1. Aren’t ALL torpedoes unmanned? Or are there kamikazes we don’t know about? _”I’m a torpedo pilot for the navy. The pay’s great but the retirement sucks!”_

    1. I hear it’s nuclear armed too. The one downside is the crew has to hold their breath everytime it submerges. And they’ve been down there along time🤔

  2. Put Russia’s retreat from Kerson and that underwater nuclear missile that can go to cities coasts together and you could have an attack on Kerson.

  3. I wouldn’t give 1 inch of dirt. Good on Ukrainian for standing your ground. However, it ain’t over until it’s over.

    1. @Aleksej Akoulov I would join you but I have my shell to hide. My advice is stock up on food and water. WW3 is inevitable and Putin and Xi is are the enemy not Russia. Peace and prayers. 🙏🏼

  4. Like most Russian military equipment these days I would be VERY suspect as to whether it really is a nuke torpedo or just a really good mock up. We should still be cautious but don’t believe anything you hear or see from them.

    1. @Nexus Six Russia boasts a lot about itself, and we’ve learned that it’s typically hype. And who says Russian subs can’t be detected?

    2. @JCElzinga hey how common ruzzia, who told the world they were the 2nd greatest army on this planet, are UNDOUBTETLY LOSING to Ukraine? Yes we Ukrainians get support, but still, that cannot explain such huge humiliations against a much kuch smaller coumtry in size, population, size of economy, size of the army and all the equipmemt in 10 fold, including the fact Ruzzia’s defence budget is 15 times bigger than ours, Ukrianes I mean. I will tell ypu why ruzzia is losing: they never where number 2 (USSR WAS YES, but the Russian Federation since 1991 is not the USSR, which was a true world superpower. RF are a bunch of crybabies, whining to the UN “those Ukrainians dare to fihght back, thats not fiar. They were supposed to just roll over and let us invade, conquer, pummel their f43cities and “liberate=ff murder” them. They dont want to be free with us ruzzian? Wow, Icant believe it (Pootin thinks)”

  5. Interesting, & these weapons seem to be for one purpose, the annihilation of mankind. That’s what is in the heart.

    1. @Blue Moon Hahaha you are clearly NOT an engineer. You and ​ @Dylldo Baggins over here are both clueless. I’m not even going to bother responding to your lack of basic knowledge, please repeat high school or whatever your people’s republic does in teenage years.

    2. @Blue Moon a lot of the western population as are the ones in this comment section suffer from a “glorified supperiority complex” – thinking that only the west can have, in this case, the most advanced weapons and military.

  6. That’s all the world needs. Unmanned Nuclear powered Nuclear weapons on patrol in the worlds Oceans. Just waiting for the first computer glitch. This is insane.

  7. If they indeed they had these, 5 or 6 launched 30 miles from a carrier strike group would be hard to detect
    and hard to stop. I have never heard of a anti-torpedo torpedo, but our current arsenal would be able to
    acoustically home in on their ship//weapon.

    1. I have been watching the war daily , and they would be more likely to either malfunction , or accidentally target their own ships…..I never saw the war turning as soon as it did , but it was clear from month one that Russia was very out matched and had no chance of victory….I actually had people bet me in June that UAF could never take back Kherson……..I am in no hurry ,.but anyone that knows logistica knows that wasa bet they could never win ….!The implications of this lose for Russia with all it’s neighbors , is going to be staggering for years ….

  8. I have a real problem with just the idea of an unattended nuclear reactor, especially a mobile one, which can fail and then end up washed on a shore somewhere. where all sorts of bad things e.g. terrorirsts can happen to it. I imagine the amount of fissile materialk is small in this device and the devices the US has used, but they still give me the heeby jeebies, because there is nothing that says they will stay small.

  9. wow, an unmanned torpedo. never heard of that before. or perhaps I’ve never heard of a ‘manned’ torpedo, I forget….

    1. horusthehorse You’re forgetting ,nothing Russian built ever works so they need a Manned Torpedo to have someone to light the Fuse at impact.

  10. Radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) power source. A couple of kW for propulsion and comms. The USSR lost RTGs in remote locations during the cold war through theft by people presented with an opportunity to make off with radio isotopic materials and sell on black markets. Provided they did not poison themselves in the process. Which also happened. Also they were also picked up locals in remote areas not understanding these self warming vessels were producing gamma rays that would eventually make them sick.

  11. If you think that the East Coast and West Coast cities, including cities located up rivers on those coasts are safe from this kind of weapon you are insane.

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