Russian military movement ‘not a real withdrawal,’ Pentagon says | USA TODAY

Russian military movement 'not a real withdrawal,' Pentagon says | USA TODAY 1


    1. They already have ports. They stole Crimea 8 years ago, for its port. The reason they’re pushing toward Odessa is because that is the route to Moldava which is next on his list.

  1. Well they didn’t say they were withdrawing from Ukraine
    They’re regrouping and halted any offensives while peace talks were happening

    1. They actually didn’t halt all offensives whilst peace talks were happening, they just said they were. In effect, they continued just as they had all times previously during this “special military operation”

  2. Anyone who has watched Vladimir Putin for any length of time knows that what he says he is doing and what he is actually doing are usually as different as night and day.

    1. @G K Obama said he’d close Guantanamo on day one too, was that a lie? Or was he just stupid for saying something that he couldn’t do?

  3. The US knows all of Russias moves before they make them 🤣🤣 NATO 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    1. @Amixard Deschênes ,you’re not American so you dont even know crap about what’s going on!!

    1. @Sheryl Hamilton I don’t even know what a troll is, what exactly is that, sorry I am new at this, but I think you are calling me names because I think Biden is good

  5. They pulled back to regroup and secure the port in Mariupol. Once it is secured and has sufficient supplies coming in to support another offensive it’s probably not going to be pretty.

  6. Keep stirring the fricken pot… keep our mumbler in chief talking the way he his. He’s gunna end up starting an all out nuclear war.. mind our own business!

  7. Some of these strikes are likely cover for them to reposition and looking at the map its clear they’re retreating to Belarus because that’s the closest exit to safety near Kyiv/Western Ukraine. It is also sensible to keep the guard up until formal ceasefire because they can very well regroup and resume attacks. Hopefully the recent bounce in the Russian economy over diplomatic optimism will persuade them they’re better off driving towards a ceasefire deal, because as it stands they’re losing the conflict without gaining any significant material interest.

  8. Im just a dumb old country boy but it seems they may be pulling troops out to use chemical or nuclear weapons. I really hope that isnt the case.

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