Russia’s ambassador: “I’m a patriot of my country, and I stand with my president” | Tense interview

Russia’s ambassador: “I'm a patriot of my country, and I stand with my president" | Tense interview 1


  1. LOL! What else is he going to say? He’s scared to death of being recalled to Moscow for “tea time with Putin”.

  2. 🤔That Russian’s voice is trembling so much he is afraid to get on the wrong side of Putin’s tea pot.🤨

    1. On occasion I’ve seen Evon not give the persone he’s intervewed enough opportunity to talk.
      I thought that happened here.
      However I didn’t give this a dislike.

  3. Early in the interview Russian’s embassador said, paraphrasing “there was a planned offensive military operation against a republic to”
    I would have liked Evon to have asked what evidence Russia had on that.
    That was the whole reason the ambassador gave for the invasion.

  4. He’s nervous, because he knows if he says something out of line he would fall on stairs or would get a special dose of tea from Putler

  5. The Russian ambassador was interrupted so many times, answering every question. The journalist looked very unprofessional……

  6. To where then, are you speeding, O Russia of mine? To where? Answer me! But no answer comes—only the weird sound of your collar-bells. Nikolai Gogal, Dead Souls

  7. The Russian embassy confidently believe they are on the right side of history, Evan do u have the same conviction and confidence in our government. Remember history is not written the old way anymore. It’s being recorded through numerous sources independent of influence

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