1. So, Vlad, how did that 3 or 4 day march of “liberation” for all those oppressed Ukrainians work out for you? Russia: punching WAY below its weight.

    1. @XIXjlo you ain’t seen the images I have seen. I think the subhuman hoard has truly overstepped the mark.

    2. @Елена Кольцова you are an exception to the russian rule. Average life expectancy of 65.1 years for a male in russia, their figures last published in 2008. I doubt very much that this statistic has altered much since putin ordered the stats no longer be published.

  2. CNN journalist: “He is kicking that man”. Military expert: “Yes, that’s quite normal (in a war)”. 😂

    1. @ALAH_AK_BOI 69 bs Standard police use of force on arrestees if they don’t follow instruction. A drill instructor will even kick his own recruits during training.

    2. I guess many people have no idea what a real war is like. How does that saying go? “All is fair in love and war”.

  3. You would think CNN would be able to figure out how to display closed captions that are intelligible. Have you ever viewed your closed captions?

    1. They haven’t figured out how to normalize and set their db levels to match other youtube content either. They need some web and tech savvy people employed.

    2. All the news channels I have watched have the same problems on their captions I don’t know why.

  4. Does someone has a link to the original footage? The Ukrainians have usually markings too, on arms and on helmets, but I can’t see them here. The film cutting is also suspicious to me. I would not be surprised, if this would be done just for the show. Slava Ukraini…

  5. Amazing what Japanese cameras and other non-Russian tech stuck in a commercial drone kit can do.

    1. @otto Lincoln I’m not “winning” anything. I just laugh at funny things, like Russian FAILURE🤡

    2. @Johnathan Davis You right, Russian army showed outstanding performance. Coming and leaving northern flank in a month… not many armies are able to do it so fast.

  6. I think Winston Churchill said it best: “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” And what he said about Germany in WWII applies to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “What kind of people do they think we are? Is it possible that they don’t realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson that they and the world will never forget?” He could be speaking in the Ukrainian congress today.

  7. The Children Sing
    Tribute to Ukraine

    In Darkness there’s a pain.
    In silent night.
    A glow of shame seeps through a candle-lite.
    A troubling sense, oh of days to come.

    And where would we be now
    if the world lived in harmony.
    The children smile and sing, 
    “If the world lived in harmony
    where would we be now?”

    But there’s a man of thirst.
    He seek no drink. 
    Divides the world of skin
    and how they think.
    A rising hate, oh and blood will flow.

    And where would we be now 
    if the world lived in harmony.
    The children smile and sing,
    “If the world lived in harmony where would we be now?”

    People stand idle by.
    No thoughts to share.
    A burning rage growing large
    The time is near, oh to make a peace. 

    And where would we be now 
    if the world lived in harmony. 
    The children smile and sing,
    “if the world lived in harmony where would we be now?”


    The choice is ours to make.
    Thy will be done.
    To close our eyes and ignore
    the righteous flight of everyone.
    Soaring so high, in our lives we love.

    We all need to stand 
    and live our lives in peace & harmony.
    The children smile and sing,
    “Live in peace and harmony 
    together hand-in-hand.”

    Peace and Harmony
    We all need to stand
    For Peace & Harmony.
    Peace & Harmony. 

    Humble Driver YouTube

    1. @Алексей Андреев
      A war of politics by a selected few putting human life’s in peril always seem senseless.

      Thank you so much for reading humble poem 🙏

    2. @Humble Driver Western countries intend to use Ukraine as “cannon fodder” to weaken Russia and maintain their hegemony, – Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng.

      A tough and truthful statement.

  8. The cut is crucial in this video. Because of it there’s no way to know who those “captured” soldiers are and where they came from. Unless there’s an unedited version somewhere , this particular video is just a propaganda fart in the wind.

    1. Always watch the cuts. It’s the “reading between the lines” of the visual medium of filmmaking.

      In most instances, it’s all we’ve got to hint at the truth. Mind the cuts.

    2. It ma well be propaganda, but then again so is CNN’s reporting on the war and pretty much everything else.

  9. After reading all the comments and watching the video, I can only come to one conclusion: misinformation and ignorance possess us and make us blind to the reality that Ukraine is experiencing. Whatever the end of this human and material disaster, my eyes cry, in Ukraine you only breathe pain, I will continue to believe in the freedom 🗽 and independence of Ukraine.

  10. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein

    1. @Bobby Sierra By Troll Farm bots and Western Conspiracy theorists, yeah thats sad part. I remember my history teacher in 2013 talking about whether people will fight for democracy or not. I just cant imagine people outside angry rhetoric, would in a sane mind be ok with “No human rights, no freedom of speech, no free press” just some stupid Autocrat leader. And there you go, dreamworld of Autocrats

  11. On high school we did a short film of war battle. Our high school production story looked exactly like that.

  12. This is heart breaking watching a human go through this. The ones who survive will have serious PTSD for rest of their lives. Praying for all involved.

    1. Whats heartbreaking is politicians predictably provoking mayhem and death, yes predictably and probably deliberately, and there’s nothing any ordinary citizen can do about it – and I especially mean here in the west

    2. All solders fighting in war will suffer.Only people to blame is the government’s.Greed,power and domination.This has been going on for thousands of years and will never change.

    3. @Hasnat Sakib If you live in IRAQ obviously you are a good person right? I’m yet to see a good Iraqi. Good thing what’s happening there.

  13. As a veteran, I call totally staged propaganda BS on this, to start with, one man is allowed to get up and walk away to the left and where are the injured?
    It was supposedly heavy FIBUA contact with small arms and grenades.
    Everyone marched away is fit and able bodied.
    Charlie 🇬🇧

    1. @Slavic Goblin it’s staged. Between the grenades thrown, and the soldiers on the ground what happened to the cut?

    2. @B. Darlington Gnininte That’s my point. There’s no way of knowing what happened between those cuts.

    3. @Charlie Manson Perhaps that is why the cut, didn’t want to show the searching of wounded/bodies.

    1. @Bab Blo radio silence is a small price to pay for the lives of the civilians in Mariupol… whoop it up while you can we know the truth this is just propaganda for russian people

    1. God bless Iraq and Iraq family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      God bless Afghanistan and Afghanistan family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      God bless Vietnam and Vietnam family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      God bless Libya and Libya family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      God bless Serbia and Serbia family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      God bless Syria and Syria family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      God bless Cambodia and Cambodia family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔

    2. And i forgot
      God bless Yemen and Yemen family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      God bless Somalia and Somalia family’s and army please god bless 💔💔💔
      It’s too big list of 21st century conflicts made by U.S

  14. I am an old person living through Vietnam war , seeing this is made me heart broken ,it’s open my wound that i forgot blessfull for me to live in Canada ..I hate war and Putin ,the person who likes seeing dead bodies

    1. Thank you for your service. 💕
      I have never hated a world leader as much as Putin. I hope I live long enough to see him gone from this earth.

  15. Why were the POWs not wearing the blue/yellow armbands?
    Where are the injured/dead which would have resulted from a close quarter skirmish with grenades and small arms?
    Why was there so much black smoke from a “grenade”?
    Why was one of the POWs dragged out of the pile and allowed to wander off on his own?

    There’s so much here that just doesn’t seem right.

  16. Real time images are available on Maxar Tech platforms. The main competitors of Maxar Technologies include Viasat (VSAT), Planet Labs PBC (PL), CommScope (COMM), Harmonic (HLIT), Sierra Wireless (SWIR), Tailwind Two Acquisition (TWNT), Casa Systems (CASA), Gilat Satellite Networks (GILT), Cambium Networks (CMBM), and Comtech Telecommunications (CMTL).

  17. “ History is not learning the event of the past; however, make the event of the past a lesson. So, human do not repeat the same event” There is not need for all this . Peace around the world!

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