pushing our will on foreign govts. We should not be involved.

    2. @Apache Worrier It’s an interesting dilemma and I’m glad you brought it up. Actually I am unaware of the attempts to silence critics and put them in jail, so I know a little about that side. On The other hand you’re looking at death and destruction.


    4. @Kevin McC
      The Ukraine certainly is not a free and democratic nation as promoted by the media. The human rights violations and border disputes are why they haven’t been permitted to join NATO.

    1. @Shyla Hart So if Russia defeats Ukraine, then this was God intention and I should be praying for Russia to destroy Ukraine as quick as possible.

    2. @Black Mamba no to the contrary you should be praying for peace. If this invasion is to punish the people like you said then it will happen and if it’s just pure evil then Putin will have to pay for what he has done by God

  2. The US ambassador urged Russian soldiers to stop fighting: ‘Your leaders are lying to you. Do everything you can to put down your weapons and leave Ukraine’


  3. For every bomb dropped and every person killed and building destroyed, after Russia is booted from Ukraine, they should go after Russian seized assets for retribution.

    1. @Daddy Amogie Dumbass. Russia invaded twice during Obama’s reign; not once during Trump’s. Weak Democrat presidents are what Putin longs for.

    2. USA GOVERNMENT will send billions of dollars to bolster Russian economy and government. It currently does that to Afghanistan, Israel and hosts of other countries.

    3. @Daddy Amogie How so? Biden is now in power and he will not stop buying oil from Russia, even when Exxon/Mobil cancelled all projects and buying from Russia. Brandon cancelled our 100% oil independence on his very day in office. You are really gonna sit there and make some crap up that Trumps fault???? Biden is still buying Putins oil. Putin money in his pocket to keep Putins war machine going and killing people when Biden could stop it now by oil sanctions, so Biden sir, has blood on his hands, NOT Trump. It made no sense for Biden to cancel the XL pipeline and oil drilling permits, THEN go buy the same amount of oil from Putin? Who is Putin’s buddy??? Biden 100%…….

    4. @Joseph Klimchock on average, if we look at the US’s oil production by month and average it all out, we have produced more during Biden’s presidency than during Trump’s.

      I don’t understand why so many people state this like it’s some sort of absolute fact. Don’t listen to senators like Virginia’s who spout words that don’t make much sense when you fact check it. Are we buying oil from other countries? (Biggest supplier for us is Canada, not Russia) Yes. Was there a dip in production in the US in 2020? Yes. But hmm.. can we think of anything that halted production in 2020… Nope must be Biden’s fault. 🤯 it literally blows my mind that no one bothers to check these things.

      We’re back on an upswing of oil production. But that’s not a good thing. You think it’s creating jobs? Creating well paying jobs? Companies like Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell have been in fact CUTTING American jobs. Between 2005 and 2010, they made 546 billion in profits. But in those same 5 years, they cut almost 12,000 jobs. In 2010 alone they got rid of 4,400 jobs, but executives still paid themselves 200 million in salaries.

      Some studies from NYU Law School’s Environmental Law Center suggested that operation of the Keystone, burning Canada’s tar sands (often credited as the dirtiest oil in the world) would have increased the global temperature by 2 degrees, which would decrease GDP by 2.5%. The warmer weather isn’t just a “ah dang it’s hot this summer” problem, either. It’s what’s causing hurricanes — some of the biggest drains on the US economy as far as natural disasters go — to be stronger and happen more often ever before.

      Not to mention that the Keystone would have displaced Native American tribespeople who have lived there for far longer than us Americans have. Remember — we are immigrants. We need to treat immigrants and native peoples with the respect we would want.

      And finally – The Keystone would have almost exclusively benefitted Canada in the long run. There would have been a short term increase in (low paying, almost half of oil pipeline construction jobs are minimum wage) jobs in Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska, but those would have disappeared after completion. It was just another way for the United States to spend more money transporting oil that isn’t ours that we would have bought anyway through the already-existing US-Canada pipelines that are absolutely capable of handling the current volume, plus more.

      Continuing to rely on oil as our major energy source will literally lead to the slow, painful demise of this country. Not only will we eventually run out of it, we might end up killing ourselves through massive climate shifts before that if we keep burning it more and more each year. Its not good for the environment. It’s not creating significant jobs. It’s not helping our country’s economy. But you know what is? Green energy. Synapse Energy Economics created a study where they looked at a possible transition plan for getting MORE into renewables and LESS into non renewables, phasing out high emissions plants and building new low emission energy facilities. They estimated the number of “job years” it would create, where one job year is 1 new worker being employed by XYZ company for 1 year that would be created by this transition plan over 10 years. 444,000 job years for construction workers (44,400 workers being employed for 10 years), 90,000 job years for maintenance and operations (9,000 workers employed for 10 years), and 3.1 million more jobs created indirectly from people designing, manufacturing, and delivering materials and processes needed for transition.

      And that’s just a 10 year scenario. If you’re worried about jobs, the economy, and the environment (you should be), an excellent way to help those things get better is to invest in clean energy transitions. Talk to your senators and representatives about them. Advocate clean energy online. Share stories that show the real benefits, show people the real sources doing real studies on the negative impact we’re having on our planet both financially and environmentally, and how if we turn things around, we’d all be better off for it. As crummy as it can be sometimes, I like this planet and living on it. I’d like my kids to have an environmentally safe and financially stable future with animals you and I grew up knowing about still being alive. I’m sure you would too.

    1. @The Nasty Isn’t free speech in America? If you don’t want to see it, don’t read my comments.

    2. @The Nasty Everyone has their own opinions . It’s only been a few days since the war, and you said I was a fake account? Do you go through your brain when you lie? Think carefully before you speak, or go read a history book, don’t waste time with me.

    3. @JY ELENA I’m not sure why my comment was deleted but that’s a nice bunch of deflection you just wrote…

      I never said you couldn’t have an opinion, but fresh new accounts spitting half truths and misdirecting attention has been a noticeable trend, and you fit the bill perfectly…

      Oh, can fake accounts only be made during war, or can they be made whenever a person wants to make one?

      I’d didn’t say you were a bot account from Russia… def a sock troll… but not a bot.

      ItS jUsT mY oPinIoN, why does my opinion bother you so much?

      Why are you wasting time with me?

    1. CIA, NSA, and DOE use radiowave neural manipulation like the frey effect on Americans which causes Havana Syndrome, mental illnesses, cancers, and heart attacks if you love your family you’ll find out what it is.

    2. @C Snide Trump sent more weapons to the Ukrainian puppet regime than his predecessor did. Wrap your head around that.
      War is wrong, and partisanship is a trap for the human mind. Democrat/Republican… two wings of the same rotten bird.

    3. @Drum Lessons he (trump) has come out and PUBLICALLY SUPPORTED PUTIN… ! Get your head around that — TRAITOR !

  4. Come on Putin, show some humanity and love. What would your pediatric doctor daughter think of your evilness? Get a life. Stop this NOW!

    1. @Drum Lessons. Is there any country that is honest and empathetic anymore. Japan maybe? Everywhere is deceit

    2. To everyone who “Stands with Ukraine”…

      This is the President who shut down opposition tv networks and threw his opposition party leaders in prison. This is the woke capital of the region. This is the stronghold of Hunter Biden and the Biden family (when they aren’t performing felatio on China). This is a fight between two shitty sides with NO MORAL HIGH GROUND. If you stand with either side you aren’t paying attention.

    3. @Dude Mandango You’re right but let’s not make it a partisan issue. Trump sent more in weapons to the puppet regime than Obama did. What matters is that in 2014, the USA toppled the Ukrainian government in a color revolution, supporting the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion (their words, not mine).

    4. @TheYogimind No, there is not, as far as I can see. But, the people within each country are mostly good, and that gives me great hope for us all. Even the people who are misled, are misled through appeals to their kind and empathetic emotions.

      Love will triumph. I know for certain.

  5. My prayers are with Ukraine. It’s really not right. The hard working civilians always pay the price

    1. @Red Blooded American exactly. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing and something someone would have to experience themselves, however a rando telling others that they should basically save their breath to live off of is a bit much. What’s it to them if we believe or not? 🤔

    2. @onlythewise1 ummm, I certainly don’t but please, continue to tell me what I do/don’t have to give…

    3. @The Lioness of the Tribe of Judah really you need that , Salom, me i related to jesus tiny bit , orthodox Ukraine and Israel . i have jew writing only known to real jews of past two thousand years . want to see if you know it . see if you know one word i give you . or not

    1. @Friendly Anon That’s not Nazi behavior. Russia entering a sovereign nation and killing innocent people is Nazi behavior.

    2. @James Parry Using innocent as human shield and fake crying about it is nazi propaganda

      Russia entered because Ukraine allowed NATO to set up military and missile bases point right at it, an act of aggression to say at least

    3. @James Parry Btw Russian minorities were being discriminated by the illegitimate Ukraine government that NATO set up, after it overthrew the democratically elected administration of course.

    4. @Friendly Anon NATO has no military in Ukraine and ironically enough the Ukrainian Breakaway states have been discriminating against Ukrainians

    5. @UCb44bpxOZvfUOle2Yo5-A8A the Rothschilds are a rich Jewish family. It sounds like you’re just antiemetic.

  6. I am Romanian, and I want to clarify some things about Babi Yar. Nazis did not massacre Romanians there, the statement (0:20) probably wanted to say Romanis, which is a totally different thing. On the other hand, Romanians were alongside the Germans which committed these atrocities, since due to a coup early in the war, Romania was allied with Germany.

  7. It’s amazing that in a day and age of everyone having a cell phone and we hardly have any video besides 2 second clips. Let’s see the full receipts of videos and the codex.if not we have to assume everything is fake or clipped up and propaganda. People are smarter than this

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