Russian Hackers Targeted Data From COVID-19 Vaccine Trials | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Thia wolf Putin is the same as the thugs we saved Western Europe from. Leave it to them to take a tool for good and weaponise it. The links are there in case you want them-Or anyone else. Thanks.

    2. @Kay Clark oh sweetie, i know this. It has been going on since nearly the dawn of mankind.
      But doesnt that infact make it all the more wrong and sickening…because as a species far too many have yet to evolve past it..
      However ther is alway hope and way more good in the world than bad.
      Love and light to you and yours

    3. @Thia wolf Too true, all. You’re correct. Imagine if we all worked together and didn’t fear each other. Stay safe and spread the word-justice is coming.

  1. It’s worthless and toothless accusation because Donald J Trump will believe Vladimir Putin’s words instead of the US Intelligence Agency.

    1. It will be another case against trump of dereliction of duty to combat against known enemies of our country.

  2. Russia trying to steal data makes sense. The claims against China just sounds like Barr being Barr and trying to shift attention away from the WH.

    1. The Chinese were the first ones to start on working towards a vaccine why would they want anything from the US under Trump

    2. Barr’s intent is to keep the attention on China as an undercurrent so the administration can explode with accusations that China worked to rig the 2020 election against tRump when he loses.

    3. Russia has a history of stealing. During the cold war 40% of their defense development budget went to corporate espionage…

    1. We can’t even agree on masks. Not going to happen in this century come back in 100 years or so maybe then.

    1. That’s probably why he wants all hospital to send data to the White House and not to CDC wouldn’t doubt it!

  3. Notice how the Russians attacked Democrats and not republicans.
    Also notice how t’rump won’t say a thing about it or tell Russia to stop.

    1. Russia hates Democrats because they hate the “Democrats” trying to protect Democracy in Putin’s Neo-USSR

      Edit: add protect

    2. Actually, the Russians did hack the RNC also, but didn’t give anything to WikiLeaks from it.

      Think how scary that is. Putin helped Trump win, and also has hacked data from the RNC which might be used to blackmail Republicans .

    3. The Russians hacked the GOP first. Maybe that’s how they control Republicans now. The information of wrongdoing by the GOP may have been blackmail fodder.

    4. Kay Bergstrom my thought exactly!

      They found “embarrassing “ information on the DNC and released it
      What they found on the RNC they kept for blackmail

  4. Well we know that the Republicans will cheat, because the Republicans always cheat no matter what Putin or Xi do.

  5. I find it funny every time Putin does something this administration blames China.. We aren’t stupid..

    1. The White House team’s releases are aimed exclusively at their demented base of gun-waving, screaming Trunts.

    1. Michael Pondo ya and the Easter bunny leaves colored eggs, the stork delivers babies and the tooth fairy will leave money for your tooth.

    1. …..and give me the green light to build a big beautiful Trump Tower in Moscow. and pleeeease don’t realease the pee pee and poo poo tapes (the general public never heard of the poo poo tapes, and let’s keep it that way).

    2. Life Port
      Dont be a Total Muppet ! what USA health care system ?,,,, even the Lybia has a more corherent medical service than the USA

  6. Trump never talks about this because he promised “Daddy Vladdy” that he would give him the vaccine first!

    1. Good one. Putin is untouchable (inimitable) in Trumpworld. Barr also didn’t mention China’s biggest crime: Putting millions of innocents in torture camps in Xinjiang – which Trump gave the thumbs up. Trump thinks that’s cool to compel innocents to lay on 10 sq.ft. of cold concrete for 16 hrs/night.

    2. @JD no doubt about that. Trump is definitely doing that, and the NRA is a bit suspect of that too, but donald trump is definitely doing that.



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