Sanders Demands Covid Relief Include Direct Checks To Americans, Says Democrats Need To ‘Stand Firm’

Sanders Demands Covid Relief Include Direct Checks To Americans, Says Democrats Need To ‘Stand Firm’ 1


    1. The Rich are keeping wall street alive for themselves. That’s all they care about. The rest of us can suffer or die, they don’t care. Bernie is a man for the people.

    2. It bebarely a bandade next too what Mitch a Nancy have provided the 1% with: .they are truly cades (our do nothings in the GOP) Thoes two are not Ernieing their pay. Their almost. Like a Rich man’s Zombie ( YOU RANG)😳😳😉

    3. @Todd Bradley they never have “earned their pay”. That is part of the problem. The vast majority of the ultra-rich inherited their wealth. They have never known a life where they weren’t pampered and catered to. They expect the same from the people whose campaigns they contribute to, and anyone who wants to get anywhere politically speaking learns to “lean to the green” rather quickly and treat these folks like they have always been treated by everyone in their environment, ever.. Then we all are surprised they’re corrupt, the rich and influential alike..
      They literally have no idea what it’s like to be in the shoes of a regular person.

    4. @Kim B Would you consider emailing/calling your senators & representatives to express your thoughts? A hashtag campaign also might gain attention & spur action.

      Adults are generally disdainful of manipulative language & hollow rhetoric– your statement utilizes neither. It is accurate, succinct, & powerful.

      Emergency relief funding for victims of natural disasters isn’t labeled ‘stimulus’, ‘pity payments’, or ‘handouts’.

      We Americans are out here drowning financially; a *lifeline* is precisely what we need & I daresay, deserve.

      Warmest regards to you & yours,

    5. @Rebecca you I’m not sure.far I’d get. Talking . but Rebecca that. Well I think. I your name I always have… But back to these do not people that took an oath for the job that a living. And all soclist benifites an are substaind by. I would speak this truth. With you an say I did vote for Joe. But sure as heck. He was not my first pick I’m sure. Bernie should have been in there. There are projected vote. Their not very Rarely
      wrong but I belieave. We’ve. In a lot of trouble with these folks in washington.
      I think a lot say we’ve got band of Crooks
      Have. Highjacket our. Nation Capital .

    1. rjtheripper931 WTF?! Who’s money do you think it is? Our tax dollars have been used in the trillions to bale out corporations. Expecting your government to give you back some of your taxes during times like this should not even be a question

    2. @frictionRx9 STFU I have worked jobs where I worked 60+ hours a week. When I ran my own company I worked 70-80 hrs. a week and paid my help more than minimum wage. Not because I had to but because it was the right thing to do.

    3. @frictionRx9 Your a funny guy!! Better check Gov bureau of stats on those good ol”Southern” states that are predominantly Republican and see the percentage of poor Republicans who are in the working poor category who need direct payments and extended unemployment benefits!!
      By the way you don’t know what you are talking about, I know several “liberal” business owners who believe in making sure their employees are well paid and have good benefits and are not being paid slave wages like so many Republican business owners pay THEIR employees!!

    1. The Republicon Party (aka GOP)
      is changed to :

      1:a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, SEVERE ECONOMIC and SOCIAL REGIMENTATION, and FORCIBLE SUPPRESSION of OPPOSITION

      2: a tendency toward or actual EXERCISE of strong AUTOCRATIC or DICTATORIAL control

      Websters Collegiate Dictionary
      : a member of an Italian political organization under Mussolini governing Italy 1922–1943 according to the principles of fascism

      Collegiate Definition
      1a: a ruler with absolute power and authority, tyrannical.
      1b: one exercising power tyrannically,
      a person exercising absolute power in a brutal or oppressive way

      : one holding complete autocratic control
      : a person with unlimited governmental power
      : one ruling in an absolute and often oppressive way

      TYRANT  (tyrannical):
      1a: an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution
      b: an usurper of sovereignty

      Take your pick. They all describe what T*wimp is trying to become!!

    2. @William Miller this comment is Soo funny! You sound like a trump Cultists, but Way too practical! Keep up the Funny!!

    1. @Eridu Sirius I am not American , yet, my heart hurts so much for those struggling and going hungry. It’s really unfathomable to think the richest nation in the world that spends billions/trillions on defence finds it difficult to help its own at such a time of need .I just read that Ivanka and Jared bought a new 30 million dollar home in Florida. It’s more about maintaining their lifestyle rather than the livelihoods of the American people .

    2. It’s also known as proper governance. Unfortunately those without a conscience are drawn to power just as pedophiles are drawn to the priesthood. Both occupations are amongst our highest positions of respect, but without proper boundaries they also offer the most toxic amongst us exactly what they want.

    1. It’s both sides… Democrats held out all this time now they’re agreeing to a lesser package. How are they making it better for working Americans that are unable to work period

    2. Associated Press Article by Andrew Taylor. October 21, 2020. Mitch McConnell warned the GOP to not go forward with another Covid 19 Relief Bill until after the Election. He’s also pressing the White House not to go forward. He told fellow republicants not to divide republicants by sealing a lopsided $2 trillion relief deal with Speaker Pelosi before the Election. This was even as he publicly said he’d slate any such agreement for a vote. McConnell made his remarks during a private lunch with fellow republicants, three people said, requesting anonymity because the session was private. For verification, this article by Mr. Taylor, was posted in the Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington. My city Local Newspaper. McConnell loves his lunches. They’re where, he promised to make President Obama a one term president. And now, Trump is appointing Kelly Ann Conway, and Elaine Cho, Mitch’s wife to positions. Spies for Trump.

  1. Big corporate gets more help, yet the people who are wondering how to keep a roof overhead gets the finger. Thanks GOP 😷🤬

    1. GOP? Nancy refused a better deal and now she is in favor of this one that doesn’t even include stimulus checks

    1. Yes a very sad Christmas, but as long as familes are together and no lives were lost in their household to Covid there is much to be thankful for.

    2. @Changing America unless they were referring to their own personal holiday beliefs, which a number of people believe in.

  2. Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the country. McConnell doesn’t care about the people in his own state.

    1. Obviously McConnell doesn’t care about the American people. Don’t know why most Kentuckians still voted him to be the senator.

    2. No he sure don’t I live in KY and all he cares about is the rich sectors not our areas I’m a Democrat and I didn’t vote for him when he first run for senate and have never been that stupid he puts money in the rich areas not poor to average areas where people need it

  3. If the people were considered corporations we would be getting stimulus. Corporations are considered people and look at all the stimulus they get.

    1. Bernie 8s the ONE AND ONLY POLITICIAN in all of the government who has defended our rights worked tirelessly and faithfully FOR ALL OF US not just his own state but he fights for us all and we would have had the best president since FDR had it not been for CORPORATE DEMOCRATS blocking his campaign. He should be our president. He is no more a socialist than you or me but they bash him to prevent him from taking down the corporate Republicans and democrats. Who I will never support again because they stabbed us in the back for corporations. Just like mitch McConnell.
      We need more leaders like Bernie not Biden and I only voted for Biden because he wasn’t Trump but im here to tell uou DEMICRATS ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE EITHER ONLY BERNIE AND AOC AND WARREN AND YANG. IF THEY ARENT WORKING FOR ALL OF US THEY CAN ONLY BE WORKING FOR THEMSELVES

  4. Why don’t ppl understand that most of the republicans are not trying to help us right now. It’s sad and Inhuman

    1. Being out in the streets with nowhere to go, having a heart and brain doesn’t really help. These ppl have nice homes and good paying jobs and still talk about…., what if.

    1. Yes it would be a massive boost to the economy. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump they don’t want that they wanted to crash the economy. don’t want the help the average people all they want to do is help the big corporations that will put big money in their pockets they are not fooling anyone except for the Trump cult

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