Russian Hacking Group Targets Software Company Kaseya | MSNBC 1

Russian Hacking Group Targets Software Company Kaseya | MSNBC


A group of Russia-connected hackers, REvil, hacked software company Kaseya and demanded $70 million in bitcoin after locking accounts of their clients. NBC's Ken Dilanian has details.

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Russian Hacking Group Targets Software Company Kaseya | MSNBC


  1. Time to Send Some Predator Drones
    Over the Houses of Hackers. 🤷‍♀️

    Come on Biden.
    Stop being the Nice Guy. 🤷‍♀️

  2. Cyberattack against US IT provider forces Swedish chain to close & Shuts Down Over 800 Swedish Grocery Chain Stores

    1. @Meredith Rollins Biden at least acknowledges the truth about Putin. 45 denies Putin was involved in any kind of hacking or schemes against America. Thankfully, We The People voted the Russian asset out of office last November.

    2. @ friend biden needs to stop his tough talk and act you don’t allow a bully to keep pushing you in the international playground punch them in the face.💪💪💪💪

    1. Take out there satellites, shut Russia Down…..Everyone needs to thank Moscow Mitch for not passing Laws, and Cyber protection …He didn’t want to block Russia from Interfering in our elections…..ALL CYBER PROTECTION BILLS LEFT LAYING ON MOSCOW MITCH DESK…..NOT EVEN BROUGHT TO THE FLOOR….MOSCOW MITCH IS A RUSSIAN HACKER, BY PROTECTING THEM….

  3. Russia again. Just unplug Russia from the internet. Let them have their own dedicated network with their new Chinese buddy.

    1. That’s why Putin’s balls have grown so big, he knows that with China as an ally he is untouchable.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 So, providingfacts is “spamming”? Maybe on your world

  4. Perhaps it’s time for “unknown” American hackers to start shutting things down in Russia.

    1. I was thinking of assasinations, they’ll stop real fast when thier friends start dropping like flies

    2. Perhaps it’s time for some actual leadership instead of just empty threats, Biden is as weak as Trump when it comes to Russia.

  5. The US needs to start hacking all Russian internet companies …U can’t go online if u don’t have internet.

    1. Biden should of shut his mouth now if we strike back Russia will know it’s us Biden gaffe 2.0


    1. Watch “Cybercolony USA” on YT.
      The US just lost a war with Russia, many Americans are now under Russian mind control.

  7. Why doesn’t the “Superman GOLD STATUE” fight cyber crime?

    Because he’s scared of “Krypto CURRENCY.”

  8. Everyone knew that Russia would be hacking America once their Oligarch, Donald Trump, was no longer the overseer of the Russian Occupation in America.

    1. Nice try..But, braindead biden is handing the power over to russia and china..The toughest on both was President Trump..

  9. if this just happened dont expect any public response from Biden until after they have completed whatever retaliation they implement, Biden doesnt seem like the kinda guy that gives stern warnings more than once so pootins in trouble and its prolly goin down right now

    1. Biden gave his respone in friday 2/6
      When it happened.
      Knocked out 3 companies here in Sweden. A lot of damage.

  10. Putin would tell Donnie it wasn’t Russia and he would believe every word, even if Americans told him otherwise.

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