1. *FOX News: CNN begins layoffs under Chris Licht: ‘Difficult time for everyone’…………………….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  2. ofc he needs a scapegoat and someone to oppress to make the rest of the slaves feel better about their servility.

  3. It is enough to see three things before I was born. 1. Landing on the moon; 2. Chinese World Cup champion; 3. Opening the Qinling Mausoleum

  4. this is persecution!!! I see this as being no different than if you were ukranian or jewish or christian or black people should have the basic right to live there lives with out fear as long as they bring no harm to others or themselves!!!!! the lord gave us all free will, what right does anyone have to take it away!!!!

    1. @Extremity X it’s true, Putin won’t be able to hold back progress. Soon Russia will be another hermit kingdom like North Korea

    2. @Extremity X yeah western propaganda has made 0.0001% of the people dictate there rules of life, u know real democrasy XD where the few riles the majority..

  5. If anyone wants to reply to me,,,I would like to be addressed as handsome big Irish guy .that’s what I know identify as. I can’t wait to renew my license 😩
    I hope they don’t think I have mental health issues…lol

  6. *Because of the economic crisis that always comes up the best thing to be on every wise individual’s mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that’s not depending on the government to generate funds.*

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  7. Take it as you will. There is a saying about the Russians they can talk and talk and talk about nothing for hours upon hours about nothing.🤣

  8. Ever heard of Tchaikovsky? He wrote some interesting stuff which could become anthems for the New Russia. He was LGBTQ and made a far greater and more enduring contribution to Russian culture than Putin ever could. Ken Russell’s movie, “The Music Lovers” was revolutionary.
    Maybe consider a remake of “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.” The theme song, “Forbidden Colours” is inspiring and beautiful. The context is Japan and Yukio Mishima, and the composer Ryuichi Sakamoto is still around. From a journalist’s perspective there’s a new documentary currently screening at the Art Science Museum, Singapore.
    Am also sending a “hat tip” to David Bowie.

    1. Кем бы ни был Чайковский, он писал музыку, не навязывая окружающим людям свой половой статус, не размахивал радужным флагом, не ходил парадом. Он жил и творил и его запомнили на века, а ЛГБТ это сатанизм и вакханалия которая заведет так называемый “свободный мир” в цивилизационный тупик.

    2. Putin’s Russia has mighty fine values for a communist nation, I’d say. They are precisely filtering out trash. Suffice to state the west can now remain the cesspool for global trash.

    3. @name1.1 name 2.1 WOW! Talk about a bigot! There are people in your life, people you love who are members of the LGBTQIA COMMUNITY. Like it or not. There was a time people would say ‘one in ten’ people are ‘gay’ . These days it’s much more like ‘one in seven’ people are gay. Most cultures adjust to openly gay people. There will always be those who Hate, usually because they are afraid! Let me just say; when someone you love dearly comes to you to say they are gay: remember that they are exactly the same person they always have been. The only change is You now know one more very personal detail about them. The change is all about you.

    4. А кто запрещает геям сочинять музыку или рисовать? Запрещена пропаганда, а когда никто не видит, делай ты что хочешь

  9. For a second I thought the man identified as TREE sorry I mean as LGBTQ whatever protest the law from Russia!
    “Living in Berlin” 😂

    1. You’re castrating children, putting it in children’s movies, exploiting them in class rooms behind parents’ backs, taking kids to drag shows and doing rent-a-womb to create children and take thsm away from the mother for gay couples. Now you’re trying to normalize pedos and it’s all promoted by the same media that covered for Epstein. You crossed the line of having any sympathy from any decent human being a long time ago.

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