Sajjan weighs in on Canadian military misconduct complaints 1

Sajjan weighs in on Canadian military misconduct complaints


Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan discusses the allegations of sexual misconduct in the Canadian military and recommendations for change.

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    1. And he won’t be forced to simply because he brings in the most funding to the liberal’s fundraising efforts. He has been given free reign after his many screwups.

  1. He never answered the question. Sucks MR Sajgan cannot just be honest. It is very disrespectful to the victims and their families. Remember these woman are VETERANS of the Canadian Military.

    1. Well, we don’t even know if it’s a valid report, we haven’t seen any proven evidence. Unless someone can link me the actual proof. This is all slander.

  2. Did we For that this guy was handed allegations against general Vance and refused to look at them in 2018

  3. This guy is a magnificent liar. He was told about this many years ago and he refused to listen. He even said “don’t tell me I don’t want to know”. He needs to step down.

  4. look at this he can’t even answer yes or no question this isn’t the house of commons

  5. So now that we’re bitter and mad about me too and the mommy mob what are we going to do lol

  6. So sajjan says the nature of the complaint “doesn’t matter”. So, sexual misconduct doesn’t matter”. We all know that is trudeau’s stance, since he simply brushed off his own sexual assault as no biggie, said women ” experience things differently” and simply blamed her for his assualt on her. It then comes as no surprise that the feds don’t care if there is a sexual misconduct complaint.

  7. 5:20 “It was immediately axed upon ehhhh actioned upon…. ehhhh”! … Obviously not acted upon!

  8. So they talked about the Ombudsman being under investigation then we talked about the complaint lol

  9. The reporter knows the stuff from A to Z. You’d better cut the crap, minister, you can’t keep spinning and treat him like a NOBODY.

  10. The Health Minister was on prior to him…she looked very uncomfortable …but still lied and deflected…

  11. Junior’s “optic” cabinet in full display here folks. No wonder why we’re in big trouble?

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