1. @David Cisneros I hate preachers, maybe go choke on the corrupted’s balls before you comment anything distasteful.

    2. @David Cisneros Hallelujah. The Lord teaches that anger gives a foothold to the devil. That a root of bitterness can grow and defile many. That’s what we could socialism is about angry people who are bitter who hate God hate life hate the idea of hard work and reaping from hard work. Their understanding comes from the father of lies.

    1. @Gordon Estes Because they’re trying to get Trump re-elected. Trump has been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl at Jeffrey Epstein’s residence, and has been accused of various sexual assaults by 25 different women. In other words, it takes quite a lot of work to prop-up Trump when there’s so much going against him. This is before getting into all of the other crimes and impeachable offenses he’s committed, like bribery, tax evasion, obstruction of congress, witness tampering, witness intimidation, judge intimidation, campaign finance violations, foreign emoluments violations, Hatch Act violations, etc.

      Also, I have no idea what you mean when you say I “hid your comment.” Whatever you think happened to your comment can be chalked-up to your own tech illiteracy.

    2. @JL I don’t think Trump needs help looks like he is doing a pretty good job with the help of the media, funny thing is you probably think I voted for him.

    3. @JL looks like I wasn’t talking to you about hiding my comment. The people that did know what I’m talking about.

    4. @Gordon Estes He’s absolutely not doing a good job. He is literally the worst president in American history. He is the closest thing that we’ve had to a Fascist authoritarian in the White House. He is the most corrupt, self-serving president we’ve ever had. He’s eroded democracy in America more than any other president.

      Not to mention that no direct actions of his own have strengthened the economy in any way. He’s merely been riding the coattails of Obama’s ARRA bill, which have steadily improved the unemployment rate every month since 2010, and was set to renew through 2019.

      On the subject of being okay with Joe Biden: Trump is literally the worst president we’ve ever had, and the closest thing to having Hitler in the White House. Every Democratic nominee and almost every person in congress would make a better president than Trump; and in many cases, it’s not even a remotely close comparison. Even every other candidate in the 2016 Republican primary race would’ve been a clearly better president than Trump. Also, you could pick a random person off the street, and they would likely be a vastly better president than Trump.

    1. I’m not RUSSIAN to conclusions, but I think Trump is a puppet.
      Just PUTIN it out there. You don’t like it; CRIMEA river.

    1. @Fort Red No, actually I’m not working off your dollar ignoramus. I hope when you are sitting in your own piss and sh*t. And I dont work for my family btw. There is No family member or outside person there to help you. You heartless piece of sh*t.

  1. I came from a video about the evolution of technology mankind has created to this.

    I think I’ll go back to progression.

    1. cnn is terrible, headline from cnn for last 4 years key words,,,, russia,,, hack…. … cnn report on something that is real for change

    2. @Bot Clapz you need to rightly explain that you mean those without a conscience don’t care. Sex typically are socialist that hate God and they hate people and they hate freedom in their ignorance we believe that others property is there right to have. Thank God that ideology will be cast into hell because that’s devil who inspires people to think so deceitfully

    1. Ha Ha Ha Dems are freaking out, Bidens Pelosi’s and Kerry are now in deep Schiff.. Wiki leaks 2.0 crushing another Dems hopes at being Pres..

    1. @Alex C
      No one wants war imbecile.
      Goodbye, your pathetic narrative is already old and boring. See you at the ballot box Pal. Patriots don’t need paying and we don’t hate anyone unless its a terrist against a free world.
      Nuff said.

    2. @tee jay trump doesnt want war!? Trumps whole position is war…trade war, war on the free press, windmill wars…Mex border war treating asylum seekers like P.O.Ws calling it an invasion!!…trump loves war…he is the terrorist….dont be so fukin naive! Your gullibility is pazsthetically childish! Trump is as credible as his tax report!! See you at the ballot box @$$hole🖕🐓🍬

    1. well every country have their own corrupt politicians, so every one of those countries should do their work !

    1. these people are sellouts man. Zucker is sinking in quicksand and these selfish people are unwilling to let go of his ✋ that enslaved them they will be dragged down with him

    1. How can you say its failed prediction? I mean it’s not a likely scenario, but if you think for 1 second this is in anyway over, you’ve become waaaaay too complacent

    2. @Roger Samuel Their prediction has failed, but yes, we are still subject to a terrorist attack. This was already escalating, hence the decision to take out Suleimani. Democrats had stonewalled the “travel ban” and are stonewalling our border construction. But, I’m sure it will be Trump’s fault if anything happens, as you mention.

      Not sure if you know this (only because CNN and others refuse to mention it) but those “protestors” that almost fully breached our embassy were Sunni militiamen, the kind of people that were a part of Suleimani’s PMUs. The kind of people that had nothing to do with the past 3 months of protesting in Iraq. The kind of people that were known to kill real protestors in Iraq. Luckily, CNN won’t bring any of this up, or the other relevant facts

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