1. Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, Emanuel Macron, Klaus Schwab, Boris Johnson and the rest of these organised state gangsters have organised this war in the Ukraine during the Davos WEF meetings of the world’s elite in Switzerland; the enemy within explained in the 18 hour pentalogy “The Swiss Beast – Home of the Devil”; as Youtube blocks this video for the obvious reasons, you must scroll down the video section of channel Giureh. Part 5 can be seen on channel HomieLand Sickurity.

    2. @Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND* America is like an octopus. With its tentacles around the world, it destroys all those who are not pleasing and who do not agree. America is lying. I don’t need your attention. I just want Americans to know the truth about Russia.

    1. @2010 KING i think Russia new this was going to happen soon so might as well attack a weaker Ukraine and not wait until it beef up. Now is Nato smart enough to not wait until russia takes all of ukraine?

    1. Yeah same. I was struck by how similar it looked to a falling star and then getting angry about that bc actions of war shouldn’t look like cool space things. DX

    1. I’m sure that’s not going to help. I’ll ask fairies and trolls to help Ukraine maybe a Witch or an army of Bigfoots.

    2. “Lets not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then… we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we’ve failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!” – Gen. George S. Patton

      Remember when conservatives believed an praised Patton? After listening to Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Trump I’m not so sure anymore. I never would have believed I’d ever see my fellow conservatives praising a devout communist.

    3. But..if you pray,and believe in an almighty god..isnt he the one responsable for this invasion happening in the first place? Or has Putin just been praying really hard for gaining more territory..so eventually god just gave in ? Religion…its very confusing,when you start looking at the basic idea.Because it doesnt seem to make ANY sense. At all. Pray for Putin to stop ..thats more logical than praying for Ukraine.

  1. The utter balls on that car driver who’s just driving in between the column of tanks and making the tanks stop so that he can park 💀

    1. Dude, tank don’t normally roll on that road. They must been super surprised to see a Russian battle tank in back them.


  3. Gotta appreciate Senior International Correspondent Fred Pleitgen’s knowledge too. He instantly recognizes the tank model (looks like a T-72BM) knows the term “artillery rockets.” And he notices details like mud on the tracks too and what it means. He knows his stuff.

    1. Well he knows more stuff than that so called general which clearly near seen warfare or operate any anti tank missiles.

      You can’t operate anti tank missiles in the woods. The tree would block the line of sight and render laser guided anti tank missile useless. The operator need to operate on the edge of the woods which means they don’t have the dense woods to cover themselves. They are exposed and easily picked off if they show up on any infrared sensors which Russian clearly has on their tank.

    2. Wrong!!!!!! You must be joking.
      95% of the tanks on both sides are T-72. He doesn’t need to know anything. I could see your comment being justified if he actually did give us the model of the tank. But he didn’t. You did. All he needed was to say “Russian tank” and we would all know it was a T-72.
      He’s a reporter in a war zone. Why would he not know typical military terms? Artillery rockets??? You can literally see them. How is that surprising.
      Him noticing mud on the treads was even stupider. In true reporter fashion, talk about the obvious. “Wow they have mud. They must have come from a dirty place. What a surprise”.
      You guys don’t know much if that is a knowledgeable guy.

    1. its surreal to see how civilized they drive on the street. some car drivers don’t even drive that nice… and than 1 hour away they will be on the frontline fighting…

  4. A tip from a former activist. Stay low to avoid the excessive damage from shrapnels. Avoid rooms and do not lean against walls due too shock waves. Children often forget this and the results are beyond horrifying. Wear protective headgears or headphones and cover your face & neck with the correct placement of both hands and arms. Stop your car and hide as low as possible. Do not face towards the bomb except for your feets and stay away from windows. Make sure you are in posession of a first aid kit and flashlight. As a former activists for Palestine & MENA I feel sorry for you. The adrenaline rush and terror like fear when bombs drop indiscriminately on civilians by the opressors is something very few of us will ever experience. These images still haunt me. Don’t run in the open and check the Protection guide against Aerial Attacks. Flee as far away as possible from the blast radius. After the bombings there will most likely be an air and ground assault. Soldiers wil murder civilians, medical personel, journalists and activists. Depending on the importance of your country, the reliable sources will update the world about the status of war crimes. Top priority is surving the bombings and air assault. Do not be ashamed to flee your country with your family. I’ve seen many now and many before who had to do so, while the world watched and supported the slaughtering of those same people. Stay strong 👊🏾

    1. Thanks for the information. It might prove useful as I am hunkered down in a hotel in zaporozhya Ukraine. 🇺🇸 citizen. I’m so sorry for what you went through. Please remember the people are not the government I appose all war. I prey that me and my family get through this 🙏

    2. @Robert Viau God’s people will Pray for you and your family by name Robert. You and your family ask Jesus into your heart. Pray to Him, stay close, protect yourselves. And when Jesus brings you to safety … Tell the World and give Him all the Praise. Prayer changes things. We love you … We will be Praying for you Worldwide.🙏🏾❤️

    3. @SUMMERTIME 27. You can’t know what these words mean to me. Thank you. Love you and I pray we all survive this 🙏 ❤️

    4. @Robert Viau even tho I don’t believe in God anymore…

      Stay safe out there pal, let’s hope you get through this

    1. If that’s the tanks they’re bringing, ATGM aren’t going to have any problems. The amount of them that have “Jack in the box’d” in Syria is embarrassing. So they might as well take it slow.

      They’ve already lost a KA-52.

    2. @Lemons especially a russian one. i mean the western world hates putin. but the russians still like him.

    3. @Christian Rothenbuchner Judging by the enormous anti-war protests across Russia on Thursday, Russians don’t seem to like him at all.

    1. @Lemons doesn’t explain why the Russian military would want their position given away. Also CNN doesn’t have war journalists, that footage is probably faked in their parking lot. With their ratings down 90 percent they probably can’t afford toilet paper right now. How convenient this war is for them….

  5. Putin to Zelensky: “Look, I know we’ve had our issues in the past but please let me in.”
    Zelensky to NATO: “Look, I know we’ve had our issues in the past but please let us in.”
    NATO to USA: “Look, I know we’ve had our issues in the past but we need you in.”
    USA to Russia: “Look, I know we’ve had our issues in the past but you *do* know who’s going to win.” 😳

    1. Однако, забавно. Смотрел русский фильм Брат 2? Там есть ответ на твой вопрос.

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