Sacramento Mayor: Recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom ‘Would Be Terrible For California’ 1

Sacramento Mayor: Recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom ‘Would Be Terrible For California’


Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg tells Lawrence O'Donnell that Governor Gavin Newsom "does not get enough credit for what he's doing in California" and replacing him with Trump supporter Larry Elder would "bring government to a standstill".
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    1. @Fool for the City exactly. When these types get their way and we become straight evangelical conservative- it’ll be fascinating to see them turn on each other

    2. @Fool for the City free press doesn’t exist on the left…it’s there way or the highway and that’s not how things work on this country

    1. @Carpe Sixties Yeah, let’s get rid of them. They’re supposed to represent me, so yes I better agree with them

  1. I don’t think the mayor who brought back the bubonic plague was a wise choice to ask if things are alright.

    1. I’m assuming you meant “tackling” not tacking. And I’m assuming you meant “lose” not loss. A little spelling/grammar check before posting provides more clarity to your point of view.

    2. @themange59 That is the new playbook. It is what was used throughout the entirety of the last administration. He used it to cover up his indiscretions and the multiple examples of corrupt behavior he portrayed before, during and after his administration.
      -Trump University settlement
      -Trump Foundation fraud and closure
      -Payment for sexual encounters
      It’s a long list, those were just a few high profile examples.

  2. California does not need to be setting a “national standard” on anything, that’s why we have states…

    1. @Nathan Li y’all say California is run like a third world country but the second Texas dropped to 40 degrees y’all lost power for weeks. I was laughing so hard seeing y’all cry for help while you claim to be the most independent state

    2. California SMOG (emissions) automotive program is bankrupting us here. Check Engine Light = No renewal of Registration. Have you ever seen a General Motors automobile without a Check Engine Light? You aren’t going to see any American made gasoline vehicles with California plates in the next 5 years.
      Word of advice to the rest of America, never allow your state to implement OBD-II emissions testing. A Check Engine Light will bankrupt you and no mechanic in the state will work on an “emissions” issue.

    1. @Cryo Sphere I don’t remember Trump taking away my kids school, library, park, beach, museum etc. Nor do I remember Trump closing public schools and keeping his kids in in-person private schools or closing restaurants and then eating maskless at a restaurant.

  3. “Bring government to a standstill”? Well since government has brought life to a standstill a bit of the opposite is what’s needed to get things back to normal. I say get rid of every one of these gov’t people who wants to micromanage your life.

    1. @Kazar of Chult Not at all. What I am saying is that none of the people on that ballot have experience relative to the job. The most popular is only known for his strong support of some of trump’s most hateful policies.

    2. @b s I do live in California. I am middle class, have a home in a pleasant neighborhood, enough to eat, and am vaccinated against the virus. For me, life is good in this beautiful state. I don’t think that the government is without fault, but it isn’t hurting me. I’m sorry, if you are suffering, but I don’t understand why, or how it is all the fault of the governor. When I hear people complaining about homelessness, it is most often because they (like Caitlin Jenner) are offended by the sight of them, not because they want to help them.

    3. @Orlando Tourist Traps It is a small minority of the people, but the election will make the final determination. We will find out how that goes in less than two weeks.

    1. @Lp78Ch then why is it that Dems out number cons by a 2 to 1 ratio? There’s 10 million people in Los Angeles county and all are poor! All Dem voters commie!

    2. @Bobby Testy I don’t get your point. You said there are 10 million people in the Los Angeles area and they are all poor? So are you try to say they are so grateful to Gov. Nuisance that they are poor that they are going to vote for him?!

    3. No He is going no where. We voted NO for him to stay. The majority of voters will say NO to the Recall. Hello, knock knock the recall is a Trump/Hitler followers. STOP THE RECALL. California is for democrats not Trump followers.

    4. @alfredo vazquezAre you a legal American citizen? If so, give me 1 good thing that Nuisance has done to help the middle class in California, besides giving you money? People don’t think shutting down everyone’s business, except his own, because they have you scared of Covid was not a good thing!

  4. “Our state is doing better than other states like Texas and Florida” why are so many Californians moving in droves to those states then? This guy is a joke.

    1. well when you have a massive wave of people flood into a state for decades and decades, some of their descendants are going to leave.

  5. I think he meant “…terrible for him.” The scare tactics coming out in the media should tell everyone how panicked they are. And this guy has not listened to what Larry Elder actually says, or is lying. You do your research and decide.

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