San Jose Transit Official: ‘A Horrible Tragedy Has Happened Today’ 1

San Jose Transit Official: ‘A Horrible Tragedy Has Happened Today’


Glenn Hendricks of the Valley Transport Authority speaks to reporters after a shooting led to "multiple fatalities" of public transit workers on Tuesday in San Jose, California.
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  1. “Thoughts and prayers, guys. Because we really aren’t ready to do anything else about these shootings.”

    1. @Troy Baisden like wut? cuz if you’re about to say more gun control… i mean Santa Clara county has one of the strictest gun laws and still happens.

    2. @Yun So Pass h.r. 127. Responsible gun legislation. You can still own firearms though and with the proper steps through the ATF you can own machine guns.
      The problem is that the 2nd Amendment was written at a time when firearms had a reload rate of 3-4 minutes by a trained shooter that wasn’t under a battlefield condition.

    3. The 2nd Amendment was written at a time when a trained shooter could shoot one round every 3-4 minutes at best and be fairly accurate.
      Firearm technology has progressed light years beyond what the Founding Fathers could have imagined. Today, following the required steps and background checks through the ATF Americans can own and fire machine guns. Americans have the 2nd Amendment right to bear firearms but that right has responsibilities. Not every American should have free access to firearms, especially those that cross the line between hunting and military use. Common sense is not very common on this issue and citizens keep paying with their lives.

    4. @tecums3h uh… there’s already background checks. LOL who owns machine guns? wtf are you talking about? people like you keep blaming everything else other than person who should be accountable for. It seems like more tha 99% people are responsible. what’s this lack of common sense that you’re talking about? do you even know the law?

  2. It sure seems like there are a lot of shootings going on in America lately. Is this typical for your country?

    1. Uhhh this happens in foreign countries as well. Why don’t you worry about your own backyard we don’t need comments from foreigners.

    2. Yes. There were slightly fewer last year because there were fewer people out and about, we’re back on pace this year it seems.

    3. @Cb Pretty slow? Some of the biggest shootings ever happened in the last 4 years, usually by Trump supporters against minority groups.

  3. “This is a terrible tragedy”…….this line is used 3 to 4 times a week in the USA….how is it a tragedy when it happens so often and it’s expected?
    What the real tragedy is in the US is the NRA

    1. @1865 Unperson 2 seconds checking the profile and it obvious its a fellow New Zealander. Pretty sure not many Lebanese are producing lot of NZ garden videos

    2. @Land of Little Rain I’m sorry for your loss but people that commit suicide do it all different kinds of ways guns is just one way some of them use pills some of them go out in the garage and start the car and shut the door I don’t think limiting law abiding citizens from purchasing firearms is the answer. The gun ownership debate will rage on for many years it’s hard to come up with a way to keep guns out of the hands of some folks that just shouldn’t be around them. Where I live they’re just not a big deal they’re everywhere we’ve all been raised around them and it’s my first choice for personal defense so I’m going to hang on to mine as long as I can.

    3. @SRM NZ I can easily believe there was a shooting every day of the year the last 4 years, heck just look at Chicago they have 50 plus in one weekend but actual mass shootings statistics?

    4. @RANS87IROCZ actual shooting stat’s for ‘mass’ shootings are 2 or more injuries at 1 incident…..and the last time I checked I believe there are 20 odd thousand shootings a year in the States…..which surprizinly isnt number 1

    1. @Deputy Donut Life
      Didnt trump pardon a bunch of guys serving life sentences?

    2. @Kevin Jenkins exactly. They lockdown because the government says too but murder is ok?

    3. @Deputy Donut Life lol….We have the highest incarceration rate in the world, but we haven’t arrested enough right?

      There are some problems that aren’t solved by putting people in jail. Most mass shootings end up with the suspect offing themselves, just like here. That’s why people like you (idiots) need to stay quiet.

    4. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH I don’t care who gives pardons. Red or blue. I believe all politicians should be the voice of the people ONLY. Not putting people at risk to become victim of crimes just to line their pockets with tax payer money and/or as a political talking point to get elected/re elected. Yes I align more republican than anything, however that doesn’t mean I blindly follow what the politicians say just because of that.

    5. @Kevin Jenkins really Kevin? How long do these criminals stay incarcerated? It’s about 10% of their sentence. A robber in California will do 1-3 years in prison. Not the maximum 25 years the crime carries. A murderer was just pardoned and early released after 1 year in prison by ca governor newsom. That is why America
      Has the highest incarceration rate in the world (if that is true, taking your word). Same criminals over and over. Those same criminals then teach their friends and family how the system works. So how do I know this? Because I’m a part of the system. I’ve worked law enforcement in California for the past 15 years. I see who comes and goes. I see sentencing of convicted felons. I’m not a keyboard cowboy just spewing nonsense my political group tells me too. How about you? How many years have you worked law enforcement? What are your sources for your information? I’ll pass on the name calling.

    1. Unfortunately you can make a law banning the sale of all firearms and make it illegal to own one and then only the cops and every bad guy will have them and there will be no way for honest people and families to defend themselves.

  4. Once again and again ; the Usa in shame in front of the whole world, the degeneration is progressing very very fast …

    1. @Jagex Neglects always You know most of the countries with the most restrictive guns laws have higher freedom rankings than the US right?

  5. I don’t know what happened except life was lost senselessly my prayers are with you all

  6. These large amounts of mass shootings have increased in the last 4 years. Something has to be done.

    1. It’s only going to get worse. There has been more mass shootings in the last 5 months then the last 16 years…

    2. @Jesus Alonso It’s the fall out from ultra conservative policies and the politics of fear and hate. Couple that with an Orange wannabe dictator being coddled by a huge propaganda machine and a Fascist political party who refuses to even vote on the issues.

    1. Its tragic and i feel for everyone involved , i will admit i get triggered when i hear the mention of a god or preyer in these situations as it only enforces my opinion a morally perfect being wouldnt watch over such tragedies if he/it was a caring all powerful being please check out some street epistemology on religion if you are someone who wants to know as many truths things as possible rather than because you are born in a certain location or grown up with a certain religion , apologies for my long poor grammar filled rant

    2. @txbre phew !! Kl pal , glad you didnt take offence to my overbearing rant , from my limited understanding you can use epistemology on any strongly held belief that effects your life wether its religion , climate change gun control , ghosts , ufos spirituality , it looks at what you believe and why and if your reasons can be shown to have flaws would you reduce certainty in that belief, i geek out on it and find it fascinating, my wee typing spree is over lol have a good night pal stay safe

    3. yeah. i was thinking poor things. they were just doing their jobs peacefully and this happens. and all the while, texas is allowing anyone to carry a gun. smh. i feel so badly for this guy, too.

  7. I didn’t even hear him say what the tragedy was, but it’s the US, it’s Wednesday, must be a mass shooting.

  8. It’s almost like its INTENTIONAL. And sadly more of such tragedy is on the way until gun laws are stricter

  9. There is literally not enough “thoughts and prayers” left in this country for these tragedies. Over 200 mass shootings in the first 5 months of 2021 alone. 7500 deaths, it’s no wonder Fox slides these stories so far down their news priorities. I’m always amused that when there is some Fox coverage, the comments are turned off.

    1. This is deliberate and as long as the ‘D’s are in charge evil will keep happening! The D’s want your 2a!

  10. Now the broken record will start playing again.
    ” my prayers goes to ….”
    ” sorry for the lost…”
    Nothing will change.

  11. Well no problem, “we’ll have grief counselors on board soon as usual” so no worries folks!

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