Samuda Facing Backlash from Jamaican Farm Workers | TVJ News – Aug 31 2022


  1. Why are politicians like this all because of money you went there and look around and have the gall to come back and say there is nothing wrong, how do you sleep at night’s. All we are asking that you all do what’s right for the people who put you all there before it’s too late please make amends and change the taste in people mouth. Remember the book of kings God put in worthy kings and as soon as they let vanity blind them he turn their enemies against them and let them take over it doesn’t change today.

  2. Samuda sited his visit to the farms. Who knows that a high level goverment official is coming to their place of business and doesn’t put on a show? Who wouldn’t present who they deem as the most compliant of the group to represent the farms interest even if it goes against their own personal interest? Are all farms horrible for our workers? That’s debatable but let’s not pretend that all is well for the workers and that it’s paradise.

  3. I’m living proof that it’s modern slavery. I was on the programme form2009-2015. Canadian labour law does not protect farm workers. When I leave the program I inquired about it

  4. Every system they do it on sea with cruise ships or on land .when they know authorities are come they try to clean up their act

  5. both parties are to be blamed. on the other hand persons line up to go they build there homes and support their families

  6. They want the program to continue so they are not going talk the truth. They know the gains they are getting while the workers feel the pain. Only a pity they did not take pictures of him looking at the dirty conditions as evidence and post it on social media. Pictures don’t lie. This is another one swept under the rug. Smh

  7. I wish previous workers who worked under these conditions had spoken out. Maybe, just maybe things would be different.

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