Sanders: 'I'm Tired Of Talking About Mr. Manchin And Miss Sinema' 1

Sanders: ‘I’m Tired Of Talking About Mr. Manchin And Miss Sinema’


Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tells Andrea Mitchell that he’s “tired of talking about Mr. Manchin and Miss Sinema” when it comes to abolishing the filibuster to pass bills, including voting rights with a simple majority. When asked, he tells Andrea that there's no bipartisan compromise to be had on voting rights that would overcome the filibuster, because he doesn't believe that there are Republicans in the Senate "prepared to vote to support democracy and voting rights I would love to seen them, there aren't any. That's the sad reality.”
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  1. I vote for high speed rail. Who would not love to be able to travel cheaply to places like NY, CA, FL within hours across the country.

    1. @Justice Matters Quite horrendous really, imagine how much petrol and money people could save. It would clear roads too.

    2. Republicans will not allow high-speed rail spending. Why? It would expect their billionaire donors to pay a little extra in taxes, which they absolutely CAN afford.

    3. @Justice Matters And most all Americans think they are no.1 in everything when it’s really more like 47th.

    1. @Peter Stafford Not sure exactly what Marie was trying to express,but both of said individuals sure do seem rather giggly and sheepish about having their party by the proverbial testicles.Kinda humorous for the pubs to have such wonderful friends.Tee hee

    2. Go Bernie. Thank you for speaking out courageously as you always do. Truth and justice must prevail or our democracy is doomed.

  2. In the midst of such a firestorm, it is good to see that someone like Bernie is finally speaking up and clarifying things for voters, especially those people who are very impatient.

    1. ‘Finally, speaking up’? He has been speaking up for year’s, but the people in this country are not listening.
      Saving this country has passed, the fall is already happening and the republicans greed and anti democratic policies don’t help.

    2. Especially those who have day on their buttocks, 4+ years under tRumpf, 5 months since the insurrection. Wtf are the Dem constituents??

    3. @S C Sanders has NEVER SPOKEN THE TRUTH. He is a lying populist demagogue, who only fools those who know nothing about Communism.

    4. @Gary Wait Well said. It was unfortunate that Bernie was squeezed out of the Primary in the 2016 Election. We lost a window of opportunity to elect a real progressive … instead of a corporate Democrat…which is what we always get to represent us in the end.

    1. And a lot more after Joey Fingers and his gang of maniacs get done destroying the economy, sadly.

    2. 40% are Veterans, another 20-20% are military family members.
      Support the Troops?

      Talk, talk, talk!!

  3. Bernie speaks for us all… all these games these two clowns are playing are hurting so many people.

    1. @Jen Vicinity not only will some not get it. But they will not go to a dentist either because they still have that one good toof.

    2. @rookyred Without loving GOP billionaires, … just point me to a better or faster or cheaper way of finding and buying things we need or want.

    3. @JG2733 Glenn McCarthy was right if you look in the mirror you will see one of the commies he was talking about

    4. Sanders *never* speaks for me. He is exactly like Trump, a lying populist demagogue, who says whatever will give him power, while enriching himself.

  4. The same wealthiest Americans are the owner of the wealthiest corporations, they just don’t pay fair taxes .

    1. Like those outstanding Democrats Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Dorsey. They’ve done so much to set mankind free and improve all our lives!

    1. @jim Moore Sanders loves murderous dictators, like Stalin and Castro. If he’d become president, we’d have become another failed Marxist state, where only party members thrive.

  5. Bernie speaks for those of us that struggle with food, rent, utilities, just everyday life. It’s hard to have one healthy meal a day, let alone a nice piece of fruit or something. The republicants are never going to work with anyone but Trump. Love you Bernie.

    1. ​@Fen Wan That’s your meaningless buzz-phrase, isn’t it? Do you have anything with substance to say? No, didn’t think so…

    1. It’s the responsibility of Congress, mandated by the Constitution: The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of choosing Senators. Article I, Section 4

    2. How is that real change if the next President can sign a piece of paper changing it back? It needs to be a law.

    3. @John Yost In the last 4 decades, what the Americans want never becomes a law. It is futile to think that will ever happen.

  6. Let’s remember that Mitt Romney is among those Senate Republicans unwilling to vote for any of these changes. Just because he disliked Trump doesn’t make him a decent human being!

    1. You’re so right! Same goes for Liz Cheney, she may have voted to impeach Tr** in the House, but she’s still a diehard rightwinger. As for Murkowski, Collins, Sasse and the others, when it comes down to it, they’re no better than Cruz and Hawley.

    2. Agreed, next time I hear that, “Susan Collins is concerned, or Romney is concerned” is just bull! They’re all Republicon snakes!

  7. I could listen to Bernie Sanders every day. He needs to be in the news more than those lying GQP.

    1. @JG2733 Glenn
      “The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between true and false no longer exists.”
      —Hannah Arendt

    2. @Pepé Gonzalez You’re referring to Fascism and Nazism whose playbook (Mein Kampf) Trump and Putin follow.

    3. He KNOWS that the people who voted him into that position and he IS working FOR them NOT AGAINST them! LONG LIVE BERNIE!!!

    4. I can’t stand that lying old demagogue. Anyone who betrays his own people, to gain more power, should not be trusted.

  8. At least he’s willing to straight up say there is no chance of bipartisanship. Most of the other cowards won’t do even that.

    1. In a perverse way, Moscow Mitch has said the same thing. That there will be no bipartisanship. Because GOP will vote for nothing at all.

    2. I firmly believe that an overwhelmingly amount of GOP members are scared of Trump.
      I believe
      quite a few of GOP members have dirt on their hands.
      I also believe Trump has them on a hook.
      Those very ones may have very well been involved on the insurrection.
      Now, an overwhelmingly amount of Americans are being held hostage for what they have done.
      Also for what Trump has done.

      Email these GOP senators and confront them with the truth and facts.
      The truth hurts.

    1. Bernie has always been the pathetic remnant of an inhuman, dysfunctional system that collapsed decades ago to the general acclaim of the entire human race.

    2. @Eric Schultz Sanders’ thinking is what led to failed states like the USSR or Communist Cuba.

    1. He only ever works for himself. Look at his voting record. Been in Congress forever, and accomplished nothing!

    1. @stefon french You’re happy with hyperinflation, exploding crime, soaring energy costs, record drug ODs, a historic border crisis, shortages and broken supply chains, and being punted around by China and Russia? Wow. Good luck!

      Well, your names is “Stefon”…

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