Saint Paul Police chief: You can ‘decry’ injustice and support police 1

Saint Paul Police chief: You can ‘decry’ injustice and support police


CNN's Poppy Harlow spoke with Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell, who said that any police officer who thought the video of George Floyd's arrest showed an "acceptable" use of force should hand in their badge.
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  1. Even the law is fed up with the law breaking the law the whole world is with you America best wishes from Britain

    1. @Troy Stocker Wow, that was entertaining . U know I responded to a comment by u regarding Britain and was more thinking about Britain and in no words mentioned Germany in my comment? Please, continue .


    3. @Christopher Colon ur link is not working, I would have loved to check that statement out. I wonder why George Floyds family, those thousands of protesters and the rest of the world have another view than ur guy …. I mean even China sent a message about human right and all that stuff .

    1. Happens every day. Feel free to stop painting all cops with the same brush any time now

    1. What “systematic change” are you speaking of? There is no such thing as systematic racism in the U.S. You probably don’t even know what it means and are regurgitating Marxist talking points that you hear in CNN.

    2. justice for all the murdered police which greatly out number the number of unarmed whites and blacks that have died in last year-police over 80 murdered. white and black 18 and 6

    1. @Miss Megan In ALL cases. RapepubliKKKans support racism whenever it benefits them ( calling these protests “riots”, Drumpf’s white supremacist rallies, the Birther movement, the “wall”, voter restrictions against blacks, Russian Bots, fake media accounts, immigration bans that are illegal, etc., etc.).

    2. Facts we see how long it takes before the next tragic video comes to traumatize is again.

    3. RIGHT!!!! How can we support the police, when people who are protesting police brutality; are being Brutalized By The SAME POLICE?????

  2. When you see the racist bullies from your high-school now on the police force – I think that counts as “systemic racism”…

    1. So why didn’t you go to Police Academy? If your not part of the solution your part of the problem.

    2. Uncle Ed consider that maybe it isn’t and you just refused to acknowledge the problem. Well, look at where we are now. Hmmm….

    3. Chad Cooper when individuals at every strata of the system enable it then yes-it is systemic.

    4. @John Proctor thats not what she said. I was replying to the words she typed. Did I say anywhere that systemic racism was or wasn’t. No. So try harder on the comprehension aspect of your reading. Instead of trying to formulate a response to the preconceived notion in your head about others comments. Cause trying to make me look like a fool is gonna take much more effort than you gave here.

    5. @John Proctor how come nobody understands systemic vs individual racism. In order for it to be systemic means that actual policies have to be in place that enforce or encourage the. No matter how many individual racists are cops, (which I believe there are a lot) that doesn’t make it systemic.

    1. We still need peace and order the world can’t be running around crazy and doing what we like I agree to disagree.

    2. @Blair Mark Protesting is legal and their is nothing more American than that. Do you remember the act that started the foundation of our country? Read up on the Boston Tea Party. Those who participated in it along with our wise founding fathers would have been appalled by the alt right groups that use their act of defiance to name a political group that goes against everything they stood for and wanted for our country in order to form a more perfect union. The ignorance of Americans never ceases to disgust me.

    3. @Blair Mark open your eyes buddy and watch other news sources and actual phone camera footage by those peaceful protesters. Whoever is there starting the violence and destruction often appears separate and the peaceful protesters will often intervene to stop it, even turn them into the police, get the truck driver to the police, form a human wall to protect the cop separated from his unit. What about the unnecessary violence and brutality and even killing and corruption shown by some of the police during these protests? What about the destruction of human life by those hired to protect and serve? What about the looting of the black men’s bodies as their lives are stolen? Wake up buddy!! You are on the wrong side.

    4. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

      @K R Wake up buddy! You are on the wrong side. This entire thing was started and funded by Soros and the totalitarian Deep State with a goal of turning the U.S. into a totalitarian police state. We must actively resist and fight to overthrow Soros and the totalitarian Deep State!

    1. James Stiller : Indeed. I would have thought that to, “decry injustice,” is to, “support the police?” It’s clear that they are as divided as the American people. Some of them targeting the press, with their weapons, like the kind of cowards who should never be allowed to wear the uniform. Some of them revolted by what they saw happening to George Floyd and the protestors. They are no different from the rest of the country, which is why America Anonymous needs to be a thing; in which America needs to ADMIT it has a PROBLEM . . .

    1. It will remain the white house because it represents america at its best.
      Build by blacks for White Supremacy.
      America is exactly that.

    2. How will that stop poor policing in a democratic city in a democratic state, with a democratic mayor, and democratic party appointed police leadership?

    3. @John Freedman
      Democrats or Republicans. Black or white. It doesn’t matter because white supremacy build a system that preserve its own survival no matter the party, the race, the religion of his employee.

      This house call America is build on bad foundation. Either u destroy it completely or u keep patching like changing the white house name

  3. We apreciate the lip service but ACTIONS will speak much louder in dealing with the systemic racism that blacks and other minorities have faced in this country for many years

    1. ​@SAW Gunner You’re not all true. There’s whites that are racist in their own skin. Also, there’s “whites” that go through racism. It plays both part. It’s about how you’re raised not being born with it and it’s about being encouraged such as parents to kids/mumble rappers to kids. I know you won’t agree but we need a common ground. The Civil Rights Activists and the People of the United States want to be peaceful and still is. We are frustrated. The looting and the rioting is getting out of hand and we need to stop that. Actions speak louder than words. Actions and words think alike. I believe in my detail actions is dealing with this as grown adults and find the common ground and the law enforcement to be looked into more.

    2. So, VOTE. You have till November to register yourself and all your eligible friends and family. Remove the LAW BREAKER IN CHIEF, vote for LAW AND ORDER.

    1. To. Whom it may concern: imagine if the 4 murderers don’t convicted ,America will really BURN, what

    2. Hold on hold on. Y’all are saying that just because someone is law enforcement they deserve to die? How does that make sense to you? They are still people, it just an occupation. It’s like saying telemarketers worship satan simply because of the job they do. Disgusting

    1. The Good Cop! Hmmm,Is that the Guy that’s hiding on the Interstate when I’m running late for work so he can help himself to my Family’s Monthly Grocery Budget?

    2. ​@SAW Gunner Unions can be bad and good depending on the situation and the union itself. My family have be spared great hardship and ensured their well being with dangerous jobs. My wife’s union made sure she was paid for unpaid work during a government shut down. The Minnesota police union leader is defending a murder. When a limb goes gangrene and threatens your life you cut off the limb. I understand they have a financial duty to these officers(murderers) to provide money for a defense but this guy has gone far beyond that. Gotta love a group that says hay you are cops and you protect the people so if you break the law and kill some dude we will dishonor every cop to ever become a member of this union to defend a murderer.

    3. The same goes for black people who do nothing about their own people destroying their communities. Or is that a double standard we should ignore?

    1. What right are you fighting for? The right to resist arrest? Because all this has caused is people using their right to self-defense to shoot a bunch of rioters violating property rights, much more police violence, and much more government force.

    2. @SAW Gunner It’s about who is drawing first blood of the innocent. We aren’t worried about those committing crimes getting arrested other than the court system being bypassed by trigger happy coward cops. Grow some balls and quit submitting to the criminal government like the coward you are. You don’t need to riot or destroy things. Just stand up for your rights and freedoms. You would have been happy if they killed George Washington with that stupid nonsense.

  4. Tired of hearing about the ‘Bad Apples’, and how they are a small number. In reality, the whole bunch of apples is completely rotten, and there is only a few number of good apples around.

    1. If they did only 9 police would remain. Most of them are racist, the DA the mayors the governors. It’s systemic racism.

  5. So all those officers that stood in front of Derek Chauvins house, Did they turn in their badges?

    1. @whalesong 81 Thank you too and Stay strong whalesong 81, we need that love and care in healthcare as well where isn’t always pretty or safe even without corona virus creeping around. Take care.

    1. Not necessarily the others weren’t aware of the bad cops. It’s easy to hide your true identity. I’m a white supremacist, kkk, but work as an engineer. Nobody knows I belong in that group

  6. All officers who were at seen watching the incident must be arrested immediately so justice can be done proberly

    1. They have been arrested and charged with aiding and abbeting 2nd degree murder. Former officer Chauvin’s charges have been elevated to 2nd degree murder.

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