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  1. Smh a foolishness she a chat… Jamaica doesn’t have a gender wage gap. We have a Female dominated society, women tend to act based off their feelings rather than actual facts…

    1. @SLH luv This wage gap conversation is in Jamaica now? 🤦🏿‍♂️

      Many posts esp higher qualifying jobs have pay ranges. E.g. 1 mil vs 1.2 mil vs 1.3 mil etc

      The average pay for men in the world vs that for female being more is true. But this is so because males work the more dangerous jobs, and hence they are payed more, hence their average will be more. A woman is not going to naturally want to work on an oil rig or take the large dangerous boats to catch large fish…they are the ones that scream at lizards 😂

    2. @SLH luv what prevents the so called wage gap, is the pay classification as stated in the clip SG1 vs SG2 ect which also has a range for pay for each level.

      I will always disagree with men being paid more than women if they are doing the same job as men and are equally qualified.

      It is an interesting conversations to have.

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  3. Suggestion to TVJ

    You may post the links to various sites or documents in the future to
    1. Promote increase views
    2. Promote education
    3. Promote conversations under your posts

    I was looking for a link below the video. Thanks for posting it in the video however (although the site was mentioned).

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