Russian fighter jet collides with unmanned U.S. drone

Retired Maj.-Gen. Dennis Thompson discusses the implications of a Russian fighter jet colliding with a U.S. unmanned drone.

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  1. If Russia doesn’t want war then they should stop flying their country so close to America’s drones.

    1. @CanadianB·O·W Exactly.I would see a problem if this same accident would happen in Gulf of Mexico

  2. To do such a risky maneuver instead of just shooting it down, they were probably aiming to capture it intact.

    1. @441rider i have trouble understanding you due to the grammar style you use, and so i don’t understand what you’re trying to say or claim in either of your two posts.

  3. For everyone to understand. This drone is able to listen to Russian military channels and see where troops are. Russia has the right to take it down to protect their troops.

  4. Russians said that their jet didn’t collide with this drone or use weapons against this drone. Their jet returned safely to its airbase. Pentagon also had to admit that they crashed this drone into water themselves after some “unsafe maneuvers” of the Russian jet .

    1. @Misses your jokes It is , but the jet didn’t crash . Soo ya , don’t know where you were going with that line of thought but count me out joining you on your trip to fantasy land

    2. @5th Element Cannabis Production jets aren’t really designed to be used as battering rams Ifor one wouldn’t step foot in that aircraft after this, no matter how many vodka toting Russian mechanics told me it was cleared for duty. you have any idea what a bird strike can do to a small single propeller plane?

      Jets have missles, why fly into things unless we are already in fairy tail land?

    3. @5th Element Cannabis Production just because it didnt crash doesnt mean it didnt take damage. planes arent made to hit anything. They have weapons for that… im sure it’ll be out of commission for a bit to get repaired.

  5. I wonder if the dashcam footage from the aircraft is going to look like all the “Russian driving fails” videos online.

    1. The pilot would be blasting 90’s eurodance then shout “cyka blyat” after hitting the drone.

  6. At least Russians don’t hide in the dark to destroy pipelines like coward Americans. They did it and if you are not happy, do whatever you want. 🙃✌️👌💪 💪 💪

  7. This is the part where the bully has his friends push him into the person he wants to fight…

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