Russian Authorities Look To Designate Navalny's Organization As 'Extremist' | MSNBC 1

Russian Authorities Look To Designate Navalny’s Organization As ‘Extremist’ | MSNBC


Free Russia Foundation VP Vladimir Kara-Murza comments on the imprisonment of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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    1. so instead of actually discussing Navalny you aim at the morals of the US caring about Navalny like we are so corrupt that it’s wrong to support someone who doesn’t want Putin. Sharply revealing of YOUR politics, Comrade.

    2. @BlondeGirlSez This haha. I’m not a Russian bot. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of us to call out another country for the same things we’ve done here to black people. I wish you’d care a little more about your fellow Americans as opposed to trying to change things in another country where you have no authority to do so.

    3. @Poor Majesty doesn’t mean we need to tolerate Putin’s TR45H. Or Putin’s bs. January 6th was the weaponization of racism by Putin’s TR45H.

    1. Biden and the rest of the fascist world cannot cope with Russia, we are kind but not weak.
      We look at everything for the time being, and then we destroy everything that is unnecessary and boring.
      So, be polite and attentive when you think that you can play with Russian rules according to the rules.

    2. @karmaikl m Putin is a dishonorable poisoner past his prime who has Parkinson’s. F Putin LONG LIVE NAVALNY. And we also have better drones than you, volodia.

  1. Putin got too used to Trump licking his boots. Now that Biden and many Russian people are standing up to him he’s running scared.

    1. @karmaikl m why don’t you tell him “what’s going on”?
      Since you know?
      Or you’re talking

  2. Fox news endorses Putin’s actions here. Mostly out of jealousy that they couldn’t do the same here in the US.
    “Party of law and order and democracy,” the GQP said.

  3. And nobody will believe this…
    Putin and Trump, brothers in corruption and state level crimes, and let’s add Chinese dictator on that brotherhood of lunatics too..

    1. For Russians, a lot does not mean scary, especially since we are ready at any time to destroy anyone without warning, and I’m not talking about the military

    2. @karmaikl m ohhh tough guy interwebs threats
      Everyone is doesn’t care
      See us all not caring
      Thought you should know

  4. Mr navalny needs to understand that he cannot live in Russia with the intent of embarrassing mr putin, ok. Navalny is causing a PROBLEM too, ok.

    1. Putin’s TR45H embarrassed the world. We can trade TR45H for Navalny. You can deal with the TR45H.

  5. Any movement that talks about force. Well ban them or Moscow will burn. Looting and billions of dollars of damage. If this guy was poisoned hed be dead and yet twice survive. I cant believe my own media.

  6. In our country we just accuse them of a horrible crime to silence them. We just have an old girlfriend or acquaintance accuse the of abuse or sexual assault. And then our media shows us the worlds corruption but wont touch our own long history of war crimes and corruption.

  7. Navalniy is bad stupid man! not for Russia
    Please USA take your Navalniy and sleep calmly

  8. the more Putin acts out the more he’s saying to the world that he freaks out because of his opponent LOL..

  9. Well this isn’t going to badly backfire on Putin….the bells of revolution will be sounding

  10. We aren’t fighting the enemies of gods chosen anymore.
    No Russian ever called me white trash.

  11. Putin is THE BEST president in the world!
    People loves him and blessed to have him as a president

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