Russian tactics are latest example of worrying global trend, says fmr. UK foreign secretary


  1. It seems to me that the Russian military is getting absolutely sick and tired of him! How many of their men skedaddled out of town just to keep from being drafted into a war that should never have been in the first place.

    1. @Brian coughlin the only reason North Korea exists today is because Stalin refused to give up more territory above the line. As he said to Zhou Enlai, the North Koreans could fight indefinitely because they (direct quote) “didn’t lose anything, except their own people”

    2. @Elena R north Korea is communist, Veitnam is communist, China is communist, Middle East is Voltaire any thing can happen, Russia and Ukraine war,what has NATO done anything

    3. @Brian coughlin Ukraine is not Afghanistan, and the US is not our only ally. We did not attack Russia and will never again kneel before Russian geeks. Victory or death. “The biggest mistake is to neglect Ukrainians. Consider Ukrainians weak. Offend Ukrainians. Never offend Ukrainians. Ukrainians are never as weak as you think. Allah Almighty forbid expel Ukrainians or take something away from Ukrainians. Ukrainians always come back. “Ukrainians will return and take back what they have. But when Ukrainians return, they do not know how to calculate force and apply it proportionally. They destroy everything in their path. Do not offend Ukrainians. Otherwise, when Ukrainians return to the land where their ancestors are buried, then those who live on this land will envy the dead” Dzhokhar Dudayev (Soviet Air Force general and Chechen secularist leader, the first president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria), from the book “Attack of the Ichkerian Wolf”. Essays on the political history of Ukraine.

  2. Somalia, 90% of food came from Ukraine? How irresponsible must one be to make a country like this. How predictable. Sounds like somebody made a huge profit on misery

  3. As a European I say there is no limit, in saving European life. We will face it and take it as it comes. Bye bye Putin! Slava Ukraini!

    1. Thank you all for the contribution of opinions. I have my own. I do need to express that a lot of it contains assumptions about me, I do not really care what mistakes you let yourself make, as long as you learn from them. Yet assumptions, lead to failures, 100% of the time. Have a great day.

    2. I disagree – we should do God’s work and try to save lives.. we should have peace talks .. not lies and rhetoric

    3. @Bonnie you are talking out of absolute ignorance because united nations is a European America organization without any authority over Africa continental land.
      No Africa people or leaders asked Obama or Europeans for help in Libya instead “Africa leaders told Obama not to involved militarily in Africa”. Africa leaders told Obama and Europeans that “they themselves will settle Libya internal Africa issues collectively as a people” (nothing to do with Europeans or America or Arab mobs). Africa land is over 12 million square miles land before God and man also Africa hold most of the wealth and minerals for America, Europeans, Arabs and Chinese companies to survive in this universe. So Africa became a target of exploitation, foreign America European Chinese companies competition, manipulation and European descendants violations militarily, politically, economically and socially.
      So your defense of Africa asking European corporate politicians for help is a lie, baseless, looting, foreign militaries aggression and a complete European descendants hegemony also act of war.

  4. Why are reporter’s keep asking about talking. I think it’s about time to go back to school, and save the crazy amount of questions.
    Russia doesn’t want to talk, unless they get land. And Ukraine have every right, to fight and take all there lands back.
    How would the little man feel if the Ukraine started taking control of Russian land. This could very easily happen.
    Would you give your nabours your garden borders, just because they want them. Easy to answer, it no. Wake up and stop trying to find covarage that’s not there.

    1. that goes against Washington’s interest. you are probably not aware that our military-industrial complex is getting paid to replenish all the equipment we send to you want to end billions of dollars worth of contracts? .. Russia can drop some nuclear bombs and end the game really quickly. We did it in japan

    2. Why not just be thankful to be alive. And stop wishing death on men and women and kids that you never even met. Russian and Ukrainians are amazing people. Loving people. Americans on the other hand are just so delusional today

  5. Human life is again becoming cheap. That is the essence of this conflict. One side values the lives of common people. The other side only cares about the lives of oligarchs.

    1. Universal problem: ALL ideologies are plagued by corruption and directly responsible for global division.
      Universal solution: A pure and permanent global democracy driven by a secure and transparent technology.
      “The time is upon us when the wretched of the earth unite to scream in revolt!”
      “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
      Global Online Democracy Systems (GODS) is an APP and idea whose time has come; it can permanently place power in the hands of the majority of the people and not just the Global Power Elites!
      “Fight the Power – Global Declaration of Independence” (YouTube video) offers a unique and viable global solution to global problems. Share this concept with everyone and be the spark that ignites a global revolution for all people for all time!

    2. @GS Do you mean that the coalition caught Saddam Hussain and handed him over to the Iraqis and liberated the country from the worlds worst regime for human rights abuses against its people.
      Or do you mean they liberated vast areas of Iraq from ISIS.

      Maybe you mean the US Iraq- Strategic Framework Agreement which underpins cooperation in a number of area including economic, diplomatic, cultural snd security.

      Or are you talking about the more than $3 billion the US has given Iraq in humanitarian aid since 2014.

    3. @Rob Surname Ukraine has been fighting against a Russian invasion in Donbas for 8 years. As always, the problem can be solved if Russia were to simply stop trying to rob and murder their neighbors.

  6. Just give Ukraine long range weapons so they can eliminate supplies as they cross the border to Ukraine. Instead of suffering the humanitarian issue let’s give the a Ukranians the overwhelming force they need to put an end to this the only way Putin knows

  7. I don’t think the world should waste any ammunition on Russia. Give them to Ukraine and let them continue to embarrass that joke of a country. If Russia is having this hard of a time with only Ukraine just imagine what NATO would do to them along with Ukraine. Russia is desperately clinging to their precious nukes already.

  8. it’s not like those living in autocracy can just snap their fingers and fix their governance systems. they are living in oppressive government. situations were only revolution can solve their issues. see Iran as a latest example.

  9. Send more help to Ukraine to end this war please, Putin must be stoped as many innocent lives are lost daily!

  10. the perfection of democracy is it’s ability to consistently address it’s imperfections…. the dynamics does not let the governance become stale and autocratic.

    1. @Yohanes Sugiarto Ukrainian Nazis and terrorists have been bombing Donbass for 8 years, terror, massacres of Russian people. They drive people into buildings and burn them. Ukraine is a huge Nazi concentration camp that is slowly turning into a huge cemetery for Ukrainian Nazis.

    2. An aspirational statement obviously. It can be perfect when enough of the participants are in good faith constantly.

    3. @Ruthless truth Ыы How could Donbass people are Russian citizens? Do you know the difference between ethnicity and citizenship?

      And when USSR collapse, Russian high-ranking officials both in military and civilian, along with their oligarchy switched from communism into ultra nationalist. This is a well known fact, and this is also one of the reasons why Poop-tin can hold the power for 20 years. In short, Russia is the Nazi countries where freedom of speech doesn’t even exist.

  11. If they are attacking non-combatant civilians, doesn’t that make them barbarians? I mean, as a technical matter, doesn’t that make the Rooski military a barbarian force as opposed to a legitimate arm of the government? And if the Rooski government has ordered this action doesn’t that make them barbarians?

    If that is the case, then no civilized nation on the planet has the responsibility of treating Russia as a fellow civilized nation. They can be kicked out of the United Nations without fuss. This, of course, means their seat on the Security Council goes unfilled. (Perhaps Canada or Australia can be drafted to fill in.) And, all civilized nations on the globe can attack Rooski forces at will without committing any acts of war because you can’t go to war with barbarians — you can only put them down like the dogs they are.

    1. Kiev has been ordering the shelling of civilans in the Donbas for 8 years. Russia was compelled to take action to stop it

    2. @Tim Smith Then it seems that you know that Kiev was shelling the Donbas, all you are doing is trying to absolve them of blame. Nice try !

  12. Surely it’s that we’re calling it war when it’s clearly terrorism. Russian failures to win against a military leading it to resort to the tactics of terrorists needs to be called out more clearly. You cannot negotiate with terrorists, it only encourages them to innovate their tactics.

    1. It is being called out. Pooootin doesn’t care, he’s a psychopath who does whatever he can get away with in order to get what he wants. The West is largely powerless unless the Russian people rise up against him. Sadly they are like sheep.

    2. What about the REAL TRUTH HERE? Kiev is the terrorist, it has been ordering the shelling of the innocent civilians in the Donbas for 8 long years. Russia was forced to take action eventually

  13. As a historian I have to point out that civilians has been – by far, the most affected group since the second world war.. Not one war fought from 1945 till today had fewer civilian casualties than soldiers.

    1. Vietnam, Iraq, Afhganistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, Yemen – yes all with high civilian casualties.. America calls them collateral damage, as if they were not human beings

    2. @Tracey Holt Sadly most americans lack empathy and we are not taught to feel any way about it or about it in great detail. hope these are never used again ever anywhere

    3. @Gunn Shot Visuals Same for Germany, where the WWII history wasn’t taught for decades. Japan also had a different version of WWII being taught. We, the world, just need to keep remembering, so as not to repeat History.

  14. 50 / 50 point civs. being hit or aka targeted, much of wars trouble is the principal of battlezone presence of vivilians and civilian resistance as soldiers. Its main point to insignify by uniform and symbolism “is” to prevent civilians being massacred from indeterminate identification of fighters particularly ambush by non insignification. Had the Ukraine’s fought too much with civilian clothing there would be huge more incidents of Bucha.
    …like to suggest you can be as biased in a conflict for a side but it never changes the result of such a tac is used to counter an enemy. The worst you could do is do so much the enemy does not acknowledge any civilians.

  15. What they didn’t say is the UN was originally to be one nation, one vote. A democracy of nations whose main purpose was to prevent wars by using all the armies of the world to stop any invasion. At the last minute it was re-written to include a “security council” that could veto action. All subsequent wars have been waged by security council nations using their veto.

    1. Given their invasion of Ukraine and increasing targets affecting civilians, surely Russia should lose its veto power?!

  16. 6:06 that’s not why the US is in Africa. They know that it’s adversaries China and Russia are investing and building there, and the US is scared of losing influence on the continent. Theyre not going to let themselves lose their say with the 2nd largest/2nd most populated continent.

  17. There’s nothing to negotiate here. Everyone should focus on tell Russia to get out of Ukraine and then look for ways to negotiate a lasting peace.

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