1. @S.F.O.L I think there’s a valid chance that there’s a correlation can’t you? You haven’t thought about it for long

    1. … disagreement with Putin’s Russian Authoritarian government… Someone Trump admired as a genius and strong leader.


    1. @Alexor what are you really trying to say? Britain has been Putin’s battleground for too long before alarm bells began to ring. Britain really does have a lot to settle with Putin personally.

  1. Putin’s special arsenals: “Special military operations; special tea operations; special window operations; special boat operations.”

    1. @Jeff Suter the Novichok would be the special doorknob operation. Followed by the inadvertent bottle in the park operation.

  2. The Russian people have never been free. They should ask Ukraine to come and liberate their country too.
    Glory to Ukraine!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. Everybody has their time in court with the Lord. Father is your judge, Jesus the son is your jury. God’s sentencing will be your final destination forever and ever.

    1. @Sky Cloud Hey correlation does NOT equal causation! 🙁 However, Putin DOES equal Poisonin’, Shootin’, and Fallin’ 😅

  3. Something that nobody talks about is the death of Burbulin, a former Russian politician. He spoke against Russia 2 months ago at a conference in Baku, Azerbajan, and was found dead in his hotel room.

    1. @sue ouzounis well the truth is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people like that who died. I know a person who visited that conference that took place in Baku in July, and they told me that Burbulis spoke up against the Russian government during his presentation. And the next day he was found dead in his hotel. And yet you can’t find a thing about it in the media. So this just shows that only god will know how many people were in the same boat.

  4. A Message To Corporate America. Certainly, there is something to be said about Corruption, Treason, Greed, Fraud.

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