Sanitation worker in Ont. fired after trashing Liberal campaign sign 1

Sanitation worker in Ont. fired after trashing Liberal campaign sign


A Whitby sanitation worker has lost their job after being caught on camera tossing a Liberal campaign sign in the trash while on duty.

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  1. They are essentially private property, you should have learned not to tamper with signs in history class… like grade 7!!!!
    Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    1. We also learned not to play on the railroad tracks in school but that didn’t stop the protesters that got away with it

    1. @Per Llyngrenn You are making assumption that the trash collector is doing it on purpose. What if he is completely new to Canada and also doesn’t know much English like many of the new comers ? He is doing what he is set out to do and the campaign sign is placed very close to the garbage and recycle.

    2. @Per Llyngrenn This trash collector is indeed doing his job. There is a common ‘job sickness’ in this profession. When they see garbage can filled with garbage and full recycle box, their natural instinct is to put them in the truck.For trying to end the shift on time mistake can happen. Your response is way too sensitive and out of touch.

    3. @Lar M Your response assumes the trash collector is either stupid for not recognizing a campaign sign (which are ubiquitous) or at least, illiterate.

    1. Not because of the Liberal Campaign sign. Why the held it is placed so close to the garbage and recycles ? The Liberals cannot even conduct their campaign properly.

  2. Whitby bylaw actually says no election signs on boulevard (that part of the roadway up to the property line), in addition no signs within 1 metre of curb. So technically the signs were illegally located, both the students and garbage collector aren’t the baddies they are made out to be. You can dispute the bylaw, but why would a city with that bylaw insist a city contractor be fired? No ones going to collect them from the city if they have to pay $50 to get them back.

    1. It is not the garbage collector’s job to decide if signs are in the proper and legal areas.

      I doubt this same garbage collector would have thrown out a sign of the candidate he supports. If you don’t like the Liberals, fair enough. Vote for someone else. Just don’t interfere with the election.

  3. The Liberal has to really sit down and completely reflect why there are such a disproportionately large number of vandalized Liberal campaign signs everywhere in the country. Don’t just blame solely on ‘hate crime’. Such behaviour did not occured to this magnitude during previous election. Sit down and reflect what have you done wrong over the past six years.I always vote with my eyes open and with a clear and logical mind. Remember ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  4. To everyone saying this guy was just doing his job. Wrong. I doubt that sign is compostable, which is what he is supposed to be collecting. Liberals don’t care enough about the environment to ensure that.

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