1. Wishing Ukrainians that Peace’s reaching them all as soon as possible. Just close your eyes and imagine hearing rockets and bombs all around your house. We do have to support them

    1. @diallo humphries No, they don’t realize any of that. Republicans are incapable of comprehending nuance.

    2. @Tore Eliasson – not sure if your aware of this. Russia has invaded another sovereign country and preceded to pepper villages and towns (civilian infrastructure) full of missiles.

    3. @bigboyshit1 i guess that Ukarine was maid up fast after soviet fall dont matter, but can isure you protecting russian lives in Donbass is real and that paid for coup looked nice first but Ukraine is neighbor with russia, its not lowtech towel fighter or your south american backyard you do coups ever month. Good luck

    4. @Tore Eliasson – let’s just fact check that:

      In 2014 Yanukovych, whom was a close Allie of Putin, was removed from power, after he tried to go back on the vote of the Ukrainian people to join the EU.

      Shortly after Yanukovych’s departure, heavily armed militants appeared in the Donbas laying siege to government buildings. very similar to the ones that appeared in Georgia. Now not many civilians have access to rocket launchers and automatic weapons

      So in what reality does Ukraine randomly just decide to attack Russians for absolutely no reason whatsoever? Or did one Putin fill you full of rubbish because he wanted to justify invading another sovereign country and steal there vast resources?

      He claimed Kherson was part of Russia, then bombed the hell out of it. What a guy to bomb the people you said voted to become an art of Russia

    1. @Dan Wright Commonly accepted by numbers by whom? 120k Russian troops are DOA, another 360k are so wounded they can’t fight. You’re trying to tell us Ukraine has lost 2.9 million troops? Ridiculous.

    2. @mile_high_topher @mile look. You and I can post whatever we want. My mom once said : “first .. it’s where. Where do we go to get our information? Then .. it’s .. what / who / how / when / why .. etc. first where . @mile. The corporate media. Used to question power . Now they stooge for it. I’ve been told by them : Putin is dying / Russia is running out of missals and shells / troop morale is low / the economy is destructing/ the populace is agitating for Putins removal . / Russian troops are war criminals / Russian casualty rates are ( as you state ) / Contrary to postmodern philosophy.. the truth is not dependent in what our goals are . It’s concrete . And history will judge who wanted this war to be .

  2. Aid and heavy materiel for heroes and victims. Chase that bear back to the Kremlin. Slava Ukraine! 🇨🇦🇺🇦

  3. So what’s the holdup if Germany say’s they recognize all other allies are prepared to send their tanks, and at that the Leopards, or other tanks and hardware. Germany’s indecision or foot dragging shouldn’t keep everything else from being placed in Ukraine’s control. The training Ukraine is receiving on the use or of combined arms methods is also the training they can bring and expand upon themselves, which can reduce training time where there exists lack of experience in the battlefield.

    1. @Anti Spin Dr Only if you are Russian or a Putin lover. Otherwise, you support Ukraine in getting their land back, in liberating their people from life under Russia ( think Bucha).
      Which are you ?!?

  4. Was in Abrams-tanks-deals with General Leon Laporte and would recommend them & Leopards2 to Ukraine. On the topic: “Corruption in Ukraine: sensitive blows to the authorities in Kyiv Date: 22.01.2023” Selenskyi is the most involved in a serious criminal nepotism of the Russian mafia, which began in Ukraine. His friends in the security and defense apparatus should be arrested. ZDF: “The Ministry of Defense considers food for its soldiers to be bought up to three times more expensive than the retail price in the store . The contract is for 13 billion hryvnias (a good 300 million euros).” The criminal Resnikov is in prison with a long solitary confinement without the right to pardon?

  5. What the Russians forgot, is that during the Stalin empire, the Zar and the Soviet Union, the Ukrainians were some of the best soldiers fighting on the Russian side.

    1. Русские не когда и не что не забывают .Толь ущербный забывает.Моё прошлое Я .усёк ущербный.

    2. not only that but everything from the space race to sports stars to the best engineers etc were usually Ukrainian or other republics – this is what russians know as their dirty secret which is why theyre so chauvinist and brutish. They are collectively a lot of genocidal alcoholics

    3. they helped nazi kill jews, the one you talking of is cossacks and they dont accept Ukraine atleast the majority from zaporisja

    4. But the Russians were the best and that is why Stalin himself personally praised the sacrifice of the Russian nation.


  7. I find it sad the amount of public people who are asking to be taken out of the way. Do they understand how many troops who have lost their lives because they stayed. The Russians don’t care who the blanket bomb, but Ukraine has the job of picking through the devastation to get them out alive 😳😳

  8. But wait, you been telling us for the past 9 months, Russia ran out of ammunition and troops, + Ukraine is winning, remember?

  9. Moving forward can be hastened if required weapons are delivered accordingly. Ukraine deserves serious support, Europe and international peace and security demands such respect!

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