Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson explore identity in Netflix's 'Passing' | USA TODAY 1

Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson explore identity in Netflix’s ‘Passing’ | USA TODAY


Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson explore racial "passing" in new black-and-white Netflix film, adapted from Nella Larsen's 1929 book.


Both are Black women. But one, Clare, is "passing" as white and married to white businessman John (Alexander Skarsgård) who has no clue about his wife's secret; the other, Irene, lives in Harlem with Black doctor husband Brian (André Holland) and their two children.

Based on the 1929 Nella Larsen novel of the same name, the movie manages to tap into the modern-day parallels of "grappling with identity, the idea of (whether) we accept the identity that society gives us," Negga says.

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    1. @jonathan dow Thank you for that, Jonathan. I saw the name, and I immediately thought that I wouldn’t attempt that on my own: that was/is a huge offense waiting to happen/probs has happened before, too. I’ll have to look up the origins of the name now, to understand why it’s spelt/pronounced that way.

      Thank you, @Martin Hubert, for asking the question.

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