Sanders Aims To Refocus U.S. Priorities With Defense Budget Cuts | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. $686 billion on defense every year.
    A lot of good it did us against an enemy that has killed more Americans in 5 months than every war since WWII.

    1. D Covid-Donald has allowed more people to die unnecessarily because he put his re-election first over the lives of Americans.

      So, the comment was apt.

    2. @Ro G
      Might be a good idea. They only understand coloring book illustrations. And not the good ones. More like ones drawn by 5 year olds

  2. November will be to late for many Americans. Economy will be in tatters. The sociopath n his merry band will run for the hills

    1. I understand where you’re coming from but as soon as you announce 40% cut china would storm through south china sea and threaten all other countries including Taiwan not to mention Russia will start to expand its influence in Europe

    2. @crazybeat116 you can cut 40% without changing your military. There is so much cost over run with no bid contracts its discusting.

    3. @crazybeat116 Currently Trump is doing all he can to give in to Putin in every way, wherever and whenever he can.

  3. Donald did increase defence budget but Donald did it so he could take money from that budget to build his wall.

    1. @YouRuse is A leftist org who the f*** are you. I’m sure you’re not a patriot. And if you don’t know you have to serve in the military to be a patriot. And you don’t even have patriotism if you’re following a draft Dodger that doesn’t give a f*** about you or anybody else but himself. Too stupid to know that. Why don’t you read a little. The cares act you know the one you received $1,200 for. Trump and Kushner and 43000 millionaire. Received a tax break of 1.7 million dollar average. 82% of a 2.2 trillion dollar package went to 43000 American. Read why don’t you page 203 the cares Act. Get a little educated see what the Republicans are doing for their own people

    2. @Tony Hovgaard that’s the problem they are poorly educated they follow him blindly with no clue how Trump is killing America, his base only care about kick the black man when he’s down, deport the Muslims, send the Hispanic people packing and they think that way as they don’t actually understand whats going on with Trump, only a total moron would vote for Trump after what he gas been doing i can’t get my head around just how bad Trump is

    3. @Phrozin yeah most of them follow draft Dodger. If there was a draft they would do the same thing run like Trump did. He said for Trump didn’t have to run far just to the Bahamas to get a copy of somebody else’s x-ray they had bone spurs. But they will follow him straight to prison vote Blue Cross the board in November or take our country back from this draft Dodger and cronies

  4. Wow! The single most important understanding ever. My view (from outside the US) is that the US is a ‘poor country’ not because it does not have the dosh, but rather that it is spending more than it earns – precisely because because of the military. Now with the pandemic it is clear that the US will not have the tax take to avoid bankruptcy – at least until the government sorts out its priorities.

  5. Imagine having a guy like this as POTUS. It’d be weird to have a civil servant instead of the parasite that’s been feeding off us since ’17.

  6. America first. How much more does the US need in arms they have the largest armoury in the world for what. They have one of the worst health care systems. In the world. One of the largest homeless, one of the world’s poverty. The money saved with go a long way to help these people.

  7. Good idea finally. This military spending is a big part of the problem with America. The priorities are screwed up

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen…. meet Bernie Sanders, the man who is too good for this warped and self-defeating nation.

  9. Sanders is one of the few Americans in public office that realise people’s welfare are more important then the American war machine.

    1. wizzzer1337—-Yes He did and no we didn’t—you are so right–and last I checked, Ike was a Republican…..

  10. State defence budget out spends all the countries combined in the world so yeah there’s some wiggle room

  11. In the early 1940s, a senator looking at the massive size of the newly constructed Pentagon and commented “Is the government planning on being at war forever?”

  12. Imagine saving 40% of your income, and in a emergency; one Trillion a year is useless because it’s dedicated to death.

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