Russian troops slowed down by Ukrainian defense in Donbas region | USA TODAY


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  3. Amazing what a music video dancer can achieve in a free country. $33 Billion will be cut up 100 ways but I am sure he will get a BIG piece.

  4. I wonder how they know sooo much about Russian strategy and Russia’s intelligence but never report anything about Ukrainian strategy !

  5. Europe should build a gas and oil pipeline from Nigeria to Morocco to Europe across the Atlantic Ocean via ship and dump the pipeline into the sea. In this way, the pipeline will be faster within a month to replace Russian gas and oil

    1. Israel has the “Leviathan” Gas field. It’s more than 535 billion cubic meters of natural gas. That’s 18.9 trillion cubic feet. Enough to meet Europe’s energy needs for hundreds of years. Logistically building that pipeline would be more cost effective.

  6. That Good vs Evil narrative worked well during WWll.. It may not be so easy to Sell this time. People need honest and impartial information to draw their on accessments.

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