Sanders denies telling Warren a woman couldn’t beat Trump | USA TODAY

Sanders denies telling Warren a woman couldn't beat Trump | USA TODAY 1


Elizabeth Warren says Bernie didn't think a woman could beat Trump.
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Elizabeth Warren confirmed reporting that Bernie Sanders in 2018 "disagreed" that a woman could beat President Trump to become president.

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30 Comments on "Sanders denies telling Warren a woman couldn’t beat Trump | USA TODAY"

  1. She’s known to lie. Pocahontas

  2. I’m not sure if Elizabeth Warren is a woman. She lies about everything else.

  3. Ahhh poitics.! God bless God bless

  4. Bernie encouraged her to run in 2016. He would not have run then . Fact and I did support her but becoming more and more disappointed and liking him a lot. I donated to her even.

  5. There’s no way that Bernie would have had such an opinion, let alone expressed such an opinion.

  6. Why does she think that she can get away with so many peculiar lies like this?.. she’s ridiculous with it.

  7. Bernie is on record supporting the idea of a female president since 1988. Didn’t Elizabeth Warren lie about being native american and then was forced to apologize? She got owned by Trump, therefore she is the lowest hanging fruit. Also, she seems to be okay with spreading falsehoods in order to further her agenda. She has a huge credibility problem.

  8. I am sick and need surgery

  9. Female Ranger of Norrath | January 14, 2020 at 6:08 PM | Reply

    All I can say is..🙄
    Welcome back!
    Mr. Andy Kaufman! 😲
    Please queue the song:
    “Man on the Moon”
    Made famous by:
    That’s why. 👶
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊
    Hate comments I will automatically assume, are from
    Mr. Tony Clifton.
    Welcome back, sir.

  10. If Biden chose Bernie as his running mate they could call it the “Burden” ticket.

  11. YouTube is now YouSlideshow

  12. Elizabeth Warren is lying. Stop supporting her.

  13. This is only the beginning. Bernie should have ran as a independent.

  14. “There can be only one”🇺🇸

  15. Bernie really told her to get her butt back to the teepee and fix him a buffalo sandwich.

  16. And again, the corp media spread lies from a pathological liar like its the truth.

  17. Isn’t she the same person who said she’s a Native American. Ugh she’s trying too hard to appeal to the population.

  18. Do you want a beer Lizzy??

  19. This voter believes Bernie Sanders. 🌊🌊🌊

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